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Senate Proceeding on Apr 30th, 2009 :: 4:06:15 to 4:10:34
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Jim DeMint

4:06:14 to 4:06:16( Edit History Discussion )

Jim DeMint: that brings us to april 1975.

James Webb

4:06:15 to 4:10:34( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: James Webb

James Webb

4:06:17 to 4:06:37( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: a north vieamese offensive had begun in the aftermath of a vote in this congress to cut off supplemental funding to the government of south vietnam. this was combined with a massive refurbishment of the north vietnamese parliamentary with the assistance of china and the soviet union that allowed the offensive to kick off at a time when our south vietnamese allies were attempting to reorganize

James Webb

4:06:38 to 4:06:59( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: their positions in order to adapt to the reality that they were going to get markedly less funding and markedly less supplies, vital supplies such as ammunition and parts for their american-made weapons and medical supplies. the events following the fall of

James Webb

4:07:00 to 4:07:20( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: saigon on april 30, 1975, have never really been given proper attention here in the united states, probably because proper attention would embarrass so many people who had downplayed the dangers of a communist takeover. a gruesome hollow caust took place in cambodia, the likes of which have not been seen since world war ii.

James Webb

4:07:21 to 4:07:41( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: 2 million vietnamese fled their country, usually by boat, with untold thousands losing their lives in the process and with hundreds of thousands of others following in later years. this was t first such die asponsor a in vietnam's long and frequently tragic history. inside vietnam, a million of the

James Webb

4:07:42 to 4:08:02( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: south's best young leaders were sent to reeducation camps where 240,000 stayed for longer than four years. more than 50,000 perished while in prison, almost as many as we lost in this country in the entire war. others remained captive for as long as 18 years. an apartite system was put in place that punished those who

James Webb

4:08:03 to 4:08:23( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: had been loyal to the united states as well as their in matters of education, employment, and housing. the soviet union made vietnam a client state until demise, pumping billions year in the cou extensive naval and airases in places such as cam ranh bay.

James Webb

4:08:24 to 4:08:45( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: as a consequence of that bitter day in april 1975, there are now more than 2 million americans of vietnamese we're better off as a nation for their contributions to our society at every level. it was not always easy for these refugees when they arrived in the late-1970's to a country

James Webb

4:08:46 to 4:09:06( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: that had been torn "part" by the war itself, but they won the rest of us over with their perseverance, their reverence for education, and their dedicatidedication to their families. our gain at least in the short term has been vietnam's loss. it is impoant that americans understand

James Webb

4:09:07 to 4:09:29( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: those who lived it deserve a fair place at the table as we continue to work toward beer relations with the vietnam of today. not to undertake a new rnd of recriminations, not to relive the bitterness of the past, but to build the proper bridge between our country and vietnam, for the good of both countries, and for the health of east asia

James Webb

4:09:30 to 4:09:50( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: and people inside today's -- for the benefit of all people inside today's with respect to the region, vietnam remains one of the most importancountries in terms of the manner in which the united states should be preserving all of its legitimate interests on the east asian mainland with the

James Webb

4:09:51 to 4:10:12( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: steady accretion of chinese influence in the north, the expansion of india to the southwest and the evotion of muslim influence in southeast asia in countries such as i understand knee sharks malaysia and the southern reaches of the philippines, vietnam, along with thailand and singapore, are absolutely vital to our posture as an asian nation.

James Webb

4:10:13 to 4:10:36( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: with respect to the hanoi government with which i have had a long and not-always-pleasant relationship since 1991 when i first returned to vietnam, i want to say that i have a great appreciation for the very significant strides they have made since those early days. the relationships that are now evolving between vietnam and the

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