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Senate Proceeding on Mar 18th, 2010 :: 2:42:20 to 2:50:30
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Kirsten Gillibrand

2:42:17 to 2:42:38( Edit History Discussion )

Kirsten Gillibrand: i hope that we can, but it may not occur. i thank the chair yield the floor. mrs. gillibrand: madam president? the presiding officer: the senator from new york. mrs. gillibrand: i rise today to

Kirsten Gillibrand

2:42:20 to 2:50:30( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Kirsten Gillibrand

Kirsten Gillibrand

2:42:39 to 2:43:00( Edit History Discussion )

Kirsten Gillibrand: talk about the f.a. re-authorization bill that has been debated all morning that is being discussed. i want to thank chairman rockefeller, chairman dorgan, ranking members hutchison, demint for their hard work on this very critical looking. i share the concerns that were raised by chairman dorgan as he spoke on the floor about the need to advance this legislation and implement a number of these

Kirsten Gillibrand

2:43:01 to 2:43:21( Edit History Discussion )

Kirsten Gillibrand: vital improvements to the safety and security of our entire aviation system. mr. president -- madam president, on the night of february 12, 2009, continental flight 3407 operated by colgan air departed newark airport bound for buffalo, new york.

Kirsten Gillibrand

2:43:22 to 2:43:43( Edit History Discussion )

Kirsten Gillibrand: the 45 passengers and five crew members were just a few miles from the airport when a series of events resulting in the death of all aboard as well as a father on the ground whose home was the unfortunate final resting place of flight 3407. over this last year, i have gotten to know many of the

Kirsten Gillibrand

2:43:44 to 2:44:05( Edit History Discussion )

Kirsten Gillibrand: families of the victims of this crash. they are a constant presence here in washington, working to improve safety conditions so that others are spared from the horror and loss that they have experienced. sitting in my office last spring as the national transportation safety board began to release information about the crash, i

Kirsten Gillibrand

2:44:06 to 2:44:27( Edit History Discussion )

Kirsten Gillibrand: discussed with the families the tremendous value of their advocacy. for decades, the system has been slow to change, and in the meantime innocent lives like their loved ones' have been lost. we discussed the possibility of seizing on this legislation as a vehicle for change to bring accountability and transparency

Kirsten Gillibrand

2:44:28 to 2:44:49( Edit History Discussion )

Kirsten Gillibrand: to the system, to strengthen the training requirements and push forward achieving not just one level of safety but a higher level of safety. that conversation began a year-long campaign by the families who on their own dime have been here at every aviation safety hearing, both in the senate and in the house, and have frequented senators'

Kirsten Gillibrand

2:44:50 to 2:45:12( Edit History Discussion )

Kirsten Gillibrand: offices with the steadfast determination to turn this tragedy into the clarion call for change. madam president, we must remember the people who we lost in the buffalo crash -- an expecting mother, a community health advocate, a young couple in love, an international human

Kirsten Gillibrand

2:45:13 to 2:45:33( Edit History Discussion )

Kirsten Gillibrand: rights leader, a second year law student. these were our mothers, our fathers, our brothers, sisters, sons and daughters taken so suddenly their passions and their dreams left for those closest to them to now honor and pursue. beverly eckert died in the crash. she was a national leader who took her personal tragedy of losing her husband on

Kirsten Gillibrand

2:45:34 to 2:45:54( Edit History Discussion )

Kirsten Gillibrand: september 11 and became a leading advocate for the 9/11 families. she was object her -- on her way to buffalo that night to celebrate her husband's birthday with her family and to honor a student at kaneshis high school with a scholarship named after her husband. jerry nywood was a ned jazz

Kirsten Gillibrand

2:45:55 to 2:46:16( Edit History Discussion )

Kirsten Gillibrand: musician, rochester native and graduate at the eastman school at the university of buffalo. jerry was on his way to buffalo to join his long time friend and grammy winner chuck mangione in concert with the buffalo philharmonic orchestra. madam president, the details that surround this tragedy of flight 3407 have been well documented, well debated in these halls.

