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Jim DeMint

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Jim DeMint: madam president -- mr. demint: i want to associate myself with the senator from tennessee. i appreciate him bringing this up. it is important to us here in the senate and as well as everyone around the country to understand what this administration is doing to hurt jobs in america. this has been a good week for america. we worked together building on one of the common principles of

Jim DeMint

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Speech By: Jim DeMint

Jim DeMint

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Jim DeMint: our country of a strong defense and robust intelligence system to track down an enemy of freedom and to render justice as we had promised this was done over two administrations and many congressmen and senators. so this was a good day for america. and i think we need to take this

Jim DeMint

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Jim DeMint: time to maybe think about how we can apply the principles that work in america to our challenges back home. -- back home with our economy and our jobs and our culture. because it really is a bigger issue that we're dealing with in the con ex-of this -- context of this decision by the national labor relations board. we need to use the principles

Jim DeMint

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Jim DeMint: that work. but it appears that this administration, my colleagues on the other side, are afraid to let these principles work. they seem to be afraid of freedom itself. we see in their record over the last two years of being afraid of -- for americans to make their own decisions about their children's education, about

Jim DeMint

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Jim DeMint: their health care. they're afraid to death of letting senior citizens manage their own retirement funds and health care plans. they're certainly afraid to let states manage their own energy resources or decide what roads and bridges to build and where to build them. they clearly don't want

Jim DeMint

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Jim DeMint: businesses to make their own decisions about hiring and firing. they won't even let community banks make their own decisions about who to lend money to even though these small banks had nothing to do with the financial collapse. and, clearly from this decision, this administration and the

Jim DeMint

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Jim DeMint: democrat party is afraid to give employees, workers, the freedom not to join a union. it's really amazing what this labor relations board that's been stacked with union -- union folks by the administration is doing to jobs in our state.

Jim DeMint

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Jim DeMint: -- and all across the country. 22 states have right to work laws. in the last few months, my state, along with several others, have passed a constitutional amendment that would protect the freedom of workers to have a secret ballot when union bosses are trying to organize their workplace. a secret ballot is so fundamental to the american

Jim DeMint

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Jim DeMint: principles and the principles of freedom, but the afl-cio is suing our state and others to stop us from protecting that freedom of workers. in the last few weeks a truly extraordinary thing has happened as this national labor relation board has actually filed suit against boeing, who is

Jim DeMint

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Jim DeMint: located -- who has located a a new facility in south carolina, claiming its retribution for a a strike in washington. -- for a strike in washington. boeing added 2,000 jobs in washington since they decided to build this new production line in south carolina. but this administration, and i'm

Jim DeMint

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Jim DeMint: afraid the majority here in the senate is so afraid that companies will have the freedom to locate new facilities, new businesses in states where their workers are not required to join a union. and let's put this in a different context. a few weeks ago a delegation from california went to texas to

Jim DeMint

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Jim DeMint: try to figure out why hundreds of businesses are moving from california, taking tax revenue and jobs with them to texas and other states. they didn't really need to make the trip. it was pretty obvious that the business environment that has been created in california by the unions and the politicians

Jim DeMint

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Jim DeMint: has made it very difficult for world-class companies to be competitive. what takes a few weeks in texas could take two years as far as getting a permit to open a new business. now, this is just a small look at what's happening to our country. because we need to look at why so many companies are moving from our -- our country to other countries to do business.

Jim DeMint

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Jim DeMint: and it's because of decisions like this and decisions by this administration over the last couple of years that have made america a place that is very difficult to do business in. i appreciate what the senator from tennessee is doing. because this is not just about one employer or one state.

Jim DeMint

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Jim DeMint: 22 states are right to work states. 22 states have decided that they're going to provide the freedom of their workers not to have to join a a union. so much of this -- a a union. so much of this is political and retribution not just against boeing to put a sight in a right to work state but it's political retribution. and the administration, i

Jim DeMint

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Jim DeMint: believe, is acting like thugs that you might see in a third world country trying to bully and intimidate employers who are trying to get out from under this cloud of union control. it's a political deal of this administration trying to expand unionization an union -- and

Jim DeMint

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Jim DeMint: union benefits because the union gives the contributions to the democrat party and get out the vote for the democrats. this is crazy. in an environment in this administration and all of us here are saying we're trying to create jobs, there's no question that what they're doing in south carolina and around this country by trying to force unionization is hurting our business climate in america. it's hurting employment.

Jim DeMint

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Jim DeMint: and it's administeringishing our future as -- diminishing our future as a country. it's amazing to see that the unions have such a control over this administration even in passing the stimulus bill. with it went requirements that a lot of the contractors who use this money had to follow union rules or be union we saw in the health care plan that unions were the big

Jim DeMint

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Jim DeMint: proponent of it. but as soon as it passed, they're the ones asking for waivers so they don't have to live by it. what this administration is doing to one company is a threat to every company, every employer

Jim DeMint

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Jim DeMint: and every workerrer in this country -- worker in this country. and it goes back to their fear of freedom. the command and control paranoia that we see in this administration is antithetical to everything that we understand about freedom in our country, of individual responsibility and individual freedom and free

Jim DeMint

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Jim DeMint: markets and free enterprise. they're attacking it on every front. and this decision by the national labor relation board cannot stand. we must challenge it here in the congress. employers need to challenge it. states are already challenging it because it's clearly outside of the authority of this federal government to be threatening and

Jim DeMint

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Jim DeMint: bullying and trying to intimidate companies like boeing who should have the freedom to locate their plants anywhere they want. and this is intimidation. many of boeing's contracts are military contracts and -- and we know that's being held over their head. this is not the way that we should do business in america. this is not the way that our government should operate.

Jim DeMint

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Jim DeMint: we need to get back to those first principles that made us great. and, clearly, what this administration is doing in this case an many others is way -- and many others is way outside the realm of what we should expect of a good an decent government and we're not getting it here. with that, madam president, i see that the other senator from south carolina is here and i'll

Jim DeMint

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Jim DeMint: yield to mr. graham: thank you. the presiding officer:

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