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Senate Proceeding on May 10th, 2011 :: 0:25:45 to 0:32:45
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Charles Schumer

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Charles Schumer: senator from new york. mr. schumer: thank you, madam president. first i want to commend my colleague and friend from illinois for his outstanding remarks on both subjects, the deficit and on immigration. i'm here to talk about the deficit, but i will just touch on immigration. people are saying well, why is the president going to el paso when we haven't made enough

Charles Schumer

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Speech By: Charles Schumer

Charles Schumer

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Charles Schumer: progress on immigration? they bring up a point. the president's point is the right one. he is bringing the message to the country on why we need real immigration reform. i think there's one thing 100 members of this chamber would agree on -- our present immigration system is broken, badly broken.

Charles Schumer

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Charles Schumer: we turn away lots of people who should be here. we also don't have a rational system for who should come here. and america is the lesser for it. as the senator from illinois pointed out, immigration is part of our proud, proud heritage, and immigrants help america. one of the reasons we are doing

Charles Schumer

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Charles Schumer: a lot better than europe is we have welcomed new people into this country and we integrate them and say quick as you can, become americans, because we all came from somewhere else originally. now, i am still very hopeful that as the president sets the table and lets america know how important this is, that we can get bipartisan immigration

Charles Schumer

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Charles Schumer: reform done in this chamber and on the floor of the senate and even over to the house. it's hard, no question, but i believe that first to get comprehensive reform, we need bipartisan support. that's obvious. but second, that there is enough need -- people see enough need to do it that we can actually

Charles Schumer

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Charles Schumer: get it done, particularly if the president goes around the country, as he is beginning to do today in el paso and as he has done in the past and talks about the need for immigration reform, setting the table so that we can actually get something real done. now, let me speak to the issue i

Charles Schumer

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Charles Schumer: came here to speak about, which is the deficit. speaker boehner was in my hometown of new york city last night, and he talked about how important it is to get a handle on this deficit, and on that issue, my colleagues on this side of the aisle and i certainly have no problem. neither does president obama.

Charles Schumer

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Charles Schumer: the president has proposed proposed $4 trillion in cuts. a huge amount of cutting. $4 trillion to close the deficit, both on the spending side and the tax side. so anyone who thinks that, you know, one side wants to cut the deficit and the other doesn't just hasn't looked at the facts,

Charles Schumer

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Charles Schumer: but obviously we have to come together. if each side sticks to its own position, nothing will happen, and there should be one obvious place where speaker boehner and his colleagues can show some goodwill, and that is on the subsidies to big oil. no one can defend them, no one.

Charles Schumer

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Charles Schumer: oil companies are making record profits, gas prices are at an all-time or close to an all-time high, and we, the taxpayers, are continuing to subsidize the five big oil companies. you couldn't write a more ridiculous scenario. and senator mendez, along with

Charles Schumer

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Charles Schumer: senator brown, senator mccaskill, later today will introduce legislation that our side agrees with which will say take all that money and put it to deficit reduction. there are some who would have preferred to put the money into

Charles Schumer

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Charles Schumer: encouraging independence from particularly foreign oil, but because the deficit is such a huge problem, because we might have a dispute with our friends on the other side of the aisle as to where the money ought to go, everyone can agree it would be worthwhile to take a little bit of the burden off the taxpayers, have the oil companies pay their fair share,

Charles Schumer

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Charles Schumer: and stop these ridiculous tax breaks and subsidies to big oil, to the five big oil companies. and so i would ask speaker boehner to show some good faith. some on his side of the aisle have said these subsidies don't belong. they were created when oil

Charles Schumer

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Charles Schumer: was $17 when we worried about production here. oil went over $100 a barrel again yesterday. the oil -- you don't have to worry about their desire to explore. they're looking for every place they can. they don't need a tax subsidy to do it and some might argue well, what about the small and middle-sized companies?

Charles Schumer

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Charles Schumer: well, many of us believe they too shouldn't get the tax breaks much but this bill that senator menendez will be introducing shortly doesn't even touch them. just the five big oil companies much just the tax breaks that they now get. why not? a perfect way to start off this debate and show some goodwill,

Charles Schumer

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Charles Schumer: democrats have agreed to cuts, lots of cuts. people on the other side of the aisle can show some agreement on revenues. this area of revenues, which almost nobody can dispute, shouldn't be there. and so the time to repeal these giveaways is now.

Charles Schumer

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Charles Schumer: we would most prefer do it in a bipartisan way. speaker boehner, those on his side of the aisle, can show some good faith that they're not just dug in and saying, only my way. because only my way will lead to the kind of scenario that many tremble at, which is the debt

Charles Schumer

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Charles Schumer: ceiling not being approve. we on this side of the aisle don't believe that should happen. many on the other side of the aisle have said they don't. the first good step that can be taken to show a little give on the other side is eliminated big tax subsidies to big oil. i urge colleagues to support .

Charles Schumer

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Charles Schumer: it i urge speaker boehner to pivot on his speech from yesterday and support this proposal and it would create a great deal of goodwill and put us in a direction of reducing the deficit that we all so much want to i yield the floor and note the absence of a quorum. the presiding officer: the cher will call the roll.

Charles Schumer

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Charles Schumer: -- the clerk will call the roll.

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