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Senate Proceeding on May 16th, 2011 :: 1:17:15 to 1:22:05
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John Boozman

1:17:15 to 1:17:36( Edit History Discussion )

John Boozman: york's times square, and in front of the white house to celebrate the news. mr. boozman: for more than a decade, bin laden had been on the f.b.i.'s top 10 most-wanted list, and the announcement that our military conducted successful operation in pakistan filled us with a national pride. after nearly 3,000 americans

John Boozman

1:17:15 to 1:22:05( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: John Boozman

John Boozman

1:17:37 to 1:17:57( Edit History Discussion )

John Boozman: died in the september 11 attacks, bin laden, the plot's mastermind, was named public enemy number 1. the years following that troj i can day, he -- tragic day, he alluded capture. justice finally caught up with him, and as a result of years of hard work and dedication from the brave men and women in our military and intelligence community, the death of osama

John Boozman

1:17:58 to 1:18:21( Edit History Discussion )

John Boozman: bin laden allows us to close the chapter of the global war on terror. but it does not mean the end of the threat from al qaeda or their like-minded organizations. we must remain vigilant, both at home and abroad, in the fight against terrorism. the fact is, terrorism is not

John Boozman

1:18:22 to 1:18:44( Edit History Discussion )

John Boozman: major threat to our sovereignty. there is one that is much closer to home, born and bread in this town, i'm speaking about washington's addiction to spending. in testimony before congress, joint chiefs of staff admiral mike mullen said the greatest threat to our sovereignty is not iran, not al qaeda, not radical islam but it's our national debt. most people don't think of

John Boozman

1:18:45 to 1:19:06( Edit History Discussion )

John Boozman: spending in terms of a threat to our sovereignty and those who do are rarely so blunt. but admiral mullen is right, we simply cannot continue to operate at this face. this year alone, the federal government will spend $3.7 trillion while only collecting $2.2 trillion. does this sound like responsible

John Boozman

1:19:07 to 1:19:28( Edit History Discussion )

John Boozman: budgeting to anyone? the average american family doesn't have this luxury. if you or i tried to run our household in this manner, the bank would eventually cut us off. it's time we apply the lesson to washington. it's time we cut the government off. this is long overdue. our national debt stands at a

John Boozman

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John Boozman: jaw-dropping $14.3 trillion. foreign holdings account for almost half of these obligations, and much of that is owed to countries that are not always friendly to us. this is the very reason that admiral mullen sounded the alarm on what a big security threat our debt has become. being indebted to countries with ideals, value systems and

John Boozman

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John Boozman: agendas that are often at odds with ours puts us in a very p situation. for example, china owns $1.2 trillion of our debt. the chinese government contends that it won't use this liability for political advantage, but this is the same government that also claims that there are no

John Boozman

1:20:13 to 1:20:35( Edit History Discussion )

John Boozman: human rights violations in that country. clearly, the chinese government's word is not a promise that we should bank on. along with the chinese, a portion of the list of foreign creditors reads like a who's who of take early to regimes -- dictatoria will regimes, iran,

John Boozman

1:20:36 to 1:20:58( Edit History Discussion )

John Boozman: libya, make up the rogue gallery of nations that own some of our debt. these dictatorships along with other i will exporting nations, such as saudi arabia, whose role in spreading radical islam is well documented, come in at number four on the list of foreign creditors. we are currently engaged in an operation with our nato allies against qadhafi's regime yet

John Boozman

1:20:59 to 1:21:21( Edit History Discussion )

John Boozman: rely on it in part, no matter how small the part, to keep our government operational. this is the problem with our reckless spending. we cannot put ourselves at the mercy of foreign governments. it is irresponsible and dangerous. we must act now to get our spending under control and pay down our debt. mr. president, we cannot run a

John Boozman

1:21:22 to 1:21:42( Edit History Discussion )

John Boozman: country on a visa card, nor can we keep kicking the can down the road for future generations to address. our debt is a national security problem and this is one that our brave men and women in uniform cannot save us from. it is up to us to make the tough decisions to get our economic

John Boozman

1:21:43 to 1:22:04( Edit History Discussion )

John Boozman: house in order and the time is now to act. mr. president, i suggest the absence of a quorum and yield the floor. the presiding officer: the clerk will call the roll.

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