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Senate Proceeding on May 4th, 2011 :: 0:51:15 to 0:54:55
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Tom Harkin

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Tom Harkin: colleague from tennessee. i happen to have an answer to his question. yesterday, he's correct, we did propose a jobs plan, which is a series of commonsense proposals to get our economy back on track and to create jobs across our country. you will recall that a few years ago there was a stimulus effort here in the united states

Tom Harkin

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Speech By: Tom Harkin

Tom Harkin

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Tom Harkin: congress, the president' president's $800 billion plan was passed and the idea there was to get the economy back on track. there were estimates that this would have a big impact on job growth and, in fact, we dues our unemployment number -- reduce our unemployment number significantly and it didn't happen. and one reason is that it relied

Tom Harkin

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Tom Harkin: too much on government for jobs. government doesn't reate jobs. we need to make a different approach and that approach is to stimulate private-sector job growth through creating that pro-growth environment. the seven proposals that we announced yesterday, which are part of our jobs plan, include being sure that we to, indeed, deal with the deficit and the

Tom Harkin

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Tom Harkin: debt because that is a negative impact today on our economy. and, in fact, there are economic studies out there showing that our g.d.p. is much smaller than it worewise would be with you -- otherwise would be. economists across the spectrum agree that we can help stimulate economic growth by willing a tax

Tom Harkin

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Tom Harkin: code that makes more sense for job creation. regulation is a major issue we'll hear about today and make sure that we have regulatory relief, particularly for small businesses, that will not be able to create jobs because of the increases of costs coming from washington. a workforce more competive requires the federal government to do more -- a better job on workforce development. we heard about the need to

Tom Harkin

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Tom Harkin: expand exports. the president has talked about that. we are either to get the trade opening agreements here in congress so we can create hundreds of thousands of new jobs and create them immediately through expanding markets. we talked about energy yesterday. this is incredibly important. there are things we can do right now to get america less dependent upon foreign oil an

Tom Harkin

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Tom Harkin: using our own resources here in this country more effectively. and then in terms of the health care situation, we'll talk about this in a moment. every business person i talked to in ohio, and i've been to over 200 factory visits now in the last couple of years, tells me that the cost of health care going up, not down, making it harder to create jobs in ohio and across the country and so

Tom Harkin

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Tom Harkin: we're going to talk about the need to reduce health care costs. this is a commonsense seven-point plan to get the economy moving again, to create jobs much. it's incredibly important us to to get the unemployment numbers down, which is way too high, to make sure that american families have opportunities. it is also very important in terms of dealing with the debt and deficit because although we need to restrain spending and

Tom Harkin

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Tom Harkin: congress is beginning to take small steps in that regard, we also need to grow the economy. when you have 1.8% economic growth which we had in the last quarter which is anemic, which is weak, which none of us should be satisfied with, it is difficult to create the economic growth to deal with the huge overhang of deficits and debts. as the gentleman from tennessee said, we're honored to have some

Tom Harkin

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Tom Harkin: of our colleagues here with us today. we have senator john hoeven from north dakota, who has come on the floor to talk a little bit about these issues, also senator barrasso from wyoming is here, and senator cornyn has just joined us from texas. i would like to ask senator

Tom Harkin

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Tom Harkin: hoeven in a state where there is 3.5% unemployment and is producing domestic energy to help meet our needs and a big state for exports, if he would talk a little bit about his

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