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Senate Proceeding on Apr 9th, 2008 :: 0:39:10 to 0:41:57
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Joseph Lieberman

0:33:35 to 0:39:10( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Joseph Lieberman

Joseph Lieberman

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Joseph Lieberman: seem to be the frustration of some 6 of our colleagues on the committee yesterday. they were trying to get general petraeus and ambassador crocker to tell us again -- we're going to get all of our troops

Lindsey Graham

0:39:10 to 0:39:20( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: out or most of our troops out by "x" date. . well, fortunate, fortunately, petraeus and crocker are not accountable to political calculus. they've been given the responsibility for this mission. they have

Lindsey Graham

0:39:10 to 0:41:57( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Lindsey Graham

Lindsey Graham

0:39:20 to 0:39:30( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: american lives on the line. they've lost american lives. and the answer that general petraeus gave us was clearly the right one. i wish i could tell you how many brigades more i could pull out

Lindsey Graham

0:39:30 to 0:39:41( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: after july, but i can't until i see what conditions on the ground are. maybe i can bring out some more. but maybe i can't. and if i do it prematurely, we will run the risk of chaos and the loss

Lindsey Graham

0:39:41 to 0:39:53( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: of all we've gained in iraq. and frankly, a disrespect for the lives of americans that have been lost there, but our families and loved ones always tell us, don't let them to have died in vain. and the

Lindsey Graham

0:39:53 to 0:40:04( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: number-one winner if we pull out prematurely will be iran. they've got their hands in just about everything. and if we leave and chaos ensues ensues, as ambassador crocker has said, said yesterday, "iran

Lindsey Graham

0:40:04 to 0:40:12( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: has said publicly, it will fill any vacuum in iraq and extreme ist shia militias will reassert themselves." we can't let that happen. i thank my colleague. mr. graham: i think our time expires in the

Lindsey Graham

0:40:12 to 0:40:22( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: next five minutes minutes, so i would quickly wrap up my thoughts and ask the two colleagues to comment on it. people wonder when we're going to come home. trust me, if you've been to iraq at all,

Lindsey Graham

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Lindsey Graham: if you've spent any time around men and women in uniform, you want them to be with their families, you want them out of harm's way in the most desperate way. but the one thng i want people to remember

Lindsey Graham

0:40:30 to 0:40:43( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: is that these are all volunteers. they make one simple request to me as a senator: take care of us but support us so we can win. the reason they go back time and time again is they understand the consequences

Lindsey Graham

0:40:43 to 0:40:57( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: to our nation if we lose. so you want to take stress off the military? don't we all. but the best stress that we can take off our military is the stress of not knowing if they're going to be allowed to win.

Lindsey Graham

0:40:57 to 0:41:12( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: so i hope that the colleagues in this body will respect general petraeus's reasoned opinion, give him some deference, because i think he's produced results that will go down in history as one

Lindsey Graham

0:41:12 to 0:41:28( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: of the most successful military counterinsurgency operations anywhere on the planet, and a little deference with respect to ambassador crocker who has pullet together political progress -- who has put

Lindsey Graham

0:41:28 to 0:41:40( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: together political progress in the most difficult circumstances where the iraqis are seeing each other now not as enemies but as patterns partners in an endeavor to create peace, to live at peace

Lindsey Graham

0:41:40 to 0:41:57( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: with their neighbors. so when we come home is not the question for the ages. it may be for your next election election, and it may be about your political future. that may be the way you're looking

Jon Kyl

0:41:57 to 0:42:10( Edit History Discussion )

Jon Kyl: at that time. or it may be about the republican party's political future. it's not that way about me. -- for me. senator mccain, i think, or anybody else. certainly not for senator lieberman. the

Jon Kyl

0:41:57 to 0:43:39( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Jon Kyl

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