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Senate Proceeding 04-20-10 on Apr 20th, 2010 :: 1:12:45 to 1:19:25
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Jim DeMint

1:12:25 to 1:12:46( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: quorum call: a senator: madam president? the presiding officer: the senator from south carolina. a senator: i ask that the quorum call be suspend. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. demint: thank you, madam president. i rise in opposition of nomination of a superior court judge in the district of columbia.

Jim DeMint

1:12:45 to 1:19:25( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Jim DeMint

Jim DeMint

1:12:47 to 1:13:07( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: i do not believe she has enough judicial experience to sit on the d.c. superior court. she's currently serving as a magistrate judge, a position she's held for the past 2 1/2 years. although being a magistrate judge is good traing for a superior court judge, two years is not enough for that traing. of the 25 magistrate judges in

Jim DeMint

1:13:08 to 1:13:29( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: the district of columbia, she is one of the least experienced. 19 of the current d.c. magistrate judges have served for five years or more compared to her 2 1/2. some have served for decades. in fact, only three of her 24 colleagues have served less than miss demeo.

Jim DeMint

1:13:30 to 1:13:50( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: looking at her record, i see she has much more experience working as a lobbyist for a special interest group than a magistrate j. she was chief lobbyist for the mexican-american legal defense and education fund, a national latino civil rights organization.

Jim DeMint

1:13:51 to 1:14:12( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: from 1997-2004. in this position, she became more well-known for her divisive comments that she made against hispanic republicans her legal expertise. she took on a high-profile role opposing president bush's nomination of miguel he i estrada, criticizing him in numerous

Jim DeMint

1:14:13 to 1:14:37( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: newspaper stories because he did not appear to support her political agenda. during this time, she made personal attacks against him, suggesting he was a traitor to other hispanics. let me read from a 2003 article from "national review" entitled "dems to miguelest estrada:

Jim DeMint

1:14:38 to 1:15:00( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: you're not hispanic enough." miss demeo said "if the senate confirms mr. estrada, his own personal american dream will come true, but the american dreams of the majority of hispanics living in this country will come to an end through his future legal decisions. in anotherress statement, she

Jim DeMint

1:15:01 to 1:15:21( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: said, "the most difficult for an organization like mine is when a president nominates a hispanic who does not associate with the latino community. instead of debating these issues, ms. demeo tried to convince the media, an entire communy should think only one way. her way.

Jim DeMint

1:15:22 to 1:15:43( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: and that miguel estrada was wrong for thinking anything otherwise. to me, this sounds like ethnic bullying. it is dangerous and insulting to believe a particular community should think uniformly, and ms. demeo was wrong to do this. madam president, i was not in the senate at the time.

Jim DeMint

1:15:44 to 1:16:04( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: however, i have come to work closely with miguel estrada since that time, especially during my work with the honduras cris. he is a patriotic american and one who gave his own time and energy to help us understand the legal issues facing honduras. i don't doubt for a minute his qualifications to serve on the

Jim DeMint

1:16:05 to 1:16:25( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: federal bench. comments by ms. demeo and others questioning mr. estrada's credentials, encouraging the filibuster of his nomination, and accusing him of not being you a thentsically hispanic -- authentically hispanic made the confirmation process painful nor him and his family.

Jim DeMint

1:16:26 to 1:16:46( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: this wasn't the only time ms. demeo advanced this terrible argument. she used this same linedden attack against lane did a chavez. ms. demeo was quoted by "the washington post" in january of 2001 saying, "we generally support the nomination of latinos to important positions,

Jim DeMint

1:16:47 to 1:17:07( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: but linda chavez could really turn things backwards forbe the latino community. we just really question what kinds of efforts she is going to put into enforcing affirmative action laws." ms. demeo has also attacked those of us in wrong who oppose

Jim DeMint

1:17:08 to 1:17:30( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: the amnesty legislation of a couple of years ago saying we were anti-immigrant and not interested in seeing immigrants become full participants in this country. she strongly opposes english as the official language and says the government must accommodate non-enlish speakers. she was quoted by the associated

Jim DeMint

1:17:31 to 1:17:51( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: press in 2003 saying, "governments have a legal obligation to help those who don't speak english." she demands that the census department use sampling to pump up the number of voters in hispanic districts shooch she told national public radio in 20 that raw census data should not be used because it does not

Jim DeMint

1:17:52 to 1:18:12( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: fully represent those minorities communities that were missed by the census. instead, she advocated that less accurate sampling data be used to redraw polit demeo has shown similar disregard for verified information by organize arguing that photo prirmts for voting vieltses the rights of minority

Jim DeMint

1:18:13 to 1:18:35( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: voters. she is also an active opponent of affirmative action suggesting that the public that all latinos are in lock step agreement on this issue. after the supreme court's decision in rudder, demeo said, "all sessions of the latino community supported the continuance of affirmative action."

Jim DeMint

1:18:36 to 1:18:56( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: the nation must now also turn and concentrate on ensuring equality of opportunity in our elementary, middle, and high schools. colleges and universities that use race-conscious admissions have made those universities a better place for everyone to learn." ms. demeo has also attacked the

Jim DeMint

1:18:57 to 1:19:18( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: definition of "traditional marriage." she is views have led groups like eagle forum, numbers u.s.a., the federation of american immigration reform, english first, concerned women for america, and the traditional values coalition to oppose judge demeo's nomination. madam president, i assume ms. demeo will be confirmed.

Jim DeMint

1:19:19 to 1:19:26( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: should f. she does, i will pish wish her well in this new position but i regrettably will

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