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Senate Proceeding on Mar 24th, 2010 :: 4:03:50 to 4:10:10
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James Webb

4:03:46 to 4:04:07( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: there are going to be substantial premium increases. i thank the chair. i yield the floor. the presiding officer: the senator from montana. mr. baucus: i yield ten minutes to the senator from virginia, senator web the presiding officer: the senator from virginia. mr. webb: thank you very much. i would like to take some time this afternoon and perhaps being

James Webb

4:03:50 to 4:10:10( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: James Webb

James Webb

4:04:08 to 4:04:29( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: the eternal optimist speak in my hos that once this process is over here, these votes in the next two days, we can find a way to move forward with our colleagues across the aisle and fix other provisions in this legislation and make it truly the kind of bill that they say they would like to see as well.

James Webb

4:04:30 to 4:04:50( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: i'm going to support this reconciliation bill. at the same time as my colleagues on this side of the aisle know well, i worked very hard to narrow and improve this legislation as it was passed last december, inclung voting, as i recall, eight different times with my republican colleagues, which didn't make

James Webb

4:04:51 to 4:05:12( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: our chairman very happy on a few occasions, to make changes to the bill. in the end, i voted in favor of this legislation despite some serious misgivings with portions of it because it does represent a true step forward in terms of quality, accessibility and affordability of health care for most americans. and the important point for us to remember today and tomorrow

James Webb

4:05:13 to 4:05:33( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: as we go through this process is that bill is now law. the question before us now is ho best to implement that law so that the benefits can be put into place and the many detriments that i was worried about can be addressed. there are a number of strong points in this bill. many of my colleagues have laid them out. as we know, insurance companies

James Webb

4:05:34 to 4:05:54( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: will be prohibited from denying health care coverage to children with pre-existing conditions. young adults will be able to stay on the parents' insurance plans until their 26th birthday. uninsured amecans with pre-existing conditions will have access to affordable insurance options. insurance companies won't be able to drop people from coverage when they get sick. they will be banned from

James Webb

4:05:55 to 4:06:15( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: implementing lifetime caps on coverage. seniors who hit the medicare part-d doughnut hole gap in coverage will get a $250 check to help with the cost of their prescriptions, and the doughnut hole will be completely closed by 2020. access to insurance over the next couple of years is going to be expanded, and 95% of

James Webb

4:06:16 to 4:06:38( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: americans will implement reforms designed to slow skyrocketing health care costs. working families won't have to worry about losing their health insurance or facing bankruptcy because of a job loss or because of illness. insurance companies will be required to spend a majority of their moneyn patient care. the law will also provide tax credits to help make health

James Webb

4:06:39 to 4:06:59( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: inncevailable for individuals, expand access to medicaid, create a regulated marketplace where people can shop for the health insurance plan that best meets their needs and will prohibit insurance companies from refuse to go sell or renew picies due to an indivial's health stas. these are just some of the positive points of the law. in fairness, -- and i understand

James Webb

4:07:00 to 4:07:21( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: and appreciate some of the frustrations on the other side -- there are serious problems in this bill. i don't like the dramatic cuts in medicare that this law proposes. in fact, i voted against them. i share the concerns by my democratic colleague, congressman rick boucher in southwest virginia regarding the

James Webb

4:07:22 to 4:07:44( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: potential impact, the negative impact these cuts could have on rural areas, particularly the population of southwest virginia. this legislation, this bill proposes to cut approximately approximately $450 billion from medicare spending over the next ten years at a time when medicare is already mired in debt and as we a wave of baby boomers are going to start

James Webb

4:07:45 to 4:08:05( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: hitting the medicare system immediately. medicare advantage, which provides better benefits than traditional medicare and is a very valuable tool in rural and underserved areas may decrease. this law does little to address the historic disparity in medicare funding between urban areas and rural areas. i'm also very concerned about

James Webb

4:08:06 to 4:08:26( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: the cost and spending projections of this legislation. there is great deal of debate going on right now about the real cost of this bill. former c.b.o. director douglas holsekan estimated in an article in "the wall street journal" recently that the bill may increase the federal deficit b by $562 billion over ten years because of some of these areas that i just discussed.

James Webb

4:08:27 to 4:08:47( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: the official score maintains that the bill would lower the deficit by $143 billion over that same period, but it includes a number of unlikely assumptions. medicare being one of them. the system for reimbursing medicare doctors, called the sustainable growth rate, is

James Webb

4:08:48 to 4:09:09( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: agreed to be broken, widely agreed to be broken, but w have not tried to fix it and that's a a $250 billion ticket. many, including myself, believe that the community living assistance services and supports act, class act is structurally unsoun i voted against that as we were considering the bill.

James Webb

4:09:10 to 4:09:31( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: in addition, as my colleague, the congressman from the norfolk-virginia beach area pointed out, there is a great deal of concern among many families and small businesses regarding the impact of this bill. but again, the point is t bill is now law. the question is how to make the law a better law. the process that got us here has been ugly.

James Webb

4:09:32 to 4:09:53( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: it has diminished the trust and respect tt some citizens hold for our own government. and we need to restore that trust, through a genuine and transparent effort on both sides of the aisle to fix the problems in the law. we also need to start working together again across the aisle on this and other issues that

James Webb

4:09:54 to 4:10:12( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: confront us in a bipartisan sense and a sense of shared responsibility about the many, many problemshat face this country. we are now preparing to begin a series of votes through the renciliation process that ultimately, quite frankly, are going to mean little or nothing

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