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Senate Proceeding 04-30-08 on Apr 30th, 2008 :: 3:01:50 to 3:08:31
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Robert Byrd

3:01:50 to 3:02:11( Edit History Discussion )

Robert Byrd: quorum call: the presiding officer: the senator from west virginia. mr. byrd: mr. president, i ask unanimous consent that the quorum call be dispensed with. the presiding officer: without objection,

Robert Byrd

3:01:50 to 3:08:31( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Robert Byrd

Robert Byrd

3:02:11 to 3:02:49( Edit History Discussion )

Robert Byrd: the senator from west virginia is recognize ed. mr. byrd: mr. president, tomorrow will mark the fifth anniversary of the now-infamous "magician accomplished" speech -- "mission accomplished" speech which was

Robert Byrd

3:02:49 to 3:03:13( Edit History Discussion )

Robert Byrd: delivered by president bush on the deck of the u.s.s. abraham lincoln on may 1, 2003. five years ago i took issue with the president's correspondent yow graphed political thee attribution -- chore choreographed

Robert Byrd

3:03:13 to 3:03:46( Edit History Discussion )

Robert Byrd: political thee attribution theatrics because i believed that our military deserved to be treated with respect and dignity and not use ed as stage props to embellish a presidential speech. the president's

Robert Byrd

3:03:46 to 3:04:16( Edit History Discussion )

Robert Byrd: declaration of "mission accomplished" proved wildly premature and dangerously naive. the complete lack of foresight and planning by the president for what lay ahead became trag tragically clear in

Robert Byrd

3:04:16 to 3:04:44( Edit History Discussion )

Robert Byrd: short order. our nation continues to pay the price every single day. more than 97% of the more than 4 4,000 americans killed in iraq loft their lives after the -- lost their lives after the president's

Robert Byrd

3:04:44 to 3:05:10( Edit History Discussion )

Robert Byrd: flashy declaration of victory. years from now i expect that history books will feature the sorry "mission accomplished" episode as the epitome of this administration's reckless and arrogant foreign policy

Robert Byrd

3:05:10 to 3:05:37( Edit History Discussion )

Robert Byrd: which has reaped disastrous consequences for our nation and the world. we have seen a president who is eager to use american troops for a political backdrop, yet who is seemingly indifferent when

Robert Byrd

3:05:37 to 3:06:05( Edit History Discussion )

Robert Byrd: it comes to providing those same american troops with the equipment that they need: quality health care or a real plan for ending this terrible war. president bush has said that history will judge him

Robert Byrd

3:06:05 to 3:06:34( Edit History Discussion )

Robert Byrd: on his decision to go to war in iraq. i say that history is already delivering its verdict. it is evident in the strains of the long and multiple deployment deployments that are wearing down our miltty

Robert Byrd

3:06:34 to 3:07:01( Edit History Discussion )

Robert Byrd: mighty military and in the sufferings of the american people as they bury their fallen heroes. it is evident in the fear and ditrust with which the rest of the world views us and in the in instability

Robert Byrd

3:07:01 to 3:07:22( Edit History Discussion )

Robert Byrd: racking the middle east -- iraq and afghanistan -- as a result of the bush policy ies policies. president bush has recklessly squandered more than 200 years of american leadership, american good will will,

Robert Byrd

3:07:22 to 3:07:51( Edit History Discussion )

Robert Byrd: and prosperity. if that is what he was aiming for when he took office, then he can claim "mission accomplished accomplished." that is his legacy. as we write the next chapter in our nation's history, let

Robert Byrd

3:07:51 to 3:08:31( Edit History Discussion )

Robert Byrd: us commit to building a new legacy that restores the promise of america, both at home and around the world. mr. president, i yield the floor floor. mr. rockefeller: madam president, i note the absence

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