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Senate Proceeding on Apr 2nd, 2009 :: 0:37:35 to 0:43:15
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Jeff Sessions

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Jeff Sessions: the senator from alabama. mr. sessions: madam president, i thank the chair, and i preesh appreciate the comments that have been made. i want to make a statement about senator coburn's about about

Jeff Sessions

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Speech By: Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions

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Jeff Sessions: spending less money for discretionary spending over five years. he said he saved $600 bill and it should save some. however, president obama's budget was 11% senator conrad came in at 7% increase, which is huge in light of the money we're spending on

Jeff Sessions

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Jeff Sessions: top of that with the stimulus package we just passed and 7% the government spending would double in five -- in 10 years. but the house is at 12, when the bill goes to conference, it's not going to be at 7, it's going to be 8, 9, 10, 11, maybe 12.

Jeff Sessions

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Jeff Sessions: number one. number two, his savings are projected in years two, three, four, and five. as come back next if the same members are here, are going to have another 7% or 10%. the only one that counts is this year. so i don't believe we have a real change in this budget.

Jeff Sessions

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Jeff Sessions: i believe mr. orszag is correct, the president's budget manager beings that this is 98% of what he asked for. and he asked for a budget over 10 years that doubles the debt in five years an triples it in -- and triples i triples the debt in 10 is admitted by the president's own budget. it is in his numbers that he

Jeff Sessions

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Jeff Sessions: sent to us. we're not making this up, number one. madam president, i've got a -- i've got several amendments that i'll be calling my colleagues attention to. one continental shelf study.

Jeff Sessions

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Jeff Sessions: we have no idea today how much oil and gas may be off our coast, particularly off of our atlantic coast an pacific coast, particularly in the atlantic states, eager to know what is out there and consider whether or not they want to produce out there. i think it has great potential for america. every barrel of oil that we can

Jeff Sessions

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Jeff Sessions: produce in the united our shores that we don't have to transfer our wealth to saudi arabia or venezuela or places around the world and keep it here and create jobs here an revenue here america. i hope that we'll have bipartisan support on

Jeff Sessions

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Jeff Sessions: missile defense, i'm working with senator lieberman on that. i have concern that there may be some belief that we can ease off the completion of missile defense. our missile defense system -- is my time? our missile defense system now has 26 launchers already built or

Jeff Sessions

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Jeff Sessions: we wanted to do 44 after this years and years of scien technology, we are about to create a missile defense system that will make us all proud and could protect us from such things as a north korean launch. i believe today our technology would knock down that missile if it reached the united

Jeff Sessions

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Jeff Sessions: we need to complete that program. if we slow it tow drive up the cost even more. that is important. madam president, i'm concerned about the history of this congress when it deals with border security. we have voted repeatedly the

Jeff Sessions

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Jeff Sessions: last big vote was 80-19 to complete 700 miles of fencing and barriers on our the money often doesn't get appropriated. we vote and say we're for it, but when the chips are down, the money doesn't get funded, so this would call on us to complete the funding for that

Jeff Sessions

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Jeff Sessions: project and i think all of us would want to complete what we've started. so, madam president -- the presiding officer: the senator has one minute. mr. sessions: thank you. madam president, just want to say that is it n for us to balance a move -- at least move substantially toward a balanced budget.

Jeff Sessions

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Jeff Sessions: in the going to be hard to get to a balanced budget. but the president's budget does not attempt to do so. and, in fact, in years seven, eight, nine, and 10 of his budget, his deficits are not going down. this is his own document that he submitted to us. they're surging upward.

Jeff Sessions

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Jeff Sessions: and in his tenth year, the that his deficit will be in one year $1.2 trillion. that will be almost three times the highest deficit this country has ever had in its history. the presiding officer: the senator's time has expired.

Jeff Sessions

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Jeff Sessions: who yields time? a senator: snawp. the presiding officer: the senator from vermont. mr. sanders: i wish to call up my amendments.46 875. the presiding officer: is there

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