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Senate Proceeding on May 17th, 2011 :: 1:30:50 to 1:40:10
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Chuck Grassley

1:30:43 to 1:31:05( Edit History Discussion )

Chuck Grassley: will call the roll. the presiding officer: the senator from mr. grassley: i ask that the calling of the quorum be suspended. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. grassley: i come to the floor to address for my colleagues and the public at large the issue of the nomination of susan

Chuck Grassley

1:30:50 to 1:40:10( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Chuck Grassley

Chuck Grassley

1:31:06 to 1:31:26( Edit History Discussion )

Chuck Grassley: nominated for the second circuit and we'll soon be voting on that. today's vote marks the 24th judicial confirmation this year and the 16th for a seat designated as a judicial emergency. this also marks the fourth

Chuck Grassley

1:31:27 to 1:31:47( Edit History Discussion )

Chuck Grassley: vacancy to the second circuit that has been filled by an obama nominee. over the past two weeks, nominations-related work has taken up the vast majority of the senate's time. in fact, after today, we will have confirmed seven judges in

Chuck Grassley

1:31:48 to 1:32:08( Edit History Discussion )

Chuck Grassley: just nine days. last week alone, we had a cloture vote on the nominee to be deputy attorney general, debate and votes on three district court nominees and two judicial committee -- judiciary committee markups. this year, the compete has

Chuck Grassley

1:32:09 to 1:32:29( Edit History Discussion )

Chuck Grassley: reported -- the committee has reported 51% of president obama's nominees, yet it seems that the more we work with the majority on filling vacancies, the march complaints that we hear. furthermore, as we work together to confirm consensus nominees, we're met with the majority's insistence that we turn to

Chuck Grassley

1:32:30 to 1:32:52( Edit History Discussion )

Chuck Grassley: controversial nominees. so i want to address some of the complaints that we have heard. i think about the american conservative society log or some of my colleagues in the senate here who say that we're not moving fast enough on president obama's nominees, and i want to

Chuck Grassley

1:32:53 to 1:33:17( Edit History Discussion )

Chuck Grassley: point out to them that that's yect -- intellectually dishonest. they may be ignore about some of the statistics that involve the nominees we have approved so far versus what has been done in other administrations, but i want to show that it's an outright flat lie that we're not

Chuck Grassley

1:33:18 to 1:33:38( Edit History Discussion )

Chuck Grassley: processing nominees fast enough. given the pace of activity in our committee and on the floor, there's just no credibility to the arguments that we're not moving fast enough. last week, it was stated that the senate is well hyped on president obama's nominations. so i would provide perspective perspective -- well behind on president obama's nominations.

Chuck Grassley

1:33:39 to 1:33:59( Edit History Discussion )

Chuck Grassley: so i would provide perspective on that assertion. for comparable time periods, we have processed and confirmed a greater percentage of president obama's nominees. when we get done with the vote that we're going to take in about 30 minutes, we will have confirmed 33% of president

Chuck Grassley

1:34:00 to 1:34:22( Edit History Discussion )

Chuck Grassley: obama's nominees nominated this year. that compares to only 28% of president bush's nominees confirmed in a comparable time period. furthermore, president obama's nominees are moving much faster through the committee process. president obama's circuit court

Chuck Grassley

1:34:23 to 1:34:43( Edit History Discussion )

Chuck Grassley: nominees have waited only on average 72 days from nomination to hearing. president bush has had to wait on average 275 days during his first term. for his entire presidency, that averaged almost 247 days.

Chuck Grassley

1:34:44 to 1:35:05( Edit History Discussion )

Chuck Grassley: president obama's district court nominees are only -- are also fairing better, waiting on average only 70 days for their hearing. president bush's district court nominees had an average wait of closer to 100 days, and that was during his first term, and an average of 120 days throughout

Chuck Grassley

1:35:06 to 1:35:26( Edit History Discussion )

Chuck Grassley: his entire presidency. these statistics and our continued action moving on consensus nominees refutes the argument made by those who continue to falsely claim that there is a systemic delay and partisan obstruction of judicial nominees by republicans in the

Chuck Grassley

1:35:27 to 1:35:51( Edit History Discussion )

Chuck Grassley: senate. and so i want those people and those organizations and their blogs that are making these dishonest comments about how slow we move to put those statistics that i just gave in their pipe and smoke it.

