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Senate Proceeding on Apr 14th, 2011 :: 8:49:45 to 8:53:25
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Harry Reid

8:49:43 to 8:50:04( Edit History Discussion )

Harry Reid: senator from nevada. mr. reid: the longer the senator from maine talks, the more reason there's not to bring it up in the status it's in right. she's absolutely right. the issue she talks on about the wall street reform bill was brought in a time, there hadn't been hearings and it's created a furor around the country. now there's people on all sides of the issue trying to change that. that's why we need to hold

Harry Reid

8:49:45 to 8:53:25( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Harry Reid

Harry Reid

8:50:05 to 8:50:25( Edit History Discussion )

Harry Reid: hearings. she's absolutely right. but the more she talks, the more reason there is not to do this amendment. and for her to suggest that regulation reform is something that she's all-knowing about -- and she hasn't said that but that's the implicit statement she's making -- i understand regulation reform. it's a burden and we have to change it.

Harry Reid

8:50:26 to 8:50:46( Edit History Discussion )

Harry Reid: and we've been through a number of procedures here. we can remember during the clinton administration when al gore was in charge of reducing regulations and we did a lot of that. it w but we didn't do enough. i worked with the republican senator by the m from oklahoma. we change the law drastically. it's been used in the last

Harry Reid

8:50:47 to 8:51:07( Edit History Discussion )

Harry Reid: congress and this congress on several occasions to get rid of bad regulations that an administration promulgates. we now have the ability to do that. is there more we could do? yes. but to march into this land suggested by my friend from maine would cause people to make a decision on a legislation that has not been adequately reviewed.

Harry Reid

8:51:08 to 8:51:30( Edit History Discussion )

Harry Reid: that's why, i repeat, the more she talks about what needs to be done around here, the more reason there is not to do her legislation. and this -- this bill -- and as far as any agreement, i had no agreement with anybody. i -- this consent agreement was drafted just a short time ago. i have never suggested to the senator from maine, we've never had a conversation about this

Harry Reid

8:51:31 to 8:51:51( Edit History Discussion )

Harry Reid: until during the last votes. i move to proceed to this bill, mr. president, more than a month ago. more than a month ago. there comes a time we have to move the bill or move to something else. during our next work per, we have some big -- work period, we have some big, important things to do. we're going to deal with the patriot act.

Harry Reid

8:51:52 to 8:52:12( Edit History Discussion )

Harry Reid: we have other things that are extremely important. and we cannot spend more time on this legislation. it's unfair to our country, it's unfair to the small business community who badly wants this legislation to go forward so they can do things, as i repeat, like invent more electric toothbrush-type procedures -- or

Harry Reid

8:52:13 to 8:52:33( Edit History Discussion )

Harry Reid: items. there comes a time when we have to make a decision as to whether people are just stalling this legislation or trying to send some political message saying, look, i was able to offer an amendment, i want to do regulation reform when there's no chance in the world that the senators have adequate information upon which to vote.

Harry Reid

8:52:34 to 8:52:55( Edit History Discussion )

Harry Reid: so i'm very disappointed that very, very likely this legislation will be killed as a result of my friend, the former chairman of this committee -- certainly, i hope she understands how important this underlying legislation is and how her legislation has nothing to do that's within the keeping of germaneness or relevancy to

Harry Reid

8:52:56 to 8:53:10( Edit History Discussion )

Harry Reid: this legislation. quorum. the presiding officer: the clerk will call the roll.

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