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John McCain

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John McCain: the presiding offic mr. mccain: mr. president, i rise to speak in support of resolution 159 honoring the members of the military and intelligence community who carried out the mission that killed osama bin laden. i'm as happy to rise today as at any time in the past ten years,

John McCain

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Speech By: John McCain

John McCain

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John McCain: and it's been for the last ten years that i have eagerly awaited the moment when my colleagues and i could take to this floor and celebrate the news we got this sunday, that we got osama bin laden. justice has been done, and the world has become a better place now that bin laden is no longer in it.

John McCain

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John McCain: this is a time for national unity and celebration. it's a time to finally close a painful chapter in the history of our nation even as our larger fight continues. and most of all, it's a time to give thanks and recognition to a distinguished group of our fellow citizens who will forever

John McCain

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John McCain: occupy an honored place in our history. i want to echo my colleagues in offering my humble thanks to the brave men who carried out this daring operation as well as to the men and women in uniform who enabled their success. i've been involved in national security my entire life, and i'm

John McCain

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John McCain: hard pressed to come up with another military operation that demonstrated sufficient sophistication, such professionalism, such precise and lethal effectiveness to accomplish such a momentous and consequential objective. i am truly in awe of what these

John McCain

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John McCain: young men have accomplished, and i thank god that our nation continues to produce heroic warriors such as them who are willing to give everything, to sacrifice everything, to devote their lives not to the quest of wealth or fame but to the service of a just and noble

John McCain

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John McCain: cause that's greater than their self interests. we do not yet know their names, but we honor their achievements and we celebrate their heroism. they have made history and earned their place in it. i want to offer the same praise for our intelligence professionals. it's a truism that intelligence

John McCain

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John McCain: fails in public and succeeds in private. so it's a great day indeed when we can celebrate such a public success of our intelligence professionals. there are men and women across our intelligence community who have devoted the past ten years and many more before that to finding bin laden.

John McCain

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John McCain: despite setbacks and sacrifice, despite the loss of leads and the death of friends; regardless of whether the trail was hot or cold, they woke up every day and carried on the fight. and tphoud we honor the -- and now we honor the fruits of their perseverance and sacrifice even as they themselves remain hard

John McCain

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John McCain: at work exploiting the new information we have recovered, analyzing the new data and setting up the next operation. i also want to offer my deepest congratulations and appreciation to the president and his national security team. i credit them with making the elimination of osama bin laden their top priority and for

John McCain

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John McCain: accomplishing it so unprecedently. regardless of the myriad groups and parties and factions into which we americans divide ourselves on a daily basis, the killing of osama bin laden is a national triumph, and all americans should feel proud and appreciative of the leadership shown by president obama and his

John McCain

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John McCain: team on this matter. i specifically want to credit the president with ordering an air-borne assault by ground forces rather than aerial bombardment. it would have been a lot easier to simply turn bin laden's compound into a smoldering crater, but it would have denied us the certainty we now have

John McCain

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John McCain: that bin laden is dead. it took real courage to assume the many risks associated with putting boots on the ground, and i strongly commend the president for it. i would be remiss if i did not also thank president bush and the many officials who labored with him for eight years to do what has now been done.

John McCain

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John McCain: i know that it is one of president bush's regrets that he could not eliminate bin laden his watch, but he and his team should take solace in the knowledge that they laid the foundation for sunday's operation, and they deserve credit for that. finally i want to say a word to the many american families for

John McCain

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John McCain: whom this celebration is a bitter sweet, because it recalls memories of the mothers and fathers, spouses and siblings, sons and daughters who were stolen from them and from us all not just in the september 11 attacks, but in the many acts of mass murder for which osama bin

John McCain

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John McCain: laden was guilty. no act of man can fill the aching emptiness of a loved one lost. for that there's only the grace of god. but it is my sincerest hope that the elimination of osama bin laden, this act of justice done, will help to ease the pain and

John McCain

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John McCain: bring closure to what has surely been a decade of torment as we were daily reminded that the world's most wanted terrorist was still free. i also want to credit the families of the victims of september 11, 2001. had it not been for their relentless efforts and advocacy,

John McCain

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John McCain: congress would not have established the 9/11 commission and adopted many of its important reforms of our national security establishment, reforms that no doubt were instrumental in facilitating the joint and collaborative operation to find and kill osama bin laden. i could not imagine a greater

John McCain

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John McCain: contribution that the 9/11 families could have made. of laden does not portend the elimination of al qaeda or the end of terrorist plots and attacks against our country. we must remain vigilant in our pursuit of every enemy who would do harm to us and our friends

John McCain

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John McCain: and allies. and we shall do so. but there is no denying that the death of osama bin laden will have a significant impact in this long war. it will enable us to focus more of our time and attention and resources on others who would do us harm and perhaps are more importantly, it will enable our

John McCain

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John McCain: country to look more fully forward, to focus more completely on supporting the peaceful democratic awakenings that are sweeping the middle east and north africa, which are the greatest repudiation of al qaeda that we ever could have imagined or hoped for. if there is any consolation in the fact that osama bin laden

John McCain

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John McCain: lived as long as he did, it is that he got to witness arabs and muslims by the tens of millions rising up to demand justice and dignity not through suicide bombings and mass murder, but through peaceful change, political freedom and economic

John McCain

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John McCain: opportunity, the very ideas that bin laden's perverse and murderous ideology seeks to destroy. that could be the truest death knell of al qaeda, and i for one am very happy that osama bin laden got to hear it just before

John McCain

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John McCain: a team of american heroes ended his wretched life. mr. presiden absence of a quorum. the presiding officer: the

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