Chuck Grassley

1:35:52 to 1:36:12( Edit History Discussion )

Chuck Grassley: my concern, today we're going to vote on the nomination of susan carney. this will be for the u.s. circuit judge for the second circuit. ms. carney received her a.b. cum laude from harvard university in 1973 and her juries doctorate magna cum laude from harvard law

Chuck Grassley

1:36:13 to 1:36:35( Edit History Discussion )

Chuck Grassley: school in 1977. upon graduation from law school, she clerked for judge campbell on the first circuit and then entered private practice. after eight years of private practice, ms. carney was self-employed for the next six years, engaged in contract legal work and doing consulting. in 1994, the nominee returned to

Chuck Grassley

1:36:36 to 1:36:56( Edit History Discussion )

Chuck Grassley: legal practice as counsel to bretthoff and kaiser here in washington, d.c. in 1996, she moved to the peace corps where she served as associate general counsel for two years. in 1998, she joined the general counsel's office at yale university where she has been the deputy general counsel for the past nine years.

Chuck Grassley

1:36:57 to 1:37:19( Edit History Discussion )

Chuck Grassley: my concern with ms. carney's nomination is her lack of experience. she has judicial experience and has limited litigation experience. ms. carney has never authored any scholarly legal work of note, and much of her work product provided to the committee consists of presentations about various legal issues faced by research universities. her qualification for the court

Chuck Grassley

1:37:20 to 1:37:42( Edit History Discussion )

Chuck Grassley: of appeals and indeed the reason for the president's decision to nominate her to the second circuit remains somewhat of a mystery. according to her questionnaire, ms. carney appeared in court occasionally over the course of her career, and those words occasionally are her own.

Chuck Grassley

1:37:43 to 1:38:05( Edit History Discussion )

Chuck Grassley: she has never tried any case to verdict, judgment or final decision, and absent, she explains by saying that she -- quote -- "spent her law career as an appellate lawyer and in-house counsel." end of quote. her questionnaire suggests that she has never argued a case in an appellate court. during her most recent legal

Chuck Grassley

1:38:06 to 1:38:27( Edit History Discussion )

Chuck Grassley: job, ms. carney has focused largely on contractual issues such as scientific research partnerships between academic researchers and for-profit industry, international partnerships involving yale and intellectual property ownership issues. her questionnaire reveals no litigation experience in the last 15 years of her career and

Chuck Grassley

1:38:28 to 1:38:48( Edit History Discussion )

Chuck Grassley: it is unclear how her position with yale university might have prepared her for the federal judicial appointment, much less one on the courts of appeal. the a.b.a., meaning the american bar association, standing committee on the federal judiciary gave her the rating -- quote -- "substantial majority

Chuck Grassley

1:38:49 to 1:39:10( Edit History Discussion )

Chuck Grassley: equalified, minority not qualified." end of quote. even though the reasons behind the ratings are not released, i suspect the not qualified rating stems from her lack of litigation experience. this nominee does not have the concrete judicial experience i favor. i know others share this view. the judiciary committee reported

Chuck Grassley

1:39:11 to 1:39:32( Edit History Discussion )

Chuck Grassley: this nominee by a vote of 15-3 with three republican oppositions in opposition, not including this senator. i take their views seriously and fully understand why senators would not support this nomination. nevertheless, with little enthusiasm for her nomination, i will give her the benefit of the doubt and support the nominee.

Chuck Grassley

1:39:33 to 1:39:40( Edit History Discussion )

Chuck Grassley: i yield the floor the absence of a quorum.

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