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Senate Proceeding on Mar 25th, 2009 :: 1:37:35 to 1:43:40
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Orrin Hatch

1:37:35 to 1:43:40( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Orrin Hatch

Orrin Hatch

1:37:40 to 1:38:00( Edit History Discussion )

Orrin Hatch: quorum call: mr. hatch: the presiding officer: the senator from uta mr. hatch: i ask the quorum call be dispensed with. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. hatch: i believe we've had a constructive discussion about the service act. senator mikulski and i are trying to work together to accommodate as many members as

Orrin Hatch

1:38:01 to 1:38:21( Edit History Discussion )

Orrin Hatch: possible. i said at the outset that i hope we can avoid a situation where too many changes to this bill will split the bipartisan support this bill has enjoyed. so far this does not appear to be a problem. as we continue to debate this important piece of legislation, it is my hope that these constructive efforts will continue. this is a good opportunity, i think, for us to set aside partisan differences and really

Orrin Hatch

1:38:22 to 1:38:42( Edit History Discussion )

Orrin Hatch: do some good for the american people. and i once again want to thank senator mikulski for her efforts here on the floor to see thi effort through. i want to thank senator kennedy as well, whos, even though he hasn't been here september for the last -- been here except for the last cloture vote, he's been working it from home and has been on the phone regularly.

Orrin Hatch

1:38:43 to 1:39:04( Edit History Discussion )

Orrin Hatch: we also have others who have worked on our side very diligently to try and make sure that ts bill passes in this form that it's in. i mentioned yesterday i believe the serve america act should be a bipartisanill because it is both. i think the bill plays to the greatest strengths of those on both sides of the aisle.

Orrin Hatch

1:39:05 to 1:39:26( Edit History Discussion )

Orrin Hatch: it marries what is typically thought of as a -- quote -- "liberal" instinct for government to make proactive efforts to help those in need with the typical -- quote -- "conservative" desire to place more power in the hands of individuals instead of the government. it's not all that often that we are able to work find ways to satisfy both of these ideals, but i believe we

Orrin Hatch

1:39:27 to 1:39:48( Edit History Discussion )

Orrin Hatch: have done so with this legislation. for me, the conservative case for this legislation has been obvious from the indeed, many of the provisions in the bill have what i consider to be very conservative roots. in 1990, william f. buckley jr., one of the fathers of modern conservatism who served in world

Orrin Hatch

1:39:49 to 1:40:09( Edit History Discussion )

Orrin Hatch: war ii published a boo called "gratitude: reflections we owe to our country." he became a staunch advocate of national service which he believed, -- quote -- "like gravity is something we can accustom ourselves to and grow to love." buckley believed we owe a of gratitu to our country and offered creative ideas for a

Orrin Hatch

1:40:10 to 1:40:33( Edit History Discussion )

Orrin Hatch: plan for universal voluntary national service for men and wome while the serve america act is not so ambitious as to contemplate the service will become universal, it does provide more americans more opportunities to serve in the belief that our democracy and the values of our free society

Orrin Hatch

1:40:34 to 1:40:55( Edit History Discussion )

Orrin Hatch: take constant vigilance to preserve their health. it is citizens acting at the local level that should play the prominent role. not government. for the past several years i have supported efforts to reposition our government support of national c service from the perception of paying federal -- quote -- "volunteers" to a more model where government provides a small amount of infrastructure

Orrin Hatch

1:40:56 to 1:41:16( Edit History Discussion )

Orrin Hatch: and support to cmunity-based groups that are recruiting, training and deploying traditional volunteers. that model has worked. the number of traditional nonsubsidized volunteers that are leveraged into existing national service programs dwarfs the number of participants receiving governmental assistance by a

Orrin Hatch

1:41:17 to 1:41:37( Edit History Discussion )

Orrin Hatch: ratio of nearly 30-1. we've heard that quoted many times during this debate. i believe it bears repeating. this model is based on our faith in civil society, not distant government agencies. a focus on the efforts of the traditional volunteer. we know that so many americans show up to volunteer, to help

Orrin Hatch

1:41:38 to 1:41:59( Edit History Discussion )

Orrin Hatch: with a cause or to serve in the aftermath of a disaster. and are turned away or are not well used. this is a waste of very precious resources. the serve america act will help fix that by establishing a volunteer generation fund that will help already-successful service programs devote more

Orrin Hatch

1:42:00 to 1:42:22( Edit History Discussion )

Orrin Hatch: resources for the recruitment of volunteers, allowing them to expand their efforts. help offered by a neighbor will always be superior to government-driven approaches designed in washington. in recogni serve america act ensures that the vast majority of service efforts will be generated by

Orrin Hatch

1:42:23 to 1:42:44( Edit History Discussion )

Orrin Hatch: local and private organizations responding to community needs. young americans whose rates of unemployment have soared to more than 21% in a tough economy, with college graduates having the highest unemployment rates ever, would be given new opportunities to serve. the good news is that research tells us thathis is a really

Orrin Hatch

1:42:45 to 1:43:06( Edit History Discussion )

Orrin Hatch: sound and efficient investment. not only does it put many unemployed americans to work at a low cost to government and meet urgent needs, those young adults most at risk in our communities gain more by serving others than they do by bei passive recipients of services. during their terms of service they gain valuable skills that

Orrin Hatch

1:43:07 to 1:43:28( Edit History Discussion )

Orrin Hatch: help them secure permanent employment at higher wages. they also outpace their nonnational service peers in remaing commi service for the restf their lives. theselatoons of civil society more often than note consist of faith-based more americans performed

Orrin Hatch

1:43:29 to 1:43:40( Edit History Discussion )

Orrin Hatch: volunteer service through a church sponsored and faith-based organizations than any other venue. the serve america act continues the tradition of enabling volunteers to serve through

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