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Barbara Mikulski

0:59:53 to 1:00:15( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Mikulski: agree with you too on that, the senator can offer the amendment, but this could really sink the bill in the process. i would hope that he would withdraw this amendment. perhaps offer it on a more appropriate vehicle, give you all a chance to hash it out. but, again, i want to thank you for your work today,

Johnny Isakson

1:00:15 to 1:07:40( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Johnny Isakson

Johnny Isakson

1:00:20 to 1:00:40( Edit History Discussion )

Johnny Isakson: your work as a senator. the presiding officer: the clerk will call the r the senator from georgia. a senator: mr. president, i ask unanimous consent that the quorum call be vitiated. the presiding officer: is there objection? the presiding officer: without objection, so ordered. for just a moment. i'm glad the distinguished senator from connecticut and the

Johnny Isakson

1:00:41 to 1:01:02( Edit History Discussion )

Johnny Isakson: senator from utah are on the floor to speak in favor of the national service act and to commend the health, labor, and pensions committee for the diligent work they did on this reauthorization. mr. isakson: there are a lot of people who will poke funt volunteerism or poke fund at programs or say that we'ree

Johnny Isakson

1:01:03 to 1:01:23( Edit History Discussion )

Johnny Isakson: ating new things and -- creating things and spending more, this is a mikulski, senator dodd, senator hatch and others, that the programs were brought down to the 24 programs and the meaningful good programs were empowered. this program doesn't pay people to

Johnny Isakson

1:01:24 to 1:01:45( Edit History Discussion )

Johnny Isakson: for communities to develop the programs for volunteers. for example, hands-on georgia and hands-on atlanta. hands-on atlanta is a program of volunteers that address the 52% of the young children in atlanta's elementary schools who are not reading at grade level. volunteers who have been mobilized for the last four or

Johnny Isakson

1:01:46 to 1:02:07( Edit History Discussion )

Johnny Isakson: five years to give the greatest gift of all, which is gift of literacy and improve the standing of our children. it is no small secrethat one of the reasons that our school superintendent in atlanta was elected the school intend enter of the year by the national association was because of the dramatic program to bring people

Johnny Isakson

1:02:08 to 1:02:28( Edit History Discussion )

Johnny Isakson: into the school system to lift up our children. volunteerism is important to the united states of america, it is important to ourselves in our own country and it is important to our reputation around the world. i secondly rise to support this because i have a special affinity for a special lady named michelle nunn.

Johnny Isakson

1:02:29 to 1:02:49( Edit History Discussion )

Johnny Isakson: the name nunn is popular in this senate because sam nunn was a distinguished leader here for 24 years and served our state well. he is personally a good friend of mine. his daughter, michelle, has dedicated her life to the organization of volunteer efforts in this country to improv the plight of other people. she now has -- heads the point

Johnny Isakson

1:02:50 to 1:03:10( Edit History Discussion )

Johnny Isakson: of lightoundation started by george herbert walker bush, which helps people out around the country. to michelle's everlasting support and contribution to volunteerism, i give her credit. i also want to take just a minute -- i know that senator dodd served in the peace corps, and i wanted hem to hear this. because i want to acknowledge his support on this effort along

Johnny Isakson

1:03:11 to 1:03:33( Edit History Discussion )

Johnny Isakson: with senator hatch and senator kennedy. but this past saturday i attended one of the moss moving -- most movinger is opponents in my -- ceremonies in my life. unfortunately a wonderful young lady 24 years old from forsythe county, georgia, she was killed

Johnny Isakson

1:03:34 to 1:03:54( Edit History Discussion )

Johnny Isakson: in africa on march 11th. she's a peace corps worker who graduated first in her class in also, honor graduate from william and mary and studied in paris, france, that led her to go to this part of the world and

Johnny Isakson

1:03:55 to 1:04:17( Edit History Discussion )

Johnny Isakson: to teach this community about not only agriculture. she served in july of 2007 and in the last two months of her service in africa. what i went to the servi last saturday, and i went because i'm

Johnny Isakson

1:04:18 to 1:04:38( Edit History Discussion )

Johnny Isakson: a vice ranking member of --aul coverdale was director of the peace corps, i felt moved to go to this service to sit in back of the room and pay my respt to a great american, and i left having listened to 12 eulogies by rung people whose -- by young people whose lives were changed by kate.

Johnny Isakson

1:04:39 to 1:05:00( Edit History Discussion )

Johnny Isakson: and i volunteerism means and has meant to the united states of not just on our shores, but on the shores of africa and continents around the world and so i commend people like senator dodd who have given their time and served in the peace corps and i dedicate a little part of this speech and my effort to come down and ask the senate to give its unanimous support to

Johnny Isakson

1:05:01 to 1:05:22( Edit History Discussion )

Johnny Isakson: this legisla kate and her life and what she did as a georgian to volunteer and join the peace corps and change the plight and the liefts and the hopes and -- the lives and the hopes and future of children in a small country in africa, god bless the peace corps and the life of kate and

Johnny Isakson

1:05:23 to 1:05:44( Edit History Discussion )

Johnny Isakson: those on committee and those who have done so much to bring this service authorization act to the floor. mr. dodd: will you yield? mr. isakson: i will be happy to yield. mr. dodd: my nephew graduated from college a couple of years ago and was in africa and did a year and a half and spent six

Johnny Isakson

1:05:45 to 1:06:05( Edit History Discussion )

Johnny Isakson: months working with people -- training people on hiv-aids and they're just wonderful examples like this young woman that you described who make a difference and peace corps is n you often help people in a struggling country somewhere to get back on their feet or try to, in a way.

Johnny Isakson

1:06:06 to 1:06:26( Edit History Discussion )

Johnny Isakson: it's the lessons learned that we bring back to our communities. there are 180,000 of us as returned volunteers since the first days when the first group left on the south lawn of the white house to go to ethiopia and the benefit of our country with people coming back to our country understanding of how blessed we are with the richness and opportunities here and the

Johnny Isakson

1:06:27 to 1:06:47( Edit History Discussion )

Johnny Isakson: lessons to be learned. i commend my colleague for being there, being at that ceremony and listening to the impact that this one individual made, this young woman, in her service to our country. i can't think of a more compelling argument on why this bi being offered by our colleagues is deserving of our unanimous support and i thank you for your comments.

Johnny Isakson

1:06:48 to 1:07:10( Edit History Discussion )

Johnny Isakson: mr. isakson: i thank you for your comments. i know that the senator and i are about the same age and he was inspired by senator kennedy's words and the establishment of the peace corps. the next president embracing volunteerism happened to be george herbert walker bush, we

Johnny Isakson

1:07:11 to 1:07:32( Edit History Discussion )

Johnny Isakson: had a great democrat and great republican whose great denominator was volunteerism. i think that statistic to this bill. mr. dodd: you mentioned president bush who is the thousand points of life program which he was a sponsor of. ronald reagan, mr. president,

Johnny Isakson

1:07:33 to 1:07:40( Edit History Discussion )

Johnny Isakson: and i can stand corrected on this, the only president that has every year in his office that increased the budget of the peace corps was ronald reagan.

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