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Senate Proceeding on May 18th, 2011 :: 2:17:15 to 2:25:45
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Roger F. Wicker

2:16:59 to 2:17:21( Edit History Discussion )

Roger F. Wicker: there are any number of things that make the united states the great nation that it is. three of these things relate directly to the debate on the legislation which we will vote on this afternoon. they include our bountiful natural resources, the freedoms established by our founding fathers, and the determination

Roger F. Wicker

2:17:15 to 2:25:45( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Roger F. Wicker

Roger F. Wicker

2:17:22 to 2:17:44( Edit History Discussion )

Roger F. Wicker: of the american people. the measure offered by the majority yesterday would have worked to stifle these very characteristics by discouraging economic activity, by taxing industriousness and by putting more of our resources off-limits from development. from the oil wealth of the gulf coast to the coal reserves of

Roger F. Wicker

2:17:45 to 2:18:05( Edit History Discussion )

Roger F. Wicker: appalachia, from the hydroelectric power which char much of the american west to the oil fields of alaska, america is blessed with an almost boundless supply of energy wealth. from the time of this nation's founding, americans have sought to explore and develop this bounty.

Roger F. Wicker

2:18:06 to 2:18:27( Edit History Discussion )

Roger F. Wicker: i'm pleased to note that in recent decades, we've become more responsible stewards of this endowment. last night, i held a telephone town hall meeting with many of my constituents, and the issues of gasoline prices and energy independence were raised

Roger F. Wicker

2:18:28 to 2:18:50( Edit History Discussion )

Roger F. Wicker: repeatedly and certainly this is not surprising in light of the high gasoline prices we're facing today. as i told mississippians again last night during this town hall meeting, i favor an all-of-the-above approach to addressing america's energy needs. i have supported and continue to support innovation in the area

Roger F. Wicker

2:18:51 to 2:19:12( Edit History Discussion )

Roger F. Wicker: of biofuels, geothermal power, wind and solar energy. and at the same time, however, we need to address current needs with currently available domestic energy resources, such as oil and natural gas. the measure we debate today, "the offshore production and safety act," is a balanced one

Roger F. Wicker

2:19:13 to 2:19:33( Edit History Discussion )

Roger F. Wicker: that offers a timely w forward. by presenting a path toward lower fuel prices, job creation and energy independence, this legislation is responsive to the needs of the american people, not at some uncertain date in the future but now, making use of resources and technology available today.

Roger F. Wicker

2:19:34 to 2:19:56( Edit History Discussion )

Roger F. Wicker: the specifics of the legislation before us are straightforward and commonsense. this bill would require proposed lease sales in the gulf of mexico, in the mid-atlantic and those off of alaska to be completed. it would cut bureaucratic red tape while speeding up the

Roger F. Wicker

2:19:57 to 2:20:18( Edit History Discussion )

Roger F. Wicker: approval of drilling permits. and energy activity suspended during the administration's moratorium on offshore drilling would be extended by one year. safety considerations are also taken into account under this bill. taking lessons that we learned from last year's deepwater horizon tragedy to make deepwater drilling safer than

Roger F. Wicker

2:20:19 to 2:20:42( Edit History Discussion )

Roger F. Wicker: before. energy independence, a goal we all share, can only be achieved through conservation, innovation and domestic exploration, but domestic exploration must be a part of this in order for us to obtain independence. according to a 2009 report by the congressional research

Roger F. Wicker

2:20:43 to 2:21:05( Edit History Discussion )

Roger F. Wicker: service, america's combined recoverable natural gas oil and coal endowment is the largest on earth. it is far larger than the reserves of saudi arabia, china, and canada. we have the resources to meet our energy needs. and i would point out, this is the independent congressional

Roger F. Wicker

2:21:06 to 2:21:29( Edit History Discussion )

Roger F. Wicker: research service. that tells us this. closely related to this issue is the one of job creation in america, one that we should all be interested in, with the unemployment rate currently at 9%. america's oil and natural gas

Roger F. Wicker

2:21:30 to 2:21:50( Edit History Discussion )

Roger F. Wicker: industry is responsible for 9.2 million jobs in this country. i know the people who have those jobs are proud to have them. i know the families that are supported by those jobs are proud of their family members that work in this industry. and wouldn't it be great if we could expand that 9.2 million to

Roger F. Wicker

2:21:51 to 2:22:11( Edit History Discussion )

Roger F. Wicker: a higher figure? now, there was much discussion yesterday about taxation and budget considerations. oil and gas -- oil and natural gas production in the gulf of mexico raised over $67 million in revenues for the federal and

Roger F. Wicker

2:22:12 to 2:22:34( Edit History Discussion )

Roger F. Wicker: state governments in fiscal years 2008-2010. that's according to the department of the interior. millions more went to land and water conservation. but because of the administration's moratorium, energy production in the gulf of mexico is expected to decrease

Roger F. Wicker

2:22:35 to 2:22:55( Edit History Discussion )

Roger F. Wicker: by 13% this year, as estimated by the energy information administration, again, an official organ of this government. overall, u.s. production is projected to drop by 110,000 barrels per day this year. this is not progress.

Roger F. Wicker

2:22:56 to 2:23:16( Edit History Discussion )

Roger F. Wicker: the fact is that the united states is dangerously dependent on foreign sources for our energy needs. we import 60% of our petroleum needs in the united states. this is hardly a revelation, yet the proposed bill offered yesterday by my friends in the

Roger F. Wicker

2:23:17 to 2:23:39( Edit History Discussion )

Roger F. Wicker: majority would have led to increased dependence on the importation of energy from foreign countries, many of which are not supportive of american interests, to put it mildly. furthermore, the suