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Bill Nelson

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Bill Nelson: they deserve. but we can't forget the unfinish unfinished business of this congress last december when we wrapped uphe fiscal year 2008 appropriation bill. we left a balance of more than $100 billion

John Cornyn

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John Cornyn: at the department of -- that thedepartment of defense said it needed to fight the global war on terror. in other words, it is important to support our veterans but i would submit it is equally important

John Cornyn

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Speech By: John Cornyn

John Cornyn

0:24:57 to 0:25:11( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: to mak sure we're supporting our troops that are currently in the fight and in harm's way. and this congress has an unfortunate record of delaying that, playing political games with that money, and

John Cornyn

0:25:11 to 0:25:22( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: it's time that that should end. in and the in the army alone, this short shortfall amounts to $66 billion billion. as a result, the army will run out of pay for active duty and national guard soldiers

John Cornyn

0:25:22 to 0:25:38( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: at noon unless congress acts promptly. at the same time, funding for extra vehicle armor, hospital construction, and renovation and new service vehicles will dry up up. our troops will not have the

John Cornyn

0:25:38 to 0:25:54( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: re resources t hey need to carry out their mission unless we act soon to pass this emergency supplemental appropriation. provincial reconstruction deems will also run out of funding. these team are

John Cornyn

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John Cornyn: an integral part of our strategy in iraq and ensure that we win the battle for hearts and minds in iraq. we also appropriated less than half of what the military leader leaders in iraq tell us they

John Cornyn

0:26:13 to 0:26:32( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: need for commanders' emergency respond which are essential to continued bottom-up reconciliation efforts. we should not hold this funding hostage to political games and should not it should not become a

John Cornyn

0:26:32 to 0:26:45( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: is reserve sell for -- and it should not become a is reserve sell for pork-barrel projects. we should it's also my honor to speak today about a young man whose courage and strength have earned him

John Cornyn

0:26:45 to 0:26:58( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: the silver star and more importantly the respect and admiration of all those who have heard about his story. staff sergeant justice yon young was born in texas just outside of dallas. the son of

John Cornyn

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John Cornyn: john young and kathy sutton, just continue was a swirm for the bernie high school gray hands greyhound. he told his dad he needed to find his priority and focus in life after he graduate ed. that level

John Cornyn

0:27:10 to 0:27:22( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: of maturity and in insight is rare for someone so young and it already tells you something about the character of just continue young. just justin decide ed what was best for thim was to join the united

John Cornyn

0:27:22 to 0:27:40( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: states army. i doubt anyone in this body would deny that the united states army has a long and storied history of taking young men and women with strong character and strains forming them into prove

John Cornyn

0:27:40 to 0:27:57( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: en soldiers and also into courageous leaders as well. justin is no exception. just over a year ago on march the 24 rtth th, justin and the rest of the 82nd airborne airborne were conducting operations

John Cornyn

0:27:57 to 0:28:12( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: in diyala, iraq. justin led his nine-soldier squad into a compound in cuba, iraq, a location where known enemy fighters were entrenched. once inside the compound, justin and his troop quickly encounter

John Cornyn

0:28:12 to 0:28:25( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: encountered armed insurgents. justin detained a guard before pressing on. in the confusion of the initial entry, he was ambushed by a hidden fighter about 10 feet away. the enemy fired his ak-47 assault

John Cornyn

0:28:25 to 0:28:39( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: rifle hitting justin's rifle three times and strike ing justin once in the chest. the force of the these shots sprayed slap necessarily up into his neck and knocked him off of his feet. injured and with

John Cornyn

0:28:39 to 0:28:53( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: a broken weapon weapon, justin killed his attack attacker and got to his feet. now, it's difficult for us here in the comfort of our nation's nation's capital to imagine what such a fight for one's

John Cornyn

0:28:53 to 0:29:08( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: life must be like. we can only try to imagine the chaos and confusion, the adrenalin rng , the pain, and the fear. you wouldn't blame anyone for pulling back after somhing like that but frankly that's one

John Cornyn

0:29:08 to 0:29:22( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: thing that makes these young men and women so exceptional. that's what makes them united states army. justin gotst up, took a confiscated ak-47 and three magazines. he refused medical attention and then

John Cornyn

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John Cornyn: continued to lead his troops for more than five days more of fighting. that, mr. president, is the kind of curndle, strength, and self selflessness that ought to leave all of us in awe. justin finished

John Cornyn

0:29:36 to 0:29:48( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: out his 15-month assignment in iraq in august and came home a hero to many, perhaps not the least of which being his father. try as he might, his dad john simply could not put into bored words how

John Cornyn

0:29:48 to 0:30:02( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: proud he was and is of his son. after having dinner with justin justin's unit at ft. bragg, john said, "he's unbleefnl and so are his friends." both justin and his father would be quick to remind

John Cornyn

0:30:02 to 0:30:15( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: us that even though justin received this medal, it's all the men and women of our military that deserve our admiration and respect.| john told me while justin was there for his buddies, they were there

John Cornyn

0:30:15 to 0:30:30( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: for him too. soldiers like justin and his squad mates are a prime example of the great commitment of all of our troops that they share with one another, not only to each other, but aerlso to our country

John Cornyn

0:30:30 to 0:30:47( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: as well. as such, they served two of the most noble principles the world will ever know. so what is justin doing now? having found his focus an oriented his priorities -- and oriented his priorities

John Cornyn

0:30:47 to 0:30:57( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: with an example of true courage and dedication, justin reenlisted in the army before finishing his first tour, despite his heroing experience, he stood in the sands of iraq and raised his right hand

John Cornyn

0:30:57 to 0:31:10( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: andwore to continue service to the defense of our great nation. recognizing his great courage and leadership, justin is training with the hopes of joining the special forces. that's why i wanted

John Cornyn

0:31:10 to 0:31:22( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: to come to the floor today and honor justin's exemplary service to our country. he is one example of the bravery, courage, and strength of thousands of texans, both past and present who have served in

John Cornyn

0:31:22 to 0:31:35( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: the united states military. mr. president, i yield the floor. a senator: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from arizona. mr. kyl: thank you, mr. president. i appreciate my colleague

John Cornyn

0:31:35 to 0:31:49( Edit History Discussion )

John Cornyn: from texas putting a personal face on this war. our young men and women are making tremendous sacrifices and we here in the congress should do our part to make sure that they succeed in their mission,

Jon Kyl

0:31:49 to 0:32:00( Edit History Discussion )

Jon Kyl: and hearing a story like that of justin simply confirms that we should redouble our efforts to fund the things that they need to carry out their mission. the majority leader talked little bit

Jon Kyl

0:31:49 to 0:40:26( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Jon Kyl

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