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Senate Proceeding on Apr 28th, 2009 :: 0:10:10 to 0:17:30
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Max Baucus

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Max Baucus: resume resume consideration of s. which the clerk will report -- excuse me, under the order there will be eight hours of debate equally divide asked controlled between the leaders or their designees. the senator from montana. mr. baucus: mr. president, the senate confirmed the first member of president president

Max Baucus

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Speech By: Max Baucus

Max Baucus

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Max Baucus: obama's cabinet more than three months ago. today we're here to finish the job. and it has taken some time to get here. but now we have a great nominee to be secretary human services. today we'll vote to confirm the nomination of governor kathleen sebelius to be secretaryf h.s.

Max Baucus

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Max Baucus: she's the right person for the job. governor sebelius comes to us with a long list of qualifications, a t senior van. for six years she has served as governor of kansas; for eight years as kansas insurance commissioner; and for eight years before that she served in the kansas state legislature. governor sebelius has devoted a

Max Baucus

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Max Baucus: career to serving the public. she understands the legislative?? process. she understands the administrative process. and she has experience working with the private sector. governor sebelius has earned the respect of republicans and democrats alike. the governor sebelius knows a lot about health care. she is committed to protecting

Max Baucus

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Max Baucus: people and getting them the health care they need. as g make sure that kansans especially kids, has access to quality health insurance they could afford. and as insurance commissioner, governor sebelius blocked a merger that who is made insurance unaffordable. in addition to protecting the consumers, governor sebelius

Max Baucus

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Max Baucus: also recognizes the nd to bring businesses together to make our health care system work. as governor, she worked hard to make health care costs more manageable for businesses. and she worked to get mr. small businesses more small businesses to offer health insurance coverage and doubled the small business tax credit.

Max Baucus

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Max Baucus: governor sebelius' record shows she approaches problems from all sides. she is prepared to try solutions and willing to work with everyone. and she's not afraid to lead even when faced with choices and resistance to change. that's just the kind of leadership that we need in secretary of health and human

Max Baucus

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Max Baucus: services. governor sebelius has proved that she is willing to work hard. and it's a good thing because we have a lot our health care system, mr. president, as you well know, is broken. we spend more than any other country on health care, more than $2.4 trillion annually and

Max Baucus

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Max Baucus: we don't even cover all machines. 46 million insurance and more than 25 million americans are underinsured -- they have some coverage but not enough to keep the bills manageable and that's why medical debt tribes to half of a bankruptcies affecting two million people a year.

Max Baucus

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Max Baucus: american families are struggling to keep up with the high cost of health care. and american businesses are strain costs while trying to stay competitive at home and abirthday. home and abroad. we must reform our health care system and we must do it failure to address problems in

Max Baucus

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Max Baucus: the health care system will undermine our efforts to restore the committee. we need a health care system that meets all of our needs, a high-performing health care system that guarantees all of age or health status and will stable use our economy, making sure this we are prepared to

Max Baucus

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Max Baucus: handle our long-term fiscal challenges. congress has made a good start toward reform but there's still a long way to go. last year, we started the process, we in the finance committee, by holding ten different health reform hearings. we learned about the problems in the country system and started to develop solutions. in june, along with my

Max Baucus

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Max Baucus: colleague, chuck grassley, i held a day-long health care summit in the finance committee at we engaged colleagues in the process early on and in november i released a pearp called "action," to outline my vision for health care reform. science then i have worked closely with senator grassley and senators on the finance committee.

Max Baucus

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Max Baucus: and i've been working with other senators, as well, especially senator kennedy, in the help committee, to come up with meaningful, comprehensive health reform legislation we can pass this year. last week the finance committee held the first of three round tables. we discussed reform and tomorrow we're walking through some policy options, and in the coming weeks

Max Baucus

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Max Baucus: we'll have two more round tables and walk-throughs and other policy options in other areas. senators will weigh the options and will contribute to the process. by june we'll be ready for a finance committee we're working tog making good progress. congress cannot do this alone. congress needs a strong partner

Max Baucus

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Max Baucus: at h.h.s. to pass comprehensive health care reform. we're de that will change how health care iselivered but we need a first-class secretary and team at h.h.s. to help the ground to make it work. i look forward to working with governor sebelius to make sure that our bill can be implemented. i want to make sure that we send the secretary a product that

Max Baucus

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Max Baucus: sets the rules of the game. we want to make sure that we also give the department and agencies the flexibility that they will need to play their part effectively. it will be a long and i think rat process, a lot of back and forth. i'm pleased that we'll be able to get started quite soon. person for the job.

Max Baucus

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Max Baucus: she has political experience, determination work ethic to get the job done. she's been an commissioner, and she knows the care system and she's been a governor so she knows how to work with democrats and republicans and that is her inclination anyway. i have no doubt that she will

Max Baucus

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Max Baucus: continue to sho to public service and the american people will benefit from her service. so let's finish the job of confirming preside cabinet. let us place servant in office and let us confirm governor kathleen sebelius to be secretary of mr. president, i wish to yield

Max Baucus

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Max Baucus: five minutes virginia, mr. warner, for him to speak when he can recognition, and pending that recognition, i sug absence of a quorum. the presiding officer: the clerk will call the roll.

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