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Senate Proceeding 05-13-08 on May 13th, 2008 :: 3:20:25 to 3:24:13
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Edward Kennedy

3:20:12 to 3:20:25( Edit History Discussion )

Edward Kennedy: just withhold that request for just a few more minutes before making it? mr. corker: yes, sir. mr. kennedy: if that's okay with the senator? mr. corker: yes. mr. kennedy: i'm sure we're going to proceed to

Bob Corker

3:20:25 to 3:20:36( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Corker: it, but there's just something that i want to check out. if that's agreeable. mr. corker: what i'll do is continue with the subject matter and then hopefully send an amendment to the desk -- mr. kennedy:

Bob Corker

3:20:25 to 3:24:13( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Bob Corker

Bob Corker

3:20:36 to 3:20:47( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Corker: please. i would appreciate that that. mr. corker: with the approval of the senior senator from massachusetts, at the appropriate time, mr. president, i would like to send to the desk an amendment to

Bob Corker

3:20:47 to 3:21:06( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Corker: the pending legislation that we're discuss discussing. it would be amendment number 47 4715. and what this amendment would do in the spirit actually of what our distinguished senator from massachusetts

Bob Corker

3:21:06 to 3:21:20( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Corker: just said, talking about giving states the ability to really do what they wish after this legislation passes. and in that same spirit what this amendment would do is actually give each state, give each

Bob Corker

3:21:20 to 3:21:29( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Corker: state or political sub subdivision the ability within one year of enactfment of this legislation, should it pass, to be able to override that and not have this legislation apply to their state or to their

Bob Corker

3:21:29 to 3:21:44( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Corker: political subdivision. i think that's very much actual actually in keeping with many of the statements that the senator senator from massachusetts just made. and so i hope this amendment passes.

Bob Corker

3:21:44 to 3:21:55( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Corker: let me say in giving ag backlog -- a background o this that i was a mayor of a city, and it is a job that i don't think i'll ever have a job that i love more than being the mayor of a city, working

Bob Corker

3:21:55 to 3:22:11( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Corker: with citizens right there with problems that they have to deal with. nor do i think there'll ever be a group of people that i respect more than the firefighters and the mism our police departments that

Bob Corker

3:22:11 to 3:22:22( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Corker: serve us so well. like many people here, i have attended dpiewn rails funerals of policemen who've lost their life in the line of duty. i have attended retirements and other meaningful events

Bob Corker

3:22:22 to 3:22:38( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Corker: for firefighters who've spent their entire life giving public ub service to our city. and so i want to say that i don't think there's anybodyer in this body that respects what firefighters and policemen

Bob Corker

3:22:38 to 3:22:49( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Corker: and women do in their line of duty to protect each of us and deal with us. but i've'v also had to deal with those issues at the local level where you balance a budget. the same thing at the state level,

Bob Corker

3:22:49 to 3:23:02( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Corker: something that we here in in the washington don't have to do. we don't have the local con coninstructs that local municipality ies and states have. they actually have to deliver. and i find it almost

Bob Corker

3:23:02 to 3:23:17( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Corker: very eye ron ironicactually that here in -- very ironic actually that we're going to mandate to the states, mandate to the cities all across america how they shouldy go about dictate ing labor

Bob Corker

3:23:17 to 3:23:31( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Corker: agreements in their own cities and states. i think that thii s is a tremendous overreach by those of us at the federal level. i've yet to hear a good policy reason for this to be in place. states

Bob Corker

3:23:31 to 3:23:42( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Corker: and cities throughout our country, should they decide to incorporate collective bargaining in the area of public service, can do that if they wish. andan i think that this legislation certainly deserves

Bob Corker

3:23:42 to 3:23:55( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Corker: deserves defeat in its present mode. i hope that this amendment, as it will be presented tomorrow, can be accepted and at least calls this legislation to give t back to states and cities the right

Bob Corker

3:23:55 to 3:24:13( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Corker: to determine their own destiny, as it relates to negotiating with people who work in the fire fighting and police departments all across our country. and with that, i'd like to have unanimous consent

Edward Kennedy

3:24:13 to 3:24:25( Edit History Discussion )

Edward Kennedy: again if possible to send this amendment to the desk. the pres iding officer: is there objection? mr. kennedy: no objection. the presiding officer: without objection, the clerk will report report. the clerk:

Edward Kennedy

3:24:13 to 3:28:37( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Edward Kennedy

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