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Senate Proceeding on May 4th, 2010 :: 2:10:45 to 2:16:00
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Barbara Boxer

2:10:36 to 2:10:57( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Boxer: respective caucus lunches. i'm waiting to hear from my republican friends and the unanimous consent reqst without them in the room. i congratulate her on it. the presiding officer: the senator from california is recognized. mrs. boxer: i want to thank my colleague. i want to say, the reason it's important to have a vote on this is because for days and days and

Barbara Boxer

2:10:45 to 2:16:00( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Barbara Boxer

Barbara Boxer

2:10:58 to 2:11:18( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Boxer: days, my friend, the senator from connecticut, my friend, the senator fro virginia, were down on this floor defending this bill and making it clear that there -- this would finally put an end to too big to fail. that, in fact, taxpayers are not going to be on the hook. we're going to wind these companies down and they're going to have to be gone.

Barbara Boxer

2:11:19 to 2:11:40( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Boxer: mine they're going to go to -- i mean, they're going to go to sleep. they're going to be gone. they're going to be liquidated and taxpayers are going to be made whole. this is clear. our colagues on the other side were all over national tell vision. i don't know how many times they said, this bill is ensuring that there's going to be more taxpayer bailouts. that's why i wrote this.

Barbara Boxer

2:11:41 to 2:12:01( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Boxer: and, y little odd that we're just waing and friends said they wand an amendment like this, why don't we get started? there are lots of amendments on both sides of the aisle. some of which will make this bill stronger. in my opinion some of whi will make this bill weaker, in my opinion. and we'll do what the senate

Barbara Boxer

2:12:02 to 2:12:22( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Boxer: does. debate these issues. i know my friend is waiting. but it just seems to me if we go back to this -- this crisis. and i'd ask to show those charts, we here day after day and waste ti i mean, these are some of the

Barbara Boxer

2:12:23 to 2:12:43( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Boxer: headlines we had "economy in cris." "what now?" this is what we saw. you know. weave another chart that brings this up.

Barbara Boxer

2:12:44 to 2:13:07( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Boxer: "u.s. consumer sentiment decreases to 28-year low." "jobs, wages, nowhere near rock bottom yet." what a mess. "wall street crash leaves new yorkers in the eye of the hurricane." this is just a smattering of these headlines. and we have some more to share.

Barbara Boxer

2:13:08 to 2:13:29( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Boxer: "where do we go from here? nightmare on wall street." mr. president, this is what country went through. i know we want to forget it. we never want to have it happen again. but we can't wish it away. "nightmare on wall street. where do we go from here?" today we're ready to answer the question.

Barbara Boxer

2:13:30 to 2:13:52( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Boxer: no more nightmares and no more taxpayer bailouts. and no more gambling. now, will this bill solve every single problem? no, there will be people who will thinking is else up. but here's the good news about this bill, it puts a cop on the beat and any of these new ideas that come to the floor, these new instruments, these new derivatives, all of this will

Barbara Boxer

2:13:53 to 2:14:13( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Boxer: finally be under the watchful eye of a consumer regulatory agency that only has one thing on its plate, protecting consumers from the kind of ripoffs and the gambling and the callous disregard for morality that we saw on wall s the so i say to my friends on the other side, let's go. let's do this.

Barbara Boxer

2:14:14 to 2:14:34( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Boxer: let's get let's have the senate work its will and let's be able to tell the pple of this country that in a biparsan fashion we took a stand against the nightmare on wall street and we basically said those days are gone and we'll get back to sensible rules of the road.

Barbara Boxer

2:14:35 to 2:14:57( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Boxer: you know, i would close with this, mr. president, a lot of us i think were interested in watching the a few minutes of the most exciting sport. and i thought to myself, as i watched, that there were rules of the road in this sport. now, it's all about gambling.

Barbara Boxer

2:14:58 to 2:15:18( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Boxer: people just out an out gamble. there's no hiding it. they go out a gamble. they put the dollars on the horse they choose. but you can't have a horse running that is -- has drugs -- has been drugged. you can't do that. you can't have a race who uses foul play to knock

Barbara Boxer

2:15:19 to 2:15:41( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Boxer: over another jockey o fashion that would disqualify him. so even horseracing that is out and out gambling. rules of the road. so it seems to me on wall street where you're dealing with the

Barbara Boxer

2:15:42 to 2:16:01( Edit History Discussion )

Barbara Boxer: life savings and the hopes and the dams of our people and of our businesses and of our children, that there need to be reasonable rules of the road and no more taxpayer bailouts, so let's get started and vote aye on the boxer amendment and let's make this bill an even better bill.

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