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Senate Proceeding 03-25-09 on Mar 25th, 2009 :: 2:07:55 to 2:15:00
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Mary Landrieu

2:07:51 to 2:08:14( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: process as well as substant mr. president, before i yield the fliewr, i note -- mr. president, before i yield the floor, i note the gentleman from oregon is standing. may i inquire what wil purpose of his -- because the gentlelady from louisiana has been waiting to offer an

Mary Landrieu

2:07:55 to 2:15:00( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Mary Landrieu

Mary Landrieu

2:08:15 to 2:08:35( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: amendment. unless did the gentleman want to speak on my -- on the thune amendment? a senator: no, indeed. business so i'll defer. ms. landrieu: mr. p the presidin senator from louisiana. ms. landrieu: thank you, mr. president.

Mary Landrieu

2:08:36 to 2:08:56( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: i so appreciate the senator from maryland for managing t important bill and the senator from utah who have done an excellent job along with senator kennedy's guidance and support in the times that he can be with us to

Mary Landrieu

2:08:57 to 2:09:18( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: the floor because it's been a great work of many members of this body, both democrats and republicans. of course, senator enzi has been also a great leader in this effort. and it's such a timely and important subject, as americans are really searching amidst all of the difficulties faced and the economic climate and the

Mary Landrieu

2:09:19 to 2:09:39( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: uncertainty on the international front. am importance of loved ones and family, they're realizing the importance of the community that's around them. for better or worse, even though we're a great travel destination,nd i do want to encourage people to continue

Mary Landrieu

2:09:40 to 2:10:01( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: traveling as they can, particularly to places like new orleans and louisiana that see a number of visits, i think americans are turning a little bit more inward and want to spend a little more time with their families and right at home in their communities. so this bill is timely because it basically calls america to come together, recognizes that

Mary Landrieu

2:10:02 to 2:10:22( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: some of not just our money, which is fleeting, as we tell these days. i can rember my father used to tell me when he was growing up. he said, the easiest thing for me to give you, sweetheart, is a 20 bill, even though we didn't have a lot of them floating around the house. he said, but the hardest thing for me to give you is my time. and that's what this bill call for.

Mary Landrieu

2:10:23 to 2:10:46( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: this bill calls for us to give our time and our talents. you know, god has given us all an equal amount. we all just get 24 hours in a day. and a lot is really made by -- and a le is really made by h people spend that time. either serving themselves,

Mary Landrieu

2:10:47 to 2:11:07( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: worshipping idol gods or spendi things that really matter. and i think this bill has such significance for us as a nation now, as we think about how to revitalize our service programs, update them, modernize them, particularly in light of the fact that we have so many healthy seniors, men and women

Mary Landrieu

2:11:08 to 2:11:29( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: who have achieved uni success, different than many, ma they find themselves at a great point in their life, in their late 60's or e healthy, or even mid-50's. they're retiring and want to serve. and so i -- i really that i this

Mary Landrieu

2:11:30 to 2:11:52( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: is an excellent bill, and i come to the floor only to again offer just one -- an amendment that gives just a slight twist to a piece of this is very important and i know lot of the amendment i'd lik to call up is amendment number -- i

Mary Landrieu

2:11:53 to 2:12:14( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: think it's 1 and if the the presiding officer: is there objection to second aside the pending amendment? without objection, so ordered. the clerk will report the amendment. the clerk: the senator from louisiana, ms. landrieu, proposes an amendment numbered 717 to amendment numbered 687. on page 92, ms. landrieu: i suggest that we

Mary Landrieu

2:12:15 to 2:12:35( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: dispense with the further reading of the amendment. sr. is there objection? -- the presiding officer: ishere objection? without objection, so ordered. ms. landrieu: i'd like to take just a minute to explain the amendment, and i understand both senators managing have looked at this and both their staffs have looked as it as well. and it is just a slight to the mentoring portion of this

Mary Landrieu

2:12:36 to 2:12:56( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: bill dealing with children at risk. you think of america having 300 million people about one-third of those would be children. so we hav about 100 million children in america, i guess betwee the ages of 0 and 18 and 21. that's a lot of kids to care for. we as a nation are trying to do our best as individual parents

Mary Landrieu

2:12:57 to 2:13:17( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: and families and communities. children -- i'm just going to take a minute more -- there's a special group of children that are actually hour children. all of these 100 million are ours, you know, theoretically. but -- but definitely and not in theory but in actuality, there are 500,000 children, senator mikulski, that you know very

Mary Landrieu

2:13:18 to 2:13:39( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: well because your career started in this way, as the only i think social worker in this 500,000 children that are in foster care. actually are children of the government, of the state, of our national and state government. we are primarily responsible as a government for their care, their welfare and their education.

Mary Landrieu

2:13:40 to 2:14:01( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: so my amendment is -- is quite simple. it just adds a provision for a mentoring program for these special grou foster children spend a few years, sometimes long times, unfortunately, despite our great effort to make fo we know that there are barriers for reunification or adoption.

Mary Landrieu

2:14:02 to 2:14:22( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: we're trying to work through those barriers. but we have some extraordinar extraordinary -- senator hatch and senator mikulski, some extraordinary pilots underway in this country. governor gray davis and governor arnold schwartzenegger joined to support this program. there's some very promising

Mary Landrieu

2:14:23 to 2:14:43( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: results coming bang about foster children -- coming back about foster children in elementary and high school that have their same age. now, we've always had grandparents mentoring and that's have effective or people, seniors, mentoring children. but as you know, if you have any teenagers, like i do, sometimes teenagers don't really like to listen to adults, mr. president

Mary Landrieu

2:14:44 to 2:15:03( Edit History Discussion )

Mary Landrieu: but teenagers will listen to their peers. so this is a great opportunity to have mentors from colleges and high schools coming to mentor our children that are in foster care. and i'm going to submit for the record, because i know my colleague is getting ready to speak, but some really exciting

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