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Senate Proceeding 05-07-09 on May 7th, 2009 :: 2:33:40 to 2:38:40
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Saxby Chambliss

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Saxby Chambliss: senator from isakson, and our two south carolina colleagues, senator graham to watch the department of energy employees there carry out their mission. this site has been safely operating since the 1950's refining materials for nuclear weapons. in more than half a decade -- excuse me.

Saxby Chambliss

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Speech By: Saxby Chambliss

Saxby Chambliss

2:34:05 to 2:34:25( Edit History Discussion )

Saxby Chambliss: in more than a half there has not been a single nuclear incident at the savannah river site proving that it's possible to safely operate and maintain our nuclear facilities. but in the past decade the place that has helped bolster america's standing in the atomic age and has been a watch and

Saxby Chambliss

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Saxby Chambliss: ward for american nuclear might has also forces for peaceful purposes to bring light an heat into american homes. -- and heat into the american homes. the savannah river site has led the way in disposing of nuclear material. for more than six years the facility has blended weapons

Saxby Chambliss

2:34:48 to 2:35:09( Edit History Discussion )

Saxby Chambliss: grade highly enriched uranium to use low enriched uranium that is reactor fuel. it expanded its mission to have excess weapons grade plutonium from decommissioned nuclear weapons and will become a consolidation point for all weapons-grade plutoni in the united states.

Saxby Chambliss

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Saxby Chambliss: this will develop i for commercial power reactors. materials that once tipped our arsenal of nuclear warheads are now being used to provide the lighty which georgians eat dinner, do their homework, and the power by which they heat their homes in winter and cool

Saxby Chambliss

2:35:33 to 2:35:53( Edit History Discussion )

Saxby Chambliss: them in in our hot summers. one-fifths of the georgia generating power -- energy comes from nuclear power. it provides some of the lowest cost of electricity in our state. the power they generate is safe an reliable and most significant in the national debate on climate change, emissions free

Saxby Chambliss

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Saxby Chambliss: and environmentally responsible. despite those clear advantages in america at-large, nuclear power produces some 20% of the nation's energy. compare that to france where the nuclear power sources provide nearly 80% of that country's power. intriguingly in terms of national security, the

Saxby Chambliss

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Saxby Chambliss: river site is playing a role in america's nuclear nonproliferation the nuclear power generated from producing our nuclear stockpile at the savannah river site is coming full circle. in its con to nuclear fuel is helping america's dependence on energy sources often from countries that don't like us and

Saxby Chambliss

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Saxby Chambliss: don't have our best interest at heart. additionally the work conducted at savannah river site helps maintain america's technical and scientific nuclear base preserving the expertise to expand commercial nuclear energy as well as the expertise to modernize our existing nuclear weapons arsenal.

Saxby Chambliss

2:37:02 to 2:37:23( Edit History Discussion )

Saxby Chambliss: i was i and expertise of savannah river employees. i met -- who are some of the leading nuclear experts in the world. however, they are an endangered breed, and will continue to be unless america commits to expandeduclear energy and research and development. we know that america's energy consumption will increase.

Saxby Chambliss

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Saxby Chambliss: we know that the increased demand will drive the need for more base-load capacity. demographers predict that 40% of the u.s. population will live in the southeast. georgia is slated to have four million new residents during that time frame. if we're to meet the growing

Saxby Chambliss

2:37:46 to 2:38:09( Edit History Discussion )

Saxby Chambliss: energy need of georgia and of our nation in keeping with america's national security interests, the ingenuity of employees at the savannah river site and other such facilities are key t i applaud their great work and i look forward to many more years of expansion of the technology that is being developed to

Saxby Chambliss

2:38:10 to 2:38:31( Edit History Discussion )

Saxby Chambliss: dispose of our nuclear waste as waste an reuse that waste -- and reuse our waste. with, that madam president, i would yield the suggest the absence of a quorum. the presiding officer: the clerk

Saxby Chambliss

2:38:32 to 2:38:37( Edit History Discussion )

Saxby Chambliss: will call the roll.

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