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Senate Proceeding on Apr 6th, 2011 :: 5:45:00 to 5:48:09
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Maria Cantwell

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Maria Cantwell: sometimes we have votes on them. but these things all have one thing in common. it is about the greater good versus special interests. and time and time again congress has ended up wisely on the right side and has rejected these proposals by special interests. the environmental protection

Maria Cantwell

5:45:00 to 5:48:09( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Maria Cantwell

Maria Cantwell

5:45:21 to 5:45:43( Edit History Discussion )

Maria Cantwell: that's we have continue today because we've stood up to fight for them. in passing an anti-e.p.a. amendment would hurt our economy. that certainly the case with the mcconnell-inhofe amendment. it would overturn hard-won games from the 2007 energy bill that

Maria Cantwell

5:45:44 to 5:46:04( Edit History Discussion )

Maria Cantwell: put cafe standards in place at a higher level to get fuel efficiency economy for consumers in america. this was passed on a bipartisan basis and it was very important in helping consumers save money and car buyers as much as $3,000 over the life of a car because we have made them more fuel

Maria Cantwell

5:46:05 to 5:46:25( Edit History Discussion )

Maria Cantwell: efficient. this legislation seeks to overturn that. and it is these fuel economy standards passed with that bipartisan majority in 2007 that is helping us get off of our dependence on foreign oil. not more domestic drilling.

Maria Cantwell

5:46:26 to 5:46:46( Edit History Discussion )

Maria Cantwell: we could drill in every pristine, untouched corner of the united states and sometimes it seems like the backers of those interests would like us to do that. but in a recent letter senator bingaman and i received from the energy information administration, which i would like to place into the record, mr. president. the presiding officer: without

Maria Cantwell

5:46:47 to 5:47:07( Edit History Discussion )

Maria Cantwell: objection. ms. cantwell: in 2007 the energy information administration was predicting that our foreign dependency was going to continue to increase in the coming decades. now, i should note that after the 2005 energy bill, i've heard some of my colleagues on the other side say that was the great predicter and it was going

Maria Cantwell

5:47:08 to 5:47:29( Edit History Discussion )

Maria Cantwell: to help us reduce our dependence on foreign oil. but the truth is is that the subsequent eia -- e.i.a. analysis made after we passed the 2007 energy bill, says according to the experts in analysis only two policies in that landmark bill increasing cafe standards and renewable

Maria Cantwell

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Maria Cantwell: fuel standards are the reason we are less dependent on foreign oil. so the things that have made us less dependent on foreign oil are the very things that people trying to gut out of important legislation already on the books. it is not the case that additional drilling, drilling,

Maria Cantwell

5:47:51 to 5:48:09( Edit History Discussion )

Maria Cantwell: drilling, and saying to the e.p.a. ignore the supreme court on the clean air act is going to help us. reducing demand is going to reduce prices at the pump and looking at the u.k. they produce almost all their own oil from the north sea, but they still

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