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Harry Reid

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Harry Reid: to the senate. the clerk: washington d.c., may 1, 2011. to the senate: under the provisions of rule 1, paragraph 3, of the standing rules of the senate, i hereby appoint the honorable christopher a. coons, a senator from the state of to perform the duties of the chair.

Harry Reid

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Speech By: Harry Reid

Harry Reid

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Harry Reid: signed: daniel k. inouye, president pro tempore. mr. reid: following leader remarks the senate will be in a period of morning business until 4:30 today. following morning business the senate will be in executive session to consider calendar number 74, roy bale dalton of florida to be united states district judge for the middle district of florida.

Harry Reid

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Harry Reid: calendar number 76, kevin hunter sharp to be united states district judge for the middle district of tennessee. there will be an hour of debate. at 5:30 this evening there will be a roll call on the sharp nomination. the dalton nomination will be confirmed by unanimous consent. mr. president, late last night

Harry Reid

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Harry Reid: we heard the news we've been longing to hear since the worst morning in our memory, osama bin laden brought to justice. this was an american mission. last night's news stumped the world but this operation's

Harry Reid

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Harry Reid: success surprised no one. america's special forces and intelligence operatives are the best, best trained, best equipped and best led. every day of every year they risk their lives for our safety. they are the most professional and proficient forces on the planet. and yesterday they brought down the most wanted mass murderer on earth.

Harry Reid

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Harry Reid: their success is the most significant victory yet in the fight against al qaeda and terrorism. it sends a strong and unmistakable message to terrorists who threaten our people and our interests. this success is a direct result of president obama's leadership and the national security priorities he outlined when he took office and the green light he gave our forces this weekend.

Harry Reid

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Harry Reid: president obama insisted that we refocus on afghanistan and pakistan as the center of battlefields in our fight against terrorism. there was tremendous military, diplomatic and economic efforts are the reason we woke up this morning to the world that is no longer home to osama bin laden. the end of his life is not the end of the fight.

Harry Reid

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Harry Reid: yesterday's operation is indeed a measure of justice. it is only one measure of justice. it absolutely is a definitive victory but it does not define absolute victory. america welcomes the success of our fellow citizens' extraordinary mission. even as we breathe a sigh of relief, though, we're not relieved of our duty to be vigilant, to be persistent and

Harry Reid

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Harry Reid: defeat our enemy and to make our nation stronger. the leader of al qaeda is gone but his organization is not. we know our enemy is widespread and motivated. the truth is it may be more motivated today than it was yesterday. our troops continue to fight. our intelligence professionals continue to work. their families continue to sacrifice.

Harry Reid

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Harry Reid: we continue to support all of them and support each other. we also pause today to once again lend a shoulder to those whose grief never ends, not with time, not ever. this significant measure of justice is but a small measure of comfort to those who lost loved ones at bin laden's direction in america and around

Harry Reid

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Harry Reid: the world, in new york, virginia and pennsylvania, board the u.s.s. cole and american embassies in africa, trains in london and madrid and so many other places. bin laden's death does not bring back the thousands of innocent people and make whole families that will be forever incomplete

Harry Reid

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Harry Reid: but it is an important milestone that reminds the world america does not suffer the wicked and does not submit to evil. our resolve is strengthened but it is challenged in our unity, though it too sofpb tested, is unbreakable. because of the work of our american intelligence and

Harry Reid

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Harry Reid: american forces, a long chapter in america's history closed yesterday. today we welcome the spring of a new optimism and renewed patriotism. we hope the chapter ahead of us will bring security and peace. while the nation and world absorbed this crucial development, the work of the senate continues.

Harry Reid

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Harry Reid: today we begin a new month and a new work period and a new opportunity to come together to create jobs. i hope this month will be a productive month. there are several important and time-sensitive items on our plate. one, to help wrap up the small business jobs bill. this has been on the floor for weeks and weeks and weeks, far

Harry Reid

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Harry Reid: too long, and we need to resolve it so we can move on to other matters. two, we'll have the same debate in the senate that the american people are having at home. that is the question of whether we should keep giving away money to oil companies who clearly don't need handouts. that will be part of a larger debate we'll continue having

Harry Reid

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Harry Reid: about how best to invest in foreign oil. thraoerbgs vote on the -- three, vote on the house-passed budget. the majority of the american people will reject it and the senate will soon have its say. finally we'll confirm judicial nominees, many of whom we've waited a long time for in the senate. if the minority forces us to

Harry Reid

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Harry Reid: file cloture on these nominees in order to get a final vote, we'll file a final vote. we cannot waste any more time or play these games for a longer period of time. the country needs these empty benches filled. we also have other nominations to confirm including the

Harry Reid

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Harry Reid: attorney general's number-one deputy. the deputy attorney general runs the day-to-day operations of the department of justice. he is also the person who signs our warrants to permit our intelligence officials to conduct surveillance on suspected terrorists. we must do that soon.

Harry Reid

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Harry Reid: especially given last night's development, it is unthinkable that we would keep a well-qualified nominee out of this important national security role. a moment ago we began this remarkable day in the senate the same day we begin every day in the session. we begin it with the pledge of allegiance to our flag. its closing words were the

Harry Reid

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Harry Reid: powerful closing words of president obama's address to the nation last night and the meaning is even more profound today, the first day of this new era. those words "liberty and justice for all" represent america's purpose. this weekend the name and pursuit of liberty heroic americans halfway around the

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