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Senate Proceeding on May 4th, 2011 :: 1:17:25 to 1:22:00
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Lamar Alexander

1:17:14 to 1:17:34( Edit History Discussion )

Lamar Alexander: expanding america's economy with renewable and traditional sources of energy and getting health care costs down as dr. barrasso talked about that. if we do these things, we will create more hope and opportunity at a time when it is desperately needed. we should be able to do it because they're commonsense ideas. mr. alexander: i thank the senator from ohio. we have a vote at noon.

Lamar Alexander

1:17:25 to 1:22:00( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Lamar Alexander

Lamar Alexander

1:17:35 to 1:17:55( Edit History Discussion )

Lamar Alexander: there are a number of senators who wish to speak. i'm going to take about five minutes. i suspect that senator cornyn wants to speak. i know that senator grassley wants to speak. i see senator reid. mr. president, the senate is a body of precedent. one important precedent is that never in the senate history is the president's district court nomination reported by the

Lamar Alexander

1:17:56 to 1:18:16( Edit History Discussion )

Lamar Alexander: judiciary committee been defeated because of a filibuster. that is, because of a cloture vote. once a nominee for federal district judge has gotten to the floor, the majority of senators have made the decision in an up and down vote. therefore i will vote for cloture in order to allow an up or down vote on the president's nomination of john mcconnell

Lamar Alexander

1:18:17 to 1:18:38( Edit History Discussion )

Lamar Alexander: and then i'll vote no on confirmation because i believe he's a flawed nominee. i know that most of my republican colleagues are going to register they're opposition to mr. mcconnell because they deny an up or down vote. i respect their decision. i was outraged in 2003 when democrat senators filibustered president bush's circuit court

Lamar Alexander

1:18:39 to 1:18:59( Edit History Discussion )

Lamar Alexander: nominees because they disagreed with their philosophies. i made my first speeches on the floor of the senate arguing against such a chinning in precedent. on february 27, 2003 i said woat when it comes time to float. when we finish the whole examination i'll vote to let the majority decide. ry will not vote to deny a

Lamar Alexander

1:19:00 to 1:19:20( Edit History Discussion )

Lamar Alexander: democratic president's judicial nominee just because the nominee may have views more liberal than mine. that's the way judges are always been selected. that is the way they should be selected. that's what i said in 2003. in 2005 republicans grew so upset with the democrats' continued filibustering of president bush's circuit judge nominees that the republican

Lamar Alexander

1:19:21 to 1:19:41( Edit History Discussion )

Lamar Alexander: majority leader threatened to eliminate the right to filibuster in connection with judicial nominations. that proposal was called the nuclear option because it was said that if republicans succeeded in abolishing the filibuster their actions would blow the place up. i suggested in two senate speeches that a small group of senators equally divided by

Lamar Alexander

1:19:42 to 1:20:03( Edit History Discussion )

Lamar Alexander: party agree to oppose the filibustering of judges much the result of those remarks was the creation of the gang of 14. the gang of 14 senators who preserved the tradition of up or down votes by agreeing to use the filibuster only in extraordinary cases. i amend my own views for supreme court and circuit court judges.

Lamar Alexander

1:20:04 to 1:20:24( Edit History Discussion )

Lamar Alexander: it is true that the gang of 14 agreement didn't explicitly distinguish circuit and district judges, but the debate was only about supreme court an circuit judges. and the senate has always thought of district judges differently. district judges are trial judges. circuit judges also must follow precedent but have broader discretion in interpreting and

Lamar Alexander

1:20:25 to 1:20:45( Edit History Discussion )

Lamar Alexander: implying the law. circuit judges' jurisdictions are broader. their attitudes an philosophies are much more consequential. that's why the senate has never allowed a federal district court nomination to fail by denying cloture. according to the congressional research service in the history of the senate -- the presiding officer: the senator's time has expired.

Lamar Alexander

1:20:46 to 1:21:07( Edit History Discussion )

Lamar Alexander: mr. alexander: i ask for an additional minute. the presiding officer: is there objection? without objection. mr. alexander: congress the research -- congressional research service only three clotures have been filed on district judge nominations in each case the nomination was eventually confirmed. i wish that president obama had nominated someone other than mr. mcconnell.

Lamar Alexander

1:21:08 to 1:21:29( Edit History Discussion )

Lamar Alexander: during his confirmation hearings questions arose about a possible role in stolen corporate documents and other questions. it was even said that he's the only district judge to be opposed by the u.s. chamber of commerce in its 99-year history. the senate has more than a 200-year history and that history is not to use a filibuster to defeat a district judge nomination.

Lamar Alexander

1:21:30 to 1:21:50( Edit History Discussion )

Lamar Alexander: i'm comfortable with the gang of 14 precedent in cases of circuit court judges and supreme court justices. i will continue to -- i also understand the strategy if they did it to us, so we'll do it to them. unfortunately that strategy i'm afraid will lead us to a new and bad precedent one which will weaken the senate as an

Lamar Alexander

1:21:51 to 1:22:00( Edit History Discussion )

Lamar Alexander: institution and come back one day to bite those who establish it. i thank the president and yield the floor. mr. cornyn: madam president? madam president? mr. schumer: madam president? the presiding officer: the

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