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Senate Proceeding on Mar 24th, 2010 :: 4:20:55 to 4:28:45
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Susan Collins

4:20:38 to 4:21:00( Edit History Discussion )

Susan Collins: i note the next half-hour will be under the control of the republicans. as i said earlier, the next half-hour in control of the majority. i note that thereafter the republicans will be due an amount of time greater than half an hour, and i propose that we balance that out in the next consent. the presiding officer: is

Susan Collins

4:20:55 to 4:28:45( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Susan Collins

Susan Collins

4:21:01 to 4:21:21( Edit History Discussion )

Susan Collins: the objection? without objection, so ordered. ms. collins: madam president? the presiding officer: the senator from maine. ms. collins: mam president, i scurkt to temporari ask unanimous consent to temporarily set aside the pending amendments so that i may offer an amendmentties at the desk.

Susan Collins

4:21:22 to 4:21:42( Edit History Discussion )

Susan Collins: there objection? without objection, so ordered. the clerk will report. the clerk: the senator from maine, ms. collins, proposes an amendment numbered 3638. ms. collins: madam president, i ask unanimous consent that the reading of the amendment be dispensed with. the presiding officer: without objection. ms. collins: madam president,

Susan Collins

4:21:43 to 4:22:04( Edit History Discussion )

Susan Collins: i rise to speak on behalf of the amendment that i filed, which would waive the job-killing fines in the reconciliation bill in cases where an employer hires an unemployed worker. madam president, i think that these penalties will come as a

Susan Collins

4:22:05 to 4:22:25( Edit History Discussion )

Susan Collins: surprise to most americans. with unemployment at 9.7% and a real concern that we may be on the brink of a double-dip recession, most americans will be shocked to learn that washington wants to slap fines

Susan Collins

4:22:26 to 4:22:47( Edit History Discussion )

Susan Collins: on small businesses that choose to hire more workers. but the new health care law does exactly that. incredibly, this reconciliation package makes this problem even worse. here's how: in the reconciliation package,

Susan Collins

4:22:48 to 4:23:08( Edit History Discussion )

Susan Collins: small businesses that cannot afford to provide health insurance to their employees would be fined $2,000 for each worker on their payroll. the way the formula works, the fines kick in at $40,000 when a

Susan Collins

4:23:09 to 4:23:29( Edit History Discussion )

Susan Collins: small business reaches 50 employees. after that, they go up at a rate of $2,000 for each new worker. madam president, imagine what this will do to job growth? our country relies on small

Susan Collins

4:23:30 to 4:23:52( Edit History Discussion )

Susan Collins: businesses to create new jobs. in fact, time you'll hear on the senate floor that small businesses are the engine of the american economy. and i certainly agree with that. but this reconciliation bill creates a wall $40,000 high

Susan Collins

4:23:53 to 4:24:15( Edit History Discussion )

Susan Collins: around any small business that wants to grow past 49 workers. just think what these job-killing penalties will mean to the unemployed. madam president, more than 8 million americans have lost their jobs since 2007.

Susan Collins

4:24:16 to 4:24:36( Edit History Discussion )

Susan Collins: more than 6 million have been unemployed longer than 27 weeks. but beyond even these grim statistics, the true picture of unemployment in this country is actually far worse. broader measures of unemployment

Susan Collins

4:24:37 to 4:24:58( Edit History Discussion )

Susan Collins: show that 16% of the american people are without jobs or can't find full-time work. now, i recognize that some in this body will argue that we shouldn't be bothered with these penalties now because they don't become effective right away, but those who would say such a thing

Susan Collins

4:24:59 to 4:25:20( Edit History Discussion )

Susan Collins: simply do not understand how small businesses really work. we're not talking about big multinational conglomerates here. we're talking about main street businesses that are already struggling. many of them are family-owned enterprises. they do not look at their

Susan Collins

4:25:21 to 4:25:43( Edit History Discussion )

Susan Collins: employees as interchangeable parts, and they don't make hiring decisions to get rich quick. when they bring a new employee on board, they are choing someone that they know will become part of their team, and the face of their business to the community they serve.

Susan Collins

4:25:44 to 4:26:04( Edit History Discussion )

Susan Collins: having these fines on the books will discourage job growth now, no matter when they become effective, because small businesses won't hire and train workers today just to fire them tomorrow when these penalties go into effect. ironically, less than a week

Susan Collins

4:26:05 to 4:26:26( Edit History Discussion )

Susan Collins: ago, the president signed law the so-called hire act. it contains a provision authored by senator schumer and hatch to provide a temporary tax credit to encourage companies to hire unemployed workers. that's a creative idea, and i

Susan Collins

4:26:27 to 4:26:47( Edit History Discussion )

Susan Collins: supported it. but, for the life of me, i do not understand how a week later we could vote for a bill that imposes fines that will hit small businesses when they hire new workers. this makes no sense to me, and

Susan Collins

4:26:48 to 4:27:09( Edit History Discussion )

Susan Collins: it is completely contrary to policy that we passed just a week ago. -- when we gave tax credits to encourage businesses to hire workers who are unemployed. with this bill, we're going to fine them if they hire workers who are unemployed, if they

Susan Collins

4:27:10 to 4:27:30( Edit History Discussion )

Susan Collins: can't afford to provide them with health insurance. that is why, madam president, that i'm offering this commonsense amendment. it would waive the fines, the onerous fines that are in the reconciliation bill when small

Susan Collins

4:27:31 to 4:27:53( Edit History Discussion )

Susan Collins: businesses, medium-size businesses hire workers who were previously unemployed. the mechanism to determine which workers qualify is exactly the same one that we adopt thed in the jobs bill passed by this body just last week.

Susan Collins

4:27:54 to 4:28:15( Edit History Discussion )

Susan Collins: it's the height of irony that we would even consider imposing penalties and fines on businesses that are hiring more workers, particularly during this difficult economic time. i encourage my colleagues to

Susan Collins

4:28:16 to 4:28:21( Edit History Discussion )

Susan Collins: support this

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