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Senate Proceeding on Apr 29th, 2008 :: 1:41:05 to 1:45:28
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John Rockefeller

1:41:05 to 1:41:23( Edit History Discussion )

John Rockefeller: reduce service to small and rural comuntses communities, communities, which is exactly what's going on and that acceleration is going to pick up up. so then you have to say, you know, we -- years ago

John Rockefeller

1:41:05 to 1:45:28( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: John Rockefeller

John Rockefeller

1:41:23 to 1:41:39( Edit History Discussion )

John Rockefeller: we did this e-te thing to make the internet available to everyone. went from 15% classroom connection to 97%. not so on aviation. we're going the other direction. while small and rural communities have

John Rockefeller

1:41:39 to 1:41:56( Edit History Discussion )

John Rockefeller: long had to cope with limited and unreliable service, we're grateful to have limited and even unreliable service. we are a just grateful to be able to get into a little prop because that's what we have,

John Rockefeller

1:41:56 to 1:42:06( Edit History Discussion )

John Rockefeller: and to get from here to there because we can connect on the hub-and-spoke system. so all of these problems have been exacerbate ed by the weakened financial condition of most u.s. airlines. i'm going it

John Rockefeller

1:42:06 to 1:42:24( Edit History Discussion )

John Rockefeller: talk about that this afternoon. the reduction or elimination of air service has a devastate ing effect on the economy of small communities. having adequate air service is not just a matter of convenience

John Rockefeller

1:42:24 to 1:42:38( Edit History Discussion )

John Rockefeller: or pride; it's a matter of survival, economically, psychologically, self-esteem. without access to reliable air service, no business is willing to locate their operations in these areas of the country,

John Rockefeller

1:42:38 to 1:42:53( Edit History Discussion )

John Rockefeller: no matter how attractive the quality of life, no matter how much less the housing costs, no matter how much land may be available. they will not go there. airports are economic engines that attract

John Rockefeller

1:42:53 to 1:43:08( Edit History Discussion )

John Rockefeller: critical new development, opportunities, and jobs. west virginia has been able to attract firms from around the world. why? because corporate executives know that they can visit their operations with

John Rockefeller

1:43:08 to 1:43:22( Edit History Discussion )

John Rockefeller: ease, for no other reasons. as i'll give in my next speech about the state of the airlines, which is a very depressing speech and, therefore, important important, that's in jeopardy. that's in jeopardy.

John Rockefeller

1:43:22 to 1:43:40( Edit History Discussion )

John Rockefeller: rural and small town america must continue to be adequately linked to the nation's air transptation network. that's all we can dovment we do. we can't get from here to an important place directly, but

John Rockefeller

1:43:40 to 1:43:51( Edit History Discussion )

John Rockefeller: we can fling a link into a hub-and-spoke system, which is what we've always done. the small and rural communities are the birse to bear the brunt of bad economic times. that's not fair. americans

John Rockefeller

1:43:51 to 1:44:05( Edit History Discussion )

John Rockefeller: are americans. the generation -- the general economic downturn and the dire straits of the aviation industry have place ed exceptional burdens on air service to our most isolated communities. the federal

John Rockefeller

1:44:05 to 1:44:19( Edit History Discussion )

John Rockefeller: government must provide additional resources and our bill does that. the bill also reaffirms our commitment to rural america by increasing the air -- essential air service. the presiding officer well knows

John Rockefeller

1:44:19 to 1:44:30( Edit History Discussion )

John Rockefeller: what that is. and also to the small community air service development program for four more years, and we also have a pass passenger bill of rights which will be discussed later. the industry will

John Rockefeller

1:44:30 to 1:44:50( Edit History Discussion )

John Rockefeller: be provided to require a number of things tell telling people about what planes are on time, what aren't, what's the pattern so that they'll get a sense of all of that and there's a lot more. so all

John Rockefeller

1:44:50 to 1:45:00( Edit History Discussion )

John Rockefeller: of us recognize there are no quick or easy solutions to this timely and timeless problem that plague our aviation industry.~ aviation incorporates so many things that are so critical to all of us that

John Rockefeller

1:45:00 to 1:45:12( Edit History Discussion )

John Rockefeller: connects people to distant family members, allows people to interact easily on ao global scale -- on a global scale. we are a global world. it is still amazing to me to be able to get on a plane in

John Rockefeller

1:45:12 to 1:45:28( Edit History Discussion )

John Rockefeller: the morning in west virginia and be in asia that same day. so what railroads were to the 19th and 20th centuries, air transportation is to the 21st century, with all due respect to our interstate highway

James Inhofe

1:45:28 to 1:45:41( Edit History Discussion )

James Inhofe: system. so given the challenges our nation's aviation system faces, i think we must pass s. 1300, mr. president, which is called the aviation investment and modernization act. and with that, i yield

James Inhofe

1:45:28 to 2:13:13( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: James Inhofe

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