Kirsten Gillibrand

2:46:17 to 2:46:37( Edit History Discussion )

Kirsten Gillibrand: we know that for the two days prior to that night, the captain who had a history of training failures had not slept in a bed, commuting from his home in florida. we know that the copilot who complained of being ill during that trip had also not slept in a bed the night before, commuted from her home in seattle with a stop in memphis to her duty station at laguardia.

Kirsten Gillibrand

2:46:38 to 2:46:59( Edit History Discussion )

Kirsten Gillibrand: madam president, i don't know of many jobs, especially those where people's lives are on the line, that these can be done under such stressful circumstances. although not specifically addressed in this underlying bill, the issue of commuting and ty time is but one of the factors that came together to

Kirsten Gillibrand

2:47:00 to 2:47:21( Edit History Discussion )

Kirsten Gillibrand: result in this tragedy. working with my colleague, senator schumer, we have advanced legislation that would raise the minimum standards for new commercial pilots. a version of this proposal which was endorsed by the families of flight 3407 has been secured in this underlying legislation. the new standards would irease the minimum flight hours for

Kirsten Gillibrand

2:47:22 to 2:47:42( Edit History Discussion )

Kirsten Gillibrand: commercial hires from the current 250 hiewrs to 800 -- 250 hours to 800 hours for copilots. apart from more flight time experience, these new regulations would increase the quality of that training, not just the quantity. the proposal requires the administrator of the f.a.a. to engage in rule making that

Kirsten Gillibrand

2:47:43 to 2:48:05( Edit History Discussion )

Kirsten Gillibrand: requires beyond eight hours minimum pilots must demonstrate effective operation of aircraft in multipilot conditions, in adverse weather conditions, including icing conditions, as was the case here on flight 3407. high altitude operations and standards of cockpit professionalism and operations

Kirsten Gillibrand

2:48:06 to 2:48:28( Edit History Discussion )

Kirsten Gillibrand: in part of the airline industry. a major concern that i share with the families is that oftentimes, when left to their own, the f.a.a. has a poor track record in acting on updating regulations. this legislation will give the f.a.a. until the end of next year to enact these new regulations of more stringent set of regulations that will

Kirsten Gillibrand

2:48:29 to 2:48:49( Edit History Discussion )

Kirsten Gillibrand: become the across the board standard. also, included in this bill is the crux of the flight 3407 memorial act, my legislation that will require the f.a.a. to report back to congress on all new safety recommendations issued.

Kirsten Gillibrand

2:48:50 to 2:49:10( Edit History Discussion )

Kirsten Gillibrand: time and time again, the f.a.a. has failed to enhance training requirements and other safety measures when they have been recommended. the version of the reporting requirements that i secured in the underlying bill will not only require that the f.a.a. respond to the ntsb recommendations but let the american people know what actions they are taking and the time line by which those actions

Kirsten Gillibrand

2:49:11 to 2:49:31( Edit History Discussion )

Kirsten Gillibrand: will be made. this will ensure that the voices of the families who have suffered such grave loss are not only heard but responded to. instituting this level of oversight is critical as we look to assure that the families of

Kirsten Gillibrand

2:49:32 to 2:49:52( Edit History Discussion )

Kirsten Gillibrand: flight 3409 and -- 3407 and all americans who travel by air that those responsible for acting on the recommendations of safety actions are not simply filing those recommendations away in a filing cabinet never to see the light of day but that they are listening and they are implemented so we have safer standards and procedure --

Kirsten Gillibrand

2:49:53 to 2:50:14( Edit History Discussion )

Kirsten Gillibrand: procedures. madam president, i am very grateful for the work of the commerce committee and the leadership for bringing this important bill forward theteps taken in this legislation begin to address the culture of inaction that helped to contribute to the crash just outside buffalo. it is time to learn the lessons

Kirsten Gillibrand

2:50:15 to 2:50:31( Edit History Discussion )

Kirsten Gillibrand: of the past, change the culture of inaction and make air travel safer for all american families. we owe it to those families who lost loved mefer to forget and to raise the serious concerns

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