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Senate Proceeding on Mar 25th, 2010 :: 6:41:15 to 6:47:20
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Max Baucus

6:41:11 to 6:41:31( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: end of this calendar year. we have to move, we and we should do so now. with that, i yield the floor. mr. baucus: madam president? the presiding officer: the senator from montana. mr. baucus: madam president, i'd like to followup a little bit an address the same subject, address my good friend from rhode island, senator reed.

Max Baucus

6:41:15 to 6:47:20( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Max Baucus

Max Baucus

6:41:32 to 6:41:52( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: just a little reminder, first, march 10th, the senate passed legislation to extend both tax provisions and safety-net programs until the end of 2010. that legislation included $34 billion worth of tax cuts and extension of unemployment benefits and extension of cobra health benefits for laid off workers an

Max Baucus

6:41:53 to 6:42:14( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: several other items in that legislation was also partially paid for. the senate bill differs from similar legislation passed by the house. and we have not yet had a chance to reconcile these differences. one bill in each body. in the next couple of weeks, however, several of these programs will expire.

Max Baucus

6:42:15 to 6:42:35( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: beginning april 5th, some laid off workers will begin losing their unemployment benefits. that's april 5th, not long from now. workers laid off after march 31, will lose that 65% tax credit used to temporarily purchase health insurance. after march 31st, doctors will

Max Baucus

6:42:36 to 6:42:56( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: see reductions in their reimbursements under medicare. madam president, we should not let these programs expire. today we should extend them for a month at least. i would try to meld the senate and the house versions of the one bill that the president can sign. i think all of us c recall two days in the beginning of this

Max Baucus

6:42:57 to 6:43:17( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: month when congress did let meece programs temporarily expire. it was not our finest hour. i hope we will not do the same this month. so i ask what's holding us up from keeping these programs in place? there's no controversy about whether to extend the program for one month, both republicans

Max Baucus

6:43:18 to 6:43:38( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: and democrats have proposed doing that, both propose extending at least a month to get the year-long bill resolved. there's just an honest disagreement -- only disagreement on whether to provide offsets for this bill. most republicans believe that the package should be fully offset. my good friend from iowa,

Max Baucus

6:43:39 to 6:43:59( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: offered an amendment to do just that. most democrats believe that unemployment benefits during a recession, we have seen unemployment rates rise to double digits, constitutes an emergency and need not be offset. we're still in a very dire situation. in a moment i will propound a

Max Baucus

6:44:00 to 6:44:21( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: unanimous consent request that seeks to resolve these differences. we should do that, madam president. clearly we should for the benefit of thousands of americans who are struggling as a result of downsizing across our nation during this recession much they're the ones bearing the brunt of our failure here. they're the ones bearing the

Max Baucus

6:44:22 to 6:44:44( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: brunt of our inaction andto be honest, our partisan differences here. it is astounding to me that we cannot get together for the sake of people who will otherwise lose their un0 employment checks -- unemployment checks and who don't have the benefit of cobra, and seniors who are in jeopardy because their doctors are not going to get paid for medicare.

Max Baucus

6:44:45 to 6:45:10( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: there's no one to blame but us. the cobra tax credit has helped millions of unemployed families while looking for a job. the average family would need to pay $1,100 a month to pay for health insurance which is simply unaffordable for most unemployed workers. this provision would extend the

Max Baucus

6:45:11 to 6:45:32( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: cobra tax credit until novembe november 30. unemployment insurance benefits have helped millions of americans stay afloat after they lost their job. we want them to keep those benefits, at least for a while. folks who lose a job then face an economy that has few and sometimes no options of returning to work in the community in their chosen field.

Max Baucus

6:45:33 to 6:45:53( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: in fact, i read recently, madam president, that there are five people looking for every single job opening. five million one million workers -- that's about 200,000 per week -- will lose their benefits in april not only will this cause them and their

Max Baucus

6:45:54 to 6:46:14( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: hardship -- just think of it, no job, no unemployment insurance -- it will also cause important money to stop flowing through their communities. that could very well lead to an immediate increase in applications for food stamps. unlike last month when the program lapsed for just two days because of the upcoming recess, the programs willapse this

Max Baucus

6:46:15 to 6:46:35( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: time for at least a week. the state agencies will have absolutely no ability to keep their programs up and running. they will have to terminate benefits. over six million workers are depending on extended benefits, and they are distraught. yet again, this debate is going

Max Baucus

6:46:36 to 6:46:57( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: down to the wire, causing them unnecessary stress, unnecessary anxiety. they have already been through enough. they deserve better. they deserve our support. unemployment benefits are used for basic necessities -- food, shelter, while the laidoff worker seeks a new job. these benefits are critical

Max Baucus

6:46:58 to 6:47:19( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: the worker and his or her famy and to the economies of the community, and i hope, madam president, that we do what's right by finding a solution to help our -- the people that we work for. madam president, i ask unanimous consent that the senate proceed to immediate consideration of calendar number 323, h.r. 4851,

Max Baucus

6:47:20 to 6:47:21( Edit History Discussion )

Max Baucus: provide a temporary extension

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