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Senate Proceeding 03-31-09 on Mar 31st, 2009 :: 1:21:20 to 1:27:45
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John Thune

1:21:15 to 1:21:20( Edit History Discussion )

John Thune: investigate and interdict the cartels' activities in the united states. this was a step forward, a real

Joseph Lieberman

1:21:20 to 1:27:45( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Joseph Lieberman

Joseph Lieberman

1:21:21 to 1:21:43( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: step forward. department of homeland security secretary napolitano said at a hearing on wednesday that the plan that she had put into effect the day before was "budget that we want everything we do here to be budget neutral but this is an urgent crisis.

Joseph Lieberman

1:21:44 to 1:22:07( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: the mexican drug cartels are a clear and present danger not only to the people of mexo but to the people of the united states. and that fact, senator collins and i believe, compels us to provide our feral law enforcement agencies with additional funding to ensure

Joseph Lieberman

1:22:08 to 1:22:29( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: that the re -- to ensure that the redeployment of forces sustainable; that it does not take personnel away from other sess sections of our country where they are needed for law enforcement purposes and that we provide the substantial additional res

Joseph Lieberman

1:22:30 to 1:22:51( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: conclu as the leaders of the homeland security committee necessary to effectively combat the cartels. the secretary announced the redeployment of 350 personnel within her department. we need to do more. the secretary also said that she had to play with the hand she

Joseph Lieberman

1:22:52 to 1:23:14( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: was dealt. this amendment would dramatically improve that hand, and i urge my fellow senators to support our secretary and the amendment and the security of the american people by supporting it. i want to briefly speak now about what the amendment does it provides $260 million additional for custom and border

Joseph Lieberman

1:23:15 to 1:23:36( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: protection to hire, train and equip canine teams to be sent to the border to significantly imrees the number of -- increase the number of inspections there, particular the exit inspections, which we don't do the funding would also cover costs related to temporary infrastructure tone sure that

Joseph Lieberman

1:23:37 to 1:23:57( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: the officers -- to ensure that the officers are protected and -- from both the elements and from those who would evade inspection to come across the border. c.b.p. would also receive $20 million to moderze its border screening database to better potential criminals

Joseph Lieberman

1:23:58 to 1:24:18( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: stop truckloads or carloads at poforts entry. the department of homeland security would receive an additional $20 million to improve the communications in the fieldor customs and border protection and immigration and customs enforcement law enforcement officers have the ability to call for help when they a confronted by

Joseph Lieberman

1:24:19 to 1:24:39( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: dangerous situations and to better communicate with state and local law enforcement who must be part of this antimexican drug cartel campaign. increasing inspections is just one comprehenve strategy which this amendment wean able of the we also need to ensure that the department of homeland security and the

Joseph Lieberman

1:24:40 to 1:25:00( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: department of justice have the resources investigate the cartel. that's why our amendment provides $130 million to i.c.e., imgraitionz and customs enforcement, for 350 full-time investigators -- immigrations and customs enforcement for 350 full-time investigators to work

Joseph Lieberman

1:25:01 to 1:25:21( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: on trafficking and money laundering investigations. weltd also double the nber of security teams along the southwest border. these teams create fusion centers that bring tether all the federal agencies with state and local governments to combat the cartel the fact is that many state and local law enforcement agencies, particularly along our southern

Joseph Lieberman

1:25:22 to 1:25:42( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: borders, simply cannot afford to deil the necessary additional resources and personnel to these fusion centers. so this amendment would $30 million for operation stone garden to reimburse state and local law enforcement for their participation in these programs. we would also add $10 million in

Joseph Lieberman

1:25:43 to 1:26:03( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: the department of justice competitiv state and tribal law enforcement agencies located along the southern border and in high-intensity drug trafficking areas across our there's $50 million here for the alcohol, tobacco and firearms agency to better support an

Joseph Lieberman

1:26:04 to 1:26:24( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: existing program called project gun runner. it would enable the hiring of additional 150 agents and 50 inspectors firearms trafficking -- illegal firearms trafficking near or across the mexican $20 million for the human smug

Joseph Lieberman

1:26:25 to 1:26:46( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: explin --smuggling and traffic center at the department of homeland security to bette coordinate investigations between federal, state and local law enforcement. finally, we appropriate an additional $10 million so department of homeland security can oversee the implementation of its part of the marita initiative, most of which has funds flow through the department of state.

Joseph Lieberman

1:26:47 to 1:27:07( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: if i may borrow a phrase from another enables a real surge in america's joint war with the government of mexico against the mexican drug cartels to occur. the cartels

Joseph Lieberman

1:27:08 to 1:27:28( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: genuine and very unique security threat to our homeland. our federal law enforcement officers and investigators are doing the best they can but there are simply not enough of them with enough resources to take on the threat that the cartels pose to america's security and the security of our friend and ally nation to the

Joseph Lieberman

1:27:29 to 1:27:46( Edit History Discussion )

Joseph Lieberman: south, mexico. additional resources provided by this amendment will improveur ability to break the grip of the cartel drug-related violence from mexico does not further encroach

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