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Senate Proceeding on May 6th, 2008 :: 3:15:41 to 3:21:02
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Thad Cochran

3:15:41 to 3:15:54( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: in a clinical trial. something that we shouldn't have toll the insurance companies to do. when they drop coverage for people signed up for a clinical trial, it's what we have to do. these are costs that,

Thad Cochran

3:15:41 to 3:21:02( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Thad Cochran

Thad Cochran

3:15:54 to 3:16:08( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: as i said, would normally be covered if a cancer patient were not par taste patrioting in a clinical trial. the legislation is specific in the definition of routine care costs. the bill ensure that's

Thad Cochran

3:16:08 to 3:16:21( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: cancer patients and their caregivers can use valuable time together to fight the disease instead of the red tape of insurance companies in order to fight cancer and make progress, we need to further scientific

Thad Cochran

3:16:21 to 3:16:39( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: advancement, not have further barriers for patients who want to participate in lifesaving research. i'm grateful to merrill fans worth for sharing his -- france worth for sharing his -- fansworth

Thad Cochran

3:16:39 to 3:16:50( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: for sharing his his story with us. i'm grateful to nurses who practice clinical research and do their clinical care and practice their research for these patients in these clinical trial i'm grateful

Thad Cochran

3:16:50 to 3:16:57( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: to cheryl and craig for sharing their story their two children joined us yesterday in bringing this issue to my attention. cheryl was already very sick when she visited washington, d.c., and i imagine

Thad Cochran

3:16:57 to 3:17:17( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: it was very -- it wasn't easy for her to be traveling, but she did. she saw how important this issue is. i will keep the freemans in mind as i advocate to get the bill passed. i will work hard on this

Thad Cochran

3:17:17 to 3:17:30( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: legislation to make sure into one has to go through the kind of experience that the freemans had and the kind of experience that mr. farnsworth had. too many many americans are force fietd their

Thad Cochran

3:17:30 to 3:17:44( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: insurance companies in the late stages of their disease. that's got to stop and that's why this legislation is so very, very important. mr. president, i yield the floor. the presiding officer: the clerk

Thad Cochran

3:17:44 to 3:18:15( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: will call the roll. qierm: quorum call: a senator: mr. president? mr. president, i ask unanimous consent that the order for the quorum be rescinded. the presiding officer: without objection. a senator:

Thad Cochran

3:18:15 to 3:18:29( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: mr. president, two weeks ago i came to the senate floor to express my concern that congress had yet to act on the president's fiscal year 2008 request for supplemental funding to support our troops

Thad Cochran

3:18:29 to 3:18:42( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: and our efforts in iraq and afghanistan. . mr. cochran: at that time i expressed my displeasure with the joort majority's -- in writing the supplemental bill. two weeks later little appears to

Thad Cochran

3:18:42 to 3:18:56( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: have changed. little has changed except that we are two weeks deep near the fiscal year and -- deeper in the fiscal year and two weeks closer to the date when the accounts that support our armed forces

Thad Cochran

3:18:56 to 3:19:09( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: and diplomatic corps begin to run dry. the majority leader is apparently sanguine about the status of the supplemental because last thursday he said, and i -- quote -- "i think we'll do our best to finish

Thad Cochran

3:19:09 to 3:19:22( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: this before the memorial day break. but if we don't, it's no big deal. there's money there." end of quote. the leader then went on to say and i -- quote -- "i don't know why there is a rush to judgment.

Thad Cochran

3:19:22 to 3:19:35( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: this is moving along quite rapidly. we're not behind schedule. everything is fine." end of quote. mr. president, exactly what is moving along quite rapidly? no markup of the supplemental has been officially

Thad Cochran

3:19:35 to 3:19:48( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: scheduled in either the house or the senate. there are continued reports of imminent action in the other body, but no bill has been introduced. no bill or report has been circulated to senate committee

Thad Cochran

3:19:48 to 3:20:19( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: members in anticipation of a markup. there's nothing for members to look at. nothing for members to consider or to draft amendments to. a week ago the republican members of the appropriations committee

Thad Cochran

3:20:19 to 3:20:33( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: here in the senate wrote to chairman byrd to express our concern about the committee being by-passed entirely. i'm pleased that the chairman concurred in the sentiments expressed in that letter and

Thad Cochran

3:20:33 to 3:21:02( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: has stated his intention to hold a committee markup this week. i'm certain that has been his preference all along. in my memory, i can't think of any instance where the committee did not mark up

Kay Hutchison

3:21:02 to 3:21:23( Edit History Discussion )

Kay Hutchison: a supplemental such as this. i think the chairman has been fighting valiantly to maintain some semblance of regular order. but it apparent that he is meeting resistance from the joint leadership. that's

Kay Hutchison

3:21:02 to 3:38:31( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Kay Hutchison

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