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Senate Proceeding on May 6th, 2008 :: 6:59:27 to 7:04:40
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Roger F. Wicker

6:44:20 to 6:59:27( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Roger F. Wicker

Roger F. Wicker

6:59:06 to 6:59:27( Edit History Discussion )

Roger F. Wicker: senator: madam president? would the senator withhold his suggestion? mr. wicker: i'd be delighted to withhold. mr. cochran: madam president? the presiding officer: the senator -- yes. mr. cochran: madam president,

Thad Cochran

6:59:27 to 6:59:44( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: i'm pleased to support the amendment offered by my colleague from miss miss. senator wicker's amendment will benefit not only constituents in mississippi, but anyone who lives in the path of future hurricanes.|

Thad Cochran

6:59:27 to 7:04:40( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Thad Cochran

Thad Cochran

6:59:44 to 6:59:59( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: 2 1/2 years ago the most devastating natural disaster in the history of our country, hurricane katrina, made landfall on the mississippi, louisiana, and alabama coast. the devastation that was caused was

Thad Cochran

6:59:59 to 7:00:14( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: indescriable. the people of our state have made significant and impressive progress toward recovery that since that fateful day, august 29, 2005. but there's still much work to be done. there are

Thad Cochran

7:00:14 to 7:00:25( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: far too many vacant lots and empty slabs that remain along the gulf coast for our recovery to be considered complete. mississippians are appreciative of the assistance that the federal government has

Thad Cochran

7:00:25 to 7:00:42( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: provided aid in their recovery from hurricane katrina. however, a significant additional opportunity to assist in that recovery will have been lost if the issue of affordable a wind insurance

Thad Cochran

7:00:42 to 7:00:58( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: is not addressed. one of the most significant impediments of the recovery of the mississippi gulf coast is the availablity of affordable homeowner's insurance. there are many coastal residents who simply

Thad Cochran

7:00:58 to 7:01:12( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: cannot afford to insure their homes. homes cannot be rebuilt until they secure insurance. one of the most expensive components of these homeowner's insurance premiums is coverage for damage caused by

Thad Cochran

7:01:12 to 7:01:31( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: wind. d. most coastal mississippians are currently being forced to buy their wind coverage from the state-run wind pool. this wind pool is necessary because the private insurance industry has largely

Thad Cochran

7:01:31 to 7:01:44( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: discontinued selling wind policies in these coastal communities. so a program that was designed as an insurer of last resort has become the only available option. those who are able to buy coverage

Thad Cochran

7:01:44 to 7:02:00( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: from state wind pool have found their premiums increase dramatically over the last two years. unfortunately this is a short-sighted solution. there is simply too much risk in too small of a pool concentrated

Thad Cochran

7:02:00 to 7:02:12( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: into a small geographical area. this isn't a problem that is unique to mississippi. most state wind pools face the same problem of not being able to spread the risk wide enough to avoid an overwhelming

Thad Cochran

7:02:12 to 7:02:28( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: loss in the event of a significant hurricane. i want to be clear. this is not just an amendment for those who were impacted by hurricane katrina. this amendment would benefit millions of americans who

Thad Cochran

7:02:28 to 7:02:44( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: live on our vast coastlines and face the potential of a future catastrophic hurricane. this amendment would allow homeowners to buy insurance and know in advance after storm that they will be covered without

Thad Cochran

7:02:44 to 7:03:06( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: a prolonged dispute over whether the damage was caused by wind or water. this wind coverage would be available only where local governments enforce strict building standards to minimize future loss. the premiums

Thad Cochran

7:03:06 to 7:03:21( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: for this coverage would be sound and not expose the federal government to have undo financial risks. i urge a vote in support of the amendment. if private insurers or the state-run wind pools could adequately

Thad Cochran

7:03:21 to 7:03:34( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: address this problem, then i would not as vigorously advocate the federal government expanding its role in the business of insurance. but senator wicker's amendment provides the best available solution

Thad Cochran

7:03:34 to 7:04:00( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: for this very serious problem. as the 2008 hurricane season approaches, i believe that we should not miss this opportunity to address this growing problem. the wicker amendment provides us with the best

Thad Cochran

7:04:00 to 7:04:40( Edit History Discussion )

Thad Cochran: opportunity to make certain that affordable wind insurance is available for those living near our coastlines. i yield the floor. madam president, i suggest the absence of a quorum. the presiding officer: the clerk

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