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Senate Proceeding on Mar 30th, 2009 :: 5:14:10 to 5:20:35
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Tom Udall

5:14:07 to 5:14:27( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Udall: isakson bill be included in the record. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. specter: i thank the chair and yield the floor. a senator: i -- mr. conrad: i yield five minutes to the senator from new senator udall. the presiding officer: the senator from new mexico. mr. udall: thank you. and i thank the chairman for his excellent presentation today on

Tom Udall

5:14:10 to 5:20:35( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Tom Udall

Tom Udall

5:14:28 to 5:14:49( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Udall: the budget. i've been listening to a lot of this and one of the things that we'll all know is that a budget reflects our values. and the president a the chairman of the budget committee have talked about how the four in this budget are health care,

Tom Udall

5:14:50 to 5:15:12( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Udall: education,nergy, and global warming, and also reducin deficit. and i've seen over the years the chairman work on deficit reduction, and i know that this bill is a very, very serious bill in terms of moving us toward that goal as the president has said over four years to try to get this budget and i certainly appreciate his

Tom Udall

5:15:13 to 5:15:35( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Udall: hard work on that. i sckd to speak in morning business today, and i rise to introduce the airline person l training act of 2009 and to ask for senators' support for this porn measure to improve safety in the air and on the ground. the story of this legislation begins with a tragedy.

Tom Udall

5:15:36 to 5:15:58( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Udall: on november 11, 2006, paul and renee gonzalez were driving back from a soccer tournament with four of their daughters. they were roughly one hour from their home in las vegas, new mexico, when papts's vehicle. she had been driving on the wrong side of i-25 for about

Tom Udall

5:15:59 to 5:16:20( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Udall: five miles when his car collided with the gonzalez' minivan. five to six memrs of the gonzalez family were killed. papts later died at the hospital. i can't say whether this tragedy could have been prevented by a change in laws, but i do know this: a few hours before dana pa bst

Tom Udall

5:16:21 to 5:16:42( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Udall: took six lives, including his own, he was flying back to albuquerque during a business trip. he was noticeably intoxicated yet he was served alcohol by airline personnel. when his truck collided with the gonzalez minivan, his blood-alcohol level was four times the legal limit.

Tom Udall

5:16:43 to 5:17:04( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Udall: when i heard about dana pabts, i began to look for legislation that could pvent tragedies like this in the future. f i lrninged that under existing larks pa bst should not have been served alcohol on his flight. somebody as drunk as him never should have been allowedwn that flight. but airlines are not required to

Tom Udall

5:17:05 to 5:17:25( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Udall: theech their pernnel how to handle an intoxicated passenger. to address this problem, i introduced the airline personnel training act in the other body during the last congress. i am introducing it again here today. this legislation requires carriers to train their employees on recognizing and dealing with drunk or disruptive

Tom Udall

5:17:26 to 5:17:47( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Udall: passengers. this traing will help employees make informed decisions when allowing people to board flights, when deciding whether a passenger should be served alcohol and when dealing with belligerent passengers. many states require people who serve alcohol in restaurants and bars to be properly trained. this legislation simply closes a

Tom Udall

5:17:48 to 5:18:08( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Udall: large and potentially deadly loophole. i hope that it will lead to fewer deaths on our roads. new mexico, like so many other states, has too many crosses on our highways, too many stories of loss and regret. drunk driving claimed 155 new mexico lives the year paul and

Tom Udall

5:18:09 to 5:18:30( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Udall: renee gonzalez were killed. it claimed 188 the year before and 211 the year before that. we have the power to help reduce these numbers. i hope we will use it. but my legislation is not just about drunk driving. as i began to study the traing of airline personnel, i discovered a large and

Tom Udall

5:18:31 to 5:18:51( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Udall: frightening threat to the traveling public: outbursts by belligerent passengers are more and more common. but airline personnel are rarely trained on how to handle these situations. incidents of air rage increased 400% since 2000. there are an estimated 10,000 cases each year in the united

Tom Udall

5:18:52 to 5:19:12( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Udall: states alone. airline security experts estimate that alcohol is the underlying cause of the majority of incidents. these incidents compose serious threat to passengers and personnel. in some cases flights have been diverted from their destination in order to land where threatening passengers could be arrested.

Tom Udall

5:19:13 to 5:19:37( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Udall: airline personnel are on the front line for ensuring flight safety. gate attendants are in the best position to keep drunk or belligerent passengers off flights and today flight attendants are the only personnel capable often of maintaing order in a flight's

Tom Udall

5:19:38 to 5:19:59( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Udall: cabin. today the cockpit door is locked for safety. flight attendants have more responsibility for keeping passengers safe. unfortunately, airlines do not have to give their employees the skills to meet their responsibilities. one study found that, and i quote, "the lack of attention

Tom Udall

5:20:00 to 5:20:21( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Udall: paid by the yaiftion community to the importance of the flight attendant's role in a commercial flight has led to recurring instances of abuse of cabin crew by passengers and the inability of cabin crew to restrain violent passengers." the airline personnel traing enhancement act will help remedy

Tom Udall

5:20:22 to 5:20:35( Edit History Discussion )

Tom Udall: this unsafe and unacceptable situation. this legislation is supported by the association oflight attendants and mothers against drunk driving. it is also a commonsense response to a serious problem.

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