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Senate Proceeding on Apr 5th, 2011 :: 1:34:25 to 1:41:20
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Orrin Hatch

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Orrin Hatch: which would repeal the 1099 mandate and strongly opposes the menendez amendment." unquote. so i ask unanimous consent that the letters from both the n tp eu b, the representative of small businesses in this country, and the chamber of commerce, be printed in the record at this point. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. hatch: thank you, mr. president. president obama and congressional democrats tried to sell the american people on

Orrin Hatch

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Speech By: Orrin Hatch

Orrin Hatch

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Orrin Hatch: their clunker of a health care law by saying that it would bring down federal health care spending. that would have been a miracle if it were true. but even the administration's own actuary at the center for medicare and medicaid services has confirmed that that claim was false and that federal spending on health care would

Orrin Hatch

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Orrin Hatch: actually increase as a result of health spending law. some estimate as much as $2,100 per policy. the cash for clunkers program was bad enough, but democrats managed to outdo themselves spending $2.6 trillion in cash for this clunker of a health care law. now this reminds me of a scene

Orrin Hatch

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Orrin Hatch: from the movie "vacation." at the beginning of that film, clark griswold goes into a dealership to buy a before setting off with his family for a cross country trip to wally world. instead of getting the new car he ordered as part after

Orrin Hatch

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Orrin Hatch: trade-in, the dealer gave him a pea green family truckster as you can see in this photograph. one only had to look at the family truckster to know it was a lemon and clark told the dealer he wanted his own truck back. unfortunately, for clark, the

Orrin Hatch

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Orrin Hatch: actor in this case, his old car was crushed before he could get it back. you could imagine the consternation on chevy chase's face. you can see the family truckster and this car behind me. there it is with chevy standing on top as clark griswold.

Orrin Hatch

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Orrin Hatch: clark's experience with the familily truckster is a metaphor for america's experience with obamacare. our nation's health care system might have needed some work, no question about that, but the vast majority of americans were satisfied with their health care. yet, democrats gave americans obamacare which, like the family truckster here, is a true

Orrin Hatch

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Orrin Hatch: jalopy, and they did their best to crush our former health care system before we could stop them. i would also add that americans like clark griswold eventually reached their wit's end. the tea party, the gubernatorial elections in virginia, the senator from massachusetts were the result of americans letting

Orrin Hatch

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Orrin Hatch: us know they were tired o letting washington recklessly spend their money and recklessly regulating and therpb not going to take -- they were not going to take it any more. to borrow from roger daltry, americans made it clear they were not going to get fooled again. that did not stop democrats. at the time health care law was

Orrin Hatch

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Orrin Hatch: being enacted, democrats were raising taxes to make it clear they were partially paying for it. when democrats say that this health law saves money, you should ask yourself this: if the law was actually going to reduce federal spending on health care, would these massive tax increases have been necessary? in the end, obamacare was more

Orrin Hatch

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Orrin Hatch: of the same. a tax-and-spend law that vastly increased the size of an already bloated federal government. president obama and congressional democrats should not have raised taxes and cut medicare to fund the new entitlement program and then u.s. -- an unsustainable entitlement program. the three largest entitlement

Orrin Hatch

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Orrin Hatch: programs -- social security, medicare and medicaid -- are already headed for fiscal cris. to create a fourth massive entitlement program when these three entitlement programs were already going broke was fiscal insanity. that's one reason why we need to repeal the health spending bill in its entirety and start over. senator johanns amendment to repeal the 1099 provisions in

Orrin Hatch

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Orrin Hatch: the health spending law and small business law is a good first step at getting rid of the partisan health spending bill entirely. i think a lot of people, including some members of congress, have voted for the small business bill last year and were surprised to learn that congress enacted a second 1099 provision last year.

Orrin Hatch

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Orrin Hatch: this is separate and apart from the 1099 provision enacted in the partisan health spending law. this new 1099 provision was enacted as a part of the small business law last year. i voted against it. by the way, this provision is already in effect since it applies to payments made on or after january 1 of this year.

Orrin Hatch

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Orrin Hatch: this 1099 provision causes landlords that aren't even actively engaged in the rental real estate business to send in a form 1099 to the i.r.s. it's required when they pay more than $600 in one year to a vendor for goods or services. for example, suppose a landlord spends more than $600 over the course of a year at a home improvement store.

Orrin Hatch

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Orrin Hatch: that landlord must fill out a form 1099 and send it to the i.r.s. as well as to the provider of goods or services. in addition, that landlord must track down the vendors' taxpayer identification number, which is not necessarily an easy task to do. this law creates a large and unexpected paperwork burden on

Orrin Hatch

1:39:58 to 1:40:19( Edit History Discussion )

Orrin Hatch: these landlords. with the real estate market struggling, we should not be imposing new paperwork burdens on landlords which only hurt the real estate industry even more. i urge my colleagues to vote "yes" on senator johanns amendment. vote "no" on the mendez amendment. like i said, senator johanns'

Orrin Hatch

1:40:20 to 1:40:40( Edit History Discussion )

Orrin Hatch: amendment is a down payment on total repeal of the onerous health care law that over time will wreck our nation's health care system and lead to an explosion of new federal spending. so i urge my colleagues to vote "no" on senator mendez' amendment. and i want to personally pay tribute to my colleague from

Orrin Hatch

1:40:41 to 1:41:02( Edit History Discussion )

Orrin Hatch: nebraska for his indefatiguable efforts in trying to repeal these terrible paperwork burdens that nobody's going to look at anyway that, really aren't going to make any difference and are just going to cost an arm and a leg over time. i just want to thank him for all the hard work that he's done. he deserves a great deal of credit for continuing to fight these battles, and i hope that he will clearly -- i hope that

Orrin Hatch

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Orrin Hatch: all of us on the floor will get rid of this monstrosity here today and hopefully work together to try and straighten out what really is a very bad bill in obamacare. balance of my time. mr. baucus: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from montana. mr. baucus: mr. president, i

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