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Senate Proceeding 05-17-11 on May 17th, 2011 :: 4:41:05 to 4:48:30
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Sherrod Brown

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Sherrod Brown: the presiding officer: without objection. a senator: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from ohio is recognized. mr. brown: mr. president, thank you. yesterday the white house announced that it will not submit three pending free trade agreements, the f.t.a.'s with south korea, colombia, and

Sherrod Brown

4:41:05 to 4:48:30( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Sherrod Brown

Sherrod Brown

4:41:22 to 4:41:43( Edit History Discussion )

Sherrod Brown: panama, until -- until congress reaches a deal on reauthorizing the trade assistance adjustments -- the trade adjustment assistance for workers program, the so-called t.a.a. i applaud president obama for putting workers first before we do these trade agreements. the trade agreements are very controversial, as they always are. the promises are always that

Sherrod Brown

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Sherrod Brown: they will create jobs and they rarely do. they usually result in a net decrease in jobs. yet too often congress jettisons the safety net to protect those workers who lose their jobs because of this agreement -- these agreements. that's why i applaud president obama for making this point clear. he will not send these trade

Sherrod Brown

4:42:05 to 4:42:25( Edit History Discussion )

Sherrod Brown: agreements to congress until congress has sent to his desk -- not talked about it, not debated it, not passed one committee or one house -- but sent to his desk trade adjustment assistance expansion. as my colleagues know, since we let this program expire in february because of republican objections, senator casey and i

Sherrod Brown

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Sherrod Brown: went to the floor day after day after day in december, finally -- and then again in february, as republicans continued to object to just to continue trade adjustment assistance as we had begun in the recovery act two years earlier. so what happened, because of these republican objections, we shut out service workers and we

Sherrod Brown

4:42:47 to 4:43:07( Edit History Discussion )

Sherrod Brown: shut out manufacturing workers who had lost their jobs to countries with which we do not have a free trade agreement. so when workers lost their jobs because of outsourcing of jobs to china or india, those workers couldn't get trade adjustment assistance until the recovery act and so they could get in 2009, in 2010.

Sherrod Brown

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Sherrod Brown: because of republican objections to continuation of that, they can't get it now. also, service workers, people who lost their jobs that were in the service -- service industries experienced the same kind of ending -- the -- the same kind of deadlin their -- on their eligibility. since congress made reforms to

Sherrod Brown

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Sherrod Brown: t.a.a. in 2009, more than 185,000 additional trade-affected workers became eligible for training under the t.a.a. for workers program. in 2010 alone, more than 227,000 workers participated in t.a.a., receiving training for jobs that employers are looking to fill. these are people that want to work, they lost their jobs

Sherrod Brown

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Sherrod Brown: because of a trade agreement. they can prove their lost their jobs because of a trade agreement -- they lost their jobs because of a trade agreement, a company shuts down in steubenville, ohio, and goes to new delhi, a company shuts down in lima, ohio, and goes to shanghai. when you can prove that, as you can in many, many cases, those workers should be eligible for

Sherrod Brown

4:44:13 to 4:44:34( Edit History Discussion )

Sherrod Brown: assistance from the government to get back -- to get trained to get back to work. the program also, ofof course received strong support from businesses who know that a skilled workforce is critical to their economic competitiveness. just 11 days ago, because of these republican objections, and

Sherrod Brown

4:44:35 to 4:44:55( Edit History Discussion )

Sherrod Brown: because t.a.a. -- the t.a.a. language was trunk indicated. imu just 11 days arc the labor department denied the first three petitions filed by groups of workers asking t.a.a. and assistants under pre-2009 rules, including three workers in uniontown, ohio. the reason: they are service workers. in addition, the enhanced health

Sherrod Brown

4:44:56 to 4:45:16( Edit History Discussion )

Sherrod Brown: coverage tax credit program also expired in february. hctc helps trade-affected workers purchase private health insurance coverage to replace the employer-sponsored health insurance coverage they lost. helps the retirees who lost their benefits when the company for which they worked goes bankrupt. the hctc prevents tens of

Sherrod Brown

4:45:17 to 4:45:39( Edit History Discussion )

Sherrod Brown: thousands of americans from falling into the ranks of the uninsured. right now if we don't act, we're simply giving these workers the cold shoulder. so i applaud the administration for saying yesterday, we will pass no more free trade agreements without a deal on t.a.a. but this will require my republican colleagues to come to the table and agree on a package. we've seen what unfair trade

Sherrod Brown

4:45:40 to 4:46:01( Edit History Discussion )

Sherrod Brown: deals like nafta and pntr with china and cafta do to communities in ohio and around the nation. these are americans who lost their jobs, they lost their pensions, they lost their health care -- maybe all three -- when the company they work for moved operations overseas or went to bankruptcy court or faced to reduction in demand for their products due to unfair foreign competition.

Sherrod Brown

4:46:02 to 4:46:22( Edit History Discussion )

Sherrod Brown: these americans need t.a.a. to get back on solid footing. these americans need congress to defend against unfair trade and to strengthen trade enforcement. there are several trade enforcement measures that senator mccaskill and wyden and i and others have been -- that we've introduced and i hope they'll garner bipartisan support in this chamber.

Sherrod Brown

4:46:23 to 4:46:43( Edit History Discussion )

Sherrod Brown: senator blunt, senator mccaskill and i testified in front of the subcommittee, the trade subcommittee that senator wyden chaired the other day and talked about some of these ideas and how to address them bipartisanly. t.a. habe a core pillar of u.s. trade policy. it has long enjoyed bipartisan support because it helps american workers who lose their jobs and their financial

Sherrod Brown

4:46:44 to 4:47:04( Edit History Discussion )

Sherrod Brown: security as a result of globalization. i thank senator casey and senator stabenow, senator baucus and senator wyden for their leadership on trade adjustment assistance language, in getting this legislation put forward. mr. president, just the fairness of this -- again, put yourself -- something we don't do enough of here -- put yourself in the

Sherrod Brown

4:47:05 to 4:47:25( Edit History Discussion )

Sherrod Brown: shoes of a worker in champagne, illinois, or in boulder, colorado, or in mansfield, ohio, a worker who showed up for work 15 years, helped his company make money, paid a middle-class, decent wage, then all of a sudden their plant shuts down because it's the -- the jobs are outsourced to chiefnlt they didn't do anything wrong. are we going to do nothing to help them?

Sherrod Brown

4:47:26 to 4:47:46( Edit History Discussion )

Sherrod Brown: are we going to do nothing to help their communities? it is pretty clear to me, the overwhelming consensus of the american people say give them the opportunity to get training for another job if we can't save their jobs. give them the health insurance, some assistance and health insurance so they can reach into their pocket with some assistance through a significant tax credit to continue the

Sherrod Brown

4:47:47 to 4:48:07( Edit History Discussion )

Sherrod Brown: insurance for their families. it will mean many of them will not lose their homes. far too many people who lose their jobs, they lose their health insurance, lose their homes. we have an opportunity to do something about this. so the president was exactly right. don't bring these three free trade agreements with colombia, with panama, and with south korea to the floor until we've

Sherrod Brown

4:48:08 to 4:48:28( Edit History Discussion )

Sherrod Brown: taken care of the workers who lose their jobs first. not at the same time because we know what happens when we try to do that. all of a sudden the assistance for workers gets jet i sonde. but it must be done first to help these workers with their health insurance with their training, with retraining. it will matter for literally hundreds of thowrks perhaps

Sherrod Brown

4:48:29 to 4:48:33( Edit History Discussion )

Sherrod Brown: millions, of american fe mr. president, i yield the

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