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Senate Proceeding on Apr 30th, 2009 :: 3:59:00 to 4:06:09
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James Webb

3:58:56 to 3:59:17( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: founder, abraham lincoln. i thank the president and i yield the floor. mr. webb: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from virginia is recognized. mr. webb: i ask unanimous consent to speak as if in morning business, and thathe time not be charged to the durbin amendment. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. webb: thank you, mr. president.

James Webb

3:59:00 to 4:06:09( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: James Webb

James Webb

3:59:18 to 3:59:38( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: mr. president, i have a resolution that i have just left at the desk which would honor the vietnamese refugees who came to this country after the fall of south vietnam. and i would like to take a few minutes today and discuss the importancef this day,

James Webb

3:59:39 to 3:59:59( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: april 30th. this day is a day that for vietnamese around the world is as significant as the distinctions and many other cultures between b.c. and a.d. 34 years ago today on april 30th, 1975, the communist forces from north vietnam finished their conquest

James Webb

4:00:00 to 4:00:23( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: of the south and the struggling war-torn country of south vietnam ceased to exist. many who supported them believed that the motivation for pursuing this wares the unification of the country and independence from outside influence and in many ways the position that

James Webb

4:00:24 to 4:00:45( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: and the loss of 1.4 million communist soldiers on the battlefield that understandable, but it is just as understandable to recognize and honor the aspirations of the overwhelming majority of the people of south vietnam who fought long and hard at a cost

James Webb

4:00:46 to 4:01:10( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: of 245,000 battlefield deaths for a government that, like our own here in the united states, allows true political and individual freedoms. those aspirations fell to the wayside as nth vietnamese tanks entered saigon in a blatant violation of the 1973 paris peace accords and incity

James Webb

4:01:11 to 4:01:33( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: ought toed a harsh stalinist government that was marked by cruel recriminations by those who had resisted the takeover and, thus, for millions of vietnamese around the world april 30 is a reminder of the loss of everythin their homes, their way of life, and their hopes for a prosperous and open future, for the country that they love.

James Webb

4:01:34 to 4:01:56( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: am avoid or ignore this day and the significancet has not only on the vietnamese but also on our own history. but it is important for us to look back on that day and on the war fairness, in a way credit where credit is due, and it's also important for all the

James Webb

4:01:57 to 4:02:18( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: reasons that led many of us to support that war endeavor that we commit ourselves to working together to build the right kind of dialogue with the present government of vietnam in order to help bring a better future for the vietnamese people and a more stable strategic environment in east asia as a whole. frankly, i believe this war

James Webb

4:02:19 to 4:02:40( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: still that they still feel but no longer openly discuss. i'm not sure we can even agree on theacts, much less the rightness or wrongness of our policies that caused us to commit our military to that battleeld with the eventual loss of 58,000 dead and another 300,000 wounded.

James Webb

4:02:41 to 4:03:02( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: was it right to go into vietnam in was it important? if you ask those in being a deem-- --if you ask those in being a keep in mindia, the predictable answer is that it was a mistake. and yesterday here's a piece of data that should still cause all

James Webb

4:03:03 to 4:03:24( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: of us to since august 1972, eight years after the gulf of tonkin incident that brought us fullbore into vietnam, even at a time when the nation had grown weary of bad strategies, after tens of thousands of combat deaths and years of massive antiwar protests, the harris

James Webb

4:03:25 to 4:03:45( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: survey showed that 72% of americans still believed that it was important that south vietnam not fall into the hands of the communists with only 11% disagreeing. over the years we have lost the reality of those too often in today's discussions that examine the vietnam war we are wageology.

James Webb

4:03:46 to 4:04:07( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: i hear it said quite often that this was a war between the united states and vietnam. nothing could be further from the truth and nothing could be more offensive to the millions upon millions of vietnamese who supported the government and its long-term goal of a stable democracy. our attempt to help that government was no different than

James Webb

4:04:08 to 4:04:29( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: the manner in which we assisted south korea when it was attacked after being divided from north korea or the motivation that caused us germanyhen the demarcation line at the end divided germany between the counist east and the free society in the west. we were not successful in this endeavor in vietnam for a number

James Webb

4:04:30 to 4:04:50( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: of reasons, but it would be wrong to assume that will this was an action by our country against the country of vietnam or that it was motivated by lesser ideals than these other endeavors. we hear a lot about the domino theory and the supposedly unjustified warnings about what was going on in the

James Webb

4:04:51 to 4:05:12( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: rest of the region with respect tofforts tt were backed by the soviet union and communist china in the run-up to our involvement. but these were valid concerns at the time. the region had seen a great deal of turmoil during and after world war i most of the european colonial powers had reced throughout southeast asia, largely because

James Webb

4:05:13 to 4:05:33( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: of the enormous costs of that war, leaving poverty, war damage, and utable gernments behind. japan had withdrawn from the territories had invaded and occupied during the war. governmental systems throughout the region were in transition and many were in chaos. the communists had moved into pow in china.

James Webb

4:05:34 to 4:05:54( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: within a year north korea invaded south korea and were joined on the balanced eld by the chinese. i understandnesia in the 1960's endured an attempted coup sponsored by the chinese. the modern leader who created modern singapore said the

James Webb

4:05:55 to 4:06:13( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: american contribute was a key contribution in slowing down communism's advance through the region and, thus, allowed other countries in the region to stablize and prosper. the point, simply made is that there was a great deal of strategic justification for what we attempted to do.

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