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Mitch McConnell

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Mitch McConnell: tune and not a song by marks. the presiding officer: the republican leader. mr. mcconnell: mr. president, toward the end of 2006, america's security interest in the persian gulf were not being

Mitch McConnell

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Speech By: Mitch McConnell

Mitch McConnell

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Mitch McConnell: advanced by the military strategy that was then in place in iraq. plans and decidedded to accept the recommendation of general david petraeus and other advisers to adopt a counterinsurgency strategy to secure the iraqi population.

Mitch McConnell

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Mitch McConnell: in the face violence in iraq, president bush announced that strategy in early 2007, and the success of this strategy is now so widely acknowledged it's hard to believe that just two years ago some in washington wanted to cut off funding for our forces on the battlefield and establi arbitrary deadlines for

Mitch McConnell

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Mitch McConnell: withdrawal without consideration to conditions on the ground. over the pt two years the american people have witnessed a gradual maturation of the iraqi government, iraqi security forces working with coalition forces took control of bazra, general petraeus' efforts to

Mitch McConnell

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Mitch McConnell: shift responsibility to the iraqi government took place in front that included, of course, iran. but it worked. it worked. during the recess i visited general oderno in baghdad, despite some ongoing challenges

Mitch McConnell

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Mitch McConnell: and the continuing need of iraqi security forces for coalition support, he is optimi the security gains made in iraq are, indeed, sustainable. that's why i was encouraged when president obama moved away from his campaign promise all u.s. forces from iraq within 16 months of his inauguration

Mitch McConnell

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Mitch McConnell: much instead he accepted the advice of general petraeus and general oderno to draw down forces. the challenges associated with the iraqi elections and the need to maintain a presence to conduct traing, force protection and counterterroris to those who ignored the calls

Mitch McConnell

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Mitch McConnell: withdrawal and effts to cut off combat, it is encouraging that president obama has accepted the recommendations of neral petraeus to order a surge of additional forces in afghanistan in order to succeed there. i visited with general

Mitch McConnell

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Mitch McConnell: mckernan and he explained the plans to enforce the additional forces. he is mindful of the challenges associated with the afghan national elections, the need continue to expand the afghan national army and police and the need to combat corruption within the afghan ministries. nonetheless he is confident of military success. with the lives and security of

Mitch McConnell

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Mitch McConnell: so man ate stake, it is important -- so many at stake, it is important that the obama administrati advice. so far in afghanistan this is whathe president has done, and he deserves a lot of credit for it. during the recess president obama submitted a supplemental appropriations request to fund

Mitch McConnell

0:23:04 to 0:23:25( Edit History Discussion )

Mitch McConnell: the war efforts in iraq and afghanistan and republicans will aggressively support our combat forces just as we did in the last congress. in the coming months and years congress will continue to play in a central role in preserving and extending the security gains that our service men and women made in iraq and fighting the

Mitch McConnell

0:23:26 to 0:23:47( Edit History Discussion )

Mitch McConnell: taliban afghanistan. by proving president obama's request for war funding, we will provide our men and women in uniform with the resources they need to complete their missions and return home with honor. this is a solemn duty and members of congress should resist the temptation to use these war funding requests as an opportuny to fund unrelated projects.

Mitch McConnell

0:23:48 to 0:24:08( Edit History Discussion )

Mitch McConnell: the president's war funding request should be used for its intended purpose, tha national defense. in that vain this war spending bill falls short in one important respect, it requests up to $80 million for the purpose of shuttering the secure

Mitch McConnell

0:24:09 to 0:24:30( Edit History Discussion )

Mitch McConnell: detention facility at guantanamo bay before the administration has a place to put the roughly 240 inmates who live there. the administration sought to nullify critics overseas by saying that it will transfer the inmates at guantanamo in a matter of months. the administration should assure

Mitch McConnell

0:24:31 to 0:24:51( Edit History Discussion )

Mitch McConnell: the american people that these inmates will not be to american soil or allowed to return to the battlefield. an assurance that so far the new administration has not been able to give. this is an extremely important issue as the clock runs out on the administration's plan to

Mitch McConnell

0:24:52 to 0:25:13( Edit History Discussion )

Mitch McConnell: shut down guantanamo within the next mien -- mien months, americans are -- nine months americans are paying closer attention to wt this means to them. it is one thing to announce the goal of closing this facility, it is another to set a date before anyone comes up with a safe alternative. the administration has not been

Mitch McConnell

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Mitch McConnell: able to assure us that the 240 detainee also not be scatter aid cross the united states. when it comes to guantanamo, the administration doesn't seem to have any plan at all for dealing with men whom many consider to be the most dangerous terrorist ace live. meanwhile guantanamo has provided americans with a high

Mitch McConnell

0:25:36 to 0:25:56( Edit History Discussion )

Mitch McConnell: degree of safety andertainty of the 800 terrorists who have been held there over the years, not a single one has ever escaped to harm anyone. not one has escaped to harm anyo. in the day ace head will remind the about the dangers of closing guantanamo without a safe

Mitch McConnell

0:25:57 to 0:26:17( Edit History Discussion )

Mitch McConnell: alternative and prod the administration to rethink its strategy in the same way that the president rethought its campaign proposals on iran. in the end the safety of the american people is a far more important concern than pleasing our foreign crics, many of whom what been far quicker to

Mitch McConnell

0:26:18 to 0:26:41( Edit History Discussion )

Mitch McConnell: criticize the detention policies than they have been in offering a hand in adjusting them. on guantanamo it is important to get the policy right and put the politics aside. if it does so the administration can expect strong bipartisan support. now, mr. president, on another matter the president announced today that he's directing the

Mitch McConnell

0:26:42 to 0:27:04( Edit History Discussion )

Mitch McConnell: members of his cabinet to cut wasteful government spending. obviously i applaud such an effort. it is important not to lose sight of the enormity of the current which will only be addressed through juror bipartisan politically reforms.

Mitch McConnell

0:27:05 to 0:27:26( Edit History Discussion )

Mitch McConnell: the cabinet has been asked to find $100 million in savings in a $4 billion budget. the cabinet has been asked to find $100 million in savings in a $4 billion budget. and any amount of savings, obviously, is welcomed. according to the congressional budget office numbers, that is the average amount thate'll

Mitch McConnell

0:27:27 to 0:27:47( Edit History Discussion )

Mitch McConnell: spend every single day. that $100 million is about the average amount that we will spend every single day covering the interest on the stimulus package that we passed earlier this year. we need to cut waste, but we'll need to do much more to restore fiscal balance.

Mitch McConnell

0:27:48 to 0:28:09( Edit History Discussion )

Mitch McConnell: senators gregg and conrad have proposed a plan that would force us to get debt and spending under control. it deserves our serious attention. mr. president, i yield the floor. th previous order the senate will proceed to executive session to

Mitch McConnell

0:28:10 to 0:28:25( Edit History Discussion )

Mitch McConnell: consider the following will report.

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