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Senate Proceeding on Apr 2nd, 2009 :: 1:26:40 to 1:32:20
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Lindsey Graham

1:26:36 to 1:26:56( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: quorum call: a senator: madam president? the presiding officer: the senator from south carolina. mr. graham: are we in a quorum call? the presiding officer: we are. mr. graham: i would ask unanimous consent to lift the quorum the presiding officer: without objection. mr. graham: if it's all right with the bill managers, i'd ask for seven

Lindsey Graham

1:26:40 to 1:32:20( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Lindsey Graham

Lindsey Graham

1:26:57 to 1:27:19( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: the mccain amendment? the presiding officer: the senator has five minutes your honor therder. mr. graham: five minutes. okay. thank you. i stand in support today o an alternative budget that is being proposed by senator mccain and others. this country is a budget for the american people this a. that should not be unnoneo the american people. they're doing it every day. every business is writing a budget. every family is trying to plan a

Lindsey Graham

1:27:20 to 1:27:40( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: busmght the one thing families and businesses are doing is they're tightening their belt. we're not. we're buying a bigger belt. we are a buying a bigger suit. we're trying that we're grossly overburdened here, and the budget before us is better than president obama's budget.

Lindsey Graham

1:27:41 to 1:28:02( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: but peter orszag of it's 98% the same. so we're truei to find a different path. you can evaluate the people running your country as to how they wnts to spend your money and how much. wh we're sproapg to basically freeze domestic spending, except for defense and veterans. to do what you're doing. basically, that's control your spending, to get by on the same

Lindsey Graham

1:28:03 to 1:28:23( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: amount of money with allowance and growth in needed areas but to rein dramat increase over time of domestic spending, and i think we can do that. you know, we are a spending trillions of dollars. we have trillions of dollars available to us. i know we could get by for another year or two on that same amount of money allowing growth in certain key areas if we wanted to.

Lindsey Graham

1:28:24 to 1:28:44( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: but we do have to. it's the choice we make. you don't have that choice. you can't go and print money. and if you write a bad check, you go to jail. we call it good so, you have choice choices -- you have to make choices. we seem not to be bound by any choices. and if you're going to build

Lindsey Graham

1:28:45 to 1:29:06( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: budget from a federal level, what's the most important thing? at home, in your birks you build a budget around the essentials of what your family needs or business needs. i think we should be building a budget up here around securing the nation. under the obama, the defense spending goes

Lindsey Graham

1:29:07 to 1:29:30( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: from 4.7% of g.d.p. where -- we're in iraq, afghanistan, iran -- the world is a dangerous place p over ten years his budget takes defense sphendzing down to 3% of g.d.p. i don't think this world is safe right now and n is not the

Lindsey Graham

1:29:31 to 1:29:53( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: time to cut defensement -- defense. mccain's alternative does away -- if you make over $250,000 a year, your taxes are going to up by 25%. at a time when we're trying get people to expand their business. and i can tell you one thing john kennedy understood this, if

Lindsey Graham

1:29:54 to 1:30:16( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: you raise taxes, people do less business. if you raise the capital gains rates from 15% to 20%, people d because there is a penalty to engage in business activity. so now is not the time to raise taxes on begin and we've got to compete with china and india and when you pass on the cost of doing business, and that's what

Lindsey Graham

1:30:17 to 1:30:38( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: will happen, the american consumer suffers and the american business community's going to suffer because they're competing with people in the global economy that do not have all of these tax burdens. the biggest problem the country faces in terms of long-term debt is social security these are -- medicare.

Lindsey Graham

1:30:39 to 1:30:59( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: these are entitlement programs. when you get -- nobody wants to allow that system to go bankrupt, but it is headed toward bankruptcy? why? because the amount of money coming in and the amount of money obligated do not m when i was born in 1955, there were 15 workers for every retiree.

Lindsey Graham

1:31:00 to 1:31:21( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: today there's three and in 20 years there will be two. people will -- two workers will not be able to meet the obligations that are owed through the social security system unless we act now this budget puts beside a reserve program to deal with saving social secury.

Lindsey Graham

1:31:22 to 1:31:42( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: and medicare and medicaid and social security are a large part of the budget, and they're on autopilot. in his budget he a dz 600 billion as a paper on health care reform. we spend more money than any country in the world on health care, rather than ad add $600 billion in the system,

Lindsey Graham

1:31:43 to 1:32:04( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: let's see if we can manage the money we have today better. and this budget puts a new earmark system in place so that senators and congressmen cannot in the middle -- the presiding officer: the senator's time has expired. mr. graham: thank you. this is an alternative that makes sense. this is an alternative that has to make the same choices that you're making in the private sector.

Lindsey Graham

1:32:05 to 1:32:21( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: i hope the congress will adopt this p thank y the presiding officer: who yields time. -- time? the senator from new hampshire. mr.

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