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Senate Proceeding on Apr 4th, 2008 :: 0:29:03 to 0:32:16
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Lamar Alexander

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Lamar Alexander: 28 of our colleagues who are cosponsors of the bill and we expect that many more will be added who are co cosponsors of the bill, who will want to be added as cosponsors to this amendment.nt just

John Ensign

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John Ensign: very briefly, and i would like to share myli time with t the senator from washington who has shown great leadership on this issue, the amendment that we are proposing is an amendment deal ea dealing

John Ensign

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Speech By: John Ensign

John Ensign

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John Ensign: with renewables. we know that this country has an energy problem. we are t oo dependent on foreign sources of energy, too much of our energy is polluting our air and concerns aboutbo climate change

John Ensign

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John Ensign: around the world, and this amendment addresses both of those concerns as well as it is stimulative to the economy. thrts a over 100,000 jobs that we are prlg trying to protect with this amendment. we're

John Ensign

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John Ensign: talking about solarin power, geothermal. we are taking about wind energy, we're talking about biomass. there are many different re renewables that we're going to help within this amendment, and at

John Ensign

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John Ensign: a time when our country is at war in p laces where we are aide sending over 1 -- spending over $1 $100 billion a barrel to those countries not friendly to the united states of america. so it is

John Ensign

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John Ensign: very important that we as a senate act now on this amendment to help the united states become less dependent on foreign sources of energy asrg well as cleaning p our environment. it is a national

John Ensign

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John Ensign: security concern, it is an economic concern, and it is an environmental ken. so, i'm very pleased to be introducing this amendment today today. we can vote on this next week, but i think it's very i didn't

John Ensign

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John Ensign: think cal that this be part of the packagee and that is, you know, why does it need to bebe done today? why is there surgeon an urgency? at love this type of energy production -- it takes a long time.

John Ensign

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John Ensign: you have to have plenty of time in the future to set these projects up on the financing of these projects. and we've been told by a lot of the industries, if there isn't certainties, a lot of these

John Ensign

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John Ensign: industries are going to be going away. need to be encouraging renewable energyvestment i'd like to couple yield ald couple minutes to my friend from washington, the senator from washington, who is, the

John Ensign

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John Ensign: lead spofort bill that weil introduced yesterday.~ ms. cantwell:ca mr. president? dee presiding officer: the senator from washingtoton. ms. cantwell: i thank the senator from nevada for yielding me some

John Ensign

0:31:24 to 0:31:38( Edit History Discussion )

John Ensign: of his time. this has been a big priority on this side of the aisle to get clean-energy tax credit so that we can continue to stimulate investment in wind, in solar, in energy efficiency, in a variety

John Ensign

0:31:38 to 0:31:50( Edit History Discussion )

John Ensign: of other things: fuel cells, biomass, geothermal. the list goes on and on. this is the fourth time we've tried to get this legislation. three other times we've come within one vote. so we're here today

John Ensign

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John Ensign: with more bipartisan support for a proposed solution. and my colleagues and the chairman of the finance committee has worked very hard on this legislation in general and the concept of trying to push forward

John Ensign

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John Ensign: these tax credits. but we are at a critical point. in fact, i have said to my colleagues that rome is burning. that is, that we are at the precipice now of projects actually getting canceled. having

Maria Cantwell

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Maria Cantwell: been inn business, is, know what it's like to have your first quarter earnings report and then have to show some forward advancement to your investors about your projects. p that's where we are. and because

Maria Cantwell

0:32:16 to 0:34:57( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Maria Cantwell

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