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Senate Proceeding on Apr 22nd, 2010 :: 5:36:45 to 5:44:00
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Jeff Bingaman

5:36:41 to 5:37:05( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Bingaman: i thank you for your graciousness, and i look forward to this becoming the law of the land. i yield the floor. the presiding officer: the senator f mr. bingaman: yes, mr. president, let me thank my colleague, senator udall, for his very eloquent statement there.

Jeff Bingaman

5:36:45 to 5:44:00( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Jeff Bingaman

Jeff Bingaman

5:37:06 to 5:37:26( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Bingaman: and, obviously, the udal udall family has a great deal to be pud of. his father's great public srvetion his uncle's great public service and he's carrying on with that tradition, as is tom udall, my colleague from new mexico. we're very fortunate to have the all family working hard to

Jeff Bingaman

5:37:27 to 5:37:48( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Bingaman: make this a best place, and i hope this legislation that we've introduced today can become law soon, and we will have that additional recognition for stewart udall and his contribution to the country. mr. president, let me also speak just for a moment about earth day.

Jeff Bingaman

5:37:49 to 5:38:12( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Bingaman: this is the 40th anniversary of earth day, the 40th earth day, in fact, 292nd of april. -- the 22nd of april. and i am speaking now because of mire great admiration for the work of senator gaylord nelson in establishing this earth day

Jeff Bingaman

5:38:13 to 5:38:33( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Bingaman: i was reminded of it in two respects in the last week. one was getting to visit with his widow, carrie lee nelson, who is a great personage herself, made a great

Jeff Bingaman

5:38:34 to 5:38:58( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Bingaman: contribution to his career in public service and continues today to advocate for the same issues that he advocated for, particularly as they relate to the environment. and then also earlier this week don ritchie, our senate historian, who speaks to us on tuesdays at our -- at the democratic lunch each week when

Jeff Bingaman

5:38:59 to 5:39:19( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Bingaman: we get together, gavwhat i thought was a fitting tribute to gaylord nelson that i wanted to share with people. and i ask permission to do that and don ritchie agreed that that was something that was acceptable. so i would like to read through this. it'll take two or three minutes.

Jeff Bingaman

5:39:20 to 5:39:41( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Bingaman: he, as the senate historian, he recounted the facts as follows. he says, "this past weekend, the mini page, a syndicated children's supplement that appears in 500 newspapers across the country, paid special tribute to a former u.s. senator, glord nelson, for launch the first earth day on

Jeff Bingaman

5:39:42 to 5:40:04( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Bingaman: april 22, 1970. five years after his death, senator nelson rains an icon of the environmental movement. senator nelson used to say that he came to environmentalism by osmosis, having grown up in clear lake, wisconsin. he promoted conservation as governor of which is wills and after he was elected to the

Jeff Bingaman

5:40:05 to 5:40:25( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Bingaman: senate in 1962, he used his maiden speech to call for a comprehensive nationwide program to save the natural resources of america. he went on to compile an impressive list of legislative accomplishments which included preserving the appalachian traicialtion banning d.d.t., promoting clean aired and clean

Jeff Bingaman

5:40:26 to 5:40:46( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Bingaman: water act, but it was earth day that gave him international prominence and served as his lasting legacy. senator nelson worried that the united states lacked a unity of purpose to respond to the increasing threats against the environment. the problem, in his words, was how to get a nation to wake up

Jeff Bingaman

5:40:47 to 5:41:07( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Bingaman: and pay attention to the most important challenge the human spheesh faces on the planet -- the human scies faces on the planet. then a number of instance instances meed to help him. a major oil spill across the coast of santa barbara covered the beach with tar, senator nelson toured the area in august of that year.

Jeff Bingaman

5:41:08 to 5:41:28( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Bingaman: he was outraged by the damage the oil spill had caused but was also impressed by the main knee rally to clean up the mess. flying back, he read an article about the anti-vietnam war teach-ins that were taking place on college campuses.

Jeff Bingaman

5:41:29 to 5:41:50( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Bingaman: this inspired him to apply the same model to the environment. in sepmber of 1969, the senator charged his staff with figuring out how to sponsor environmental teach-i on college campuses nationwide to be held on the same day the following spring. and rather than organize this effort from the top down, they

Jeff Bingaman

5:41:51 to 5:42:11( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Bingaman: believed that earth day would better -- would work better as a grass-roots movement. they raised funds to set up an office staffed by college students, with a law student, dennis hayes, serving ashe national coordinator. they identified the week of april 19 as the ideal time for college schedules and the

Jeff Bingaman

5:42:12 to 5:42:33( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Bingaman: possibility of good spring weather. calculating that more cliewnts students were on campus wednesday made wednesday, april 22, the first earth day. critics of the movement pointed out that april 22 happened to be vladimir lin's birthday. senator nelson rebutted that,

Jeff Bingaman

5:42:34 to 5:42:54( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Bingaman: that it was also athe birthday of the first environmentalist, st. frances of asierra leone. an astonishing corks the first earth day in 1970 was celebrated by some 20 million americans on 2,000 college campuses at 10,000 primary and secondary schools.

Jeff Bingaman

5:42:55 to 5:43:15( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Bingaman: and in hundreds of communities. and 40 years later it's commemorated this week -- its commemoration this week is expected to attract 500 million people in 175 countries. mr. president, i would also -- i and i will at some later point talk about the environmental

Jeff Bingaman

5:43:16 to 5:43:36( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Bingaman: legacy of within ofur own senators from new mexico, senator clinton anderson, who was one of the prime sponsors and promoters of the wilderness act and worked with gaylord nelson on many of these same environmental issues and of course with senator kennedy and

Jeff Bingaman

5:43:37 to 5:43:58( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Bingaman: stewart udall and with president johnson. there are many -- many people who deserve great credit for the legacy we have in this country and focus on environment al issues and earth day is an appropriate time to acknowledge their contributions, and i would

Jeff Bingaman

5:43:59 to 5:44:00( Edit History Discussion )

Jeff Bingaman: ask consent that this summary of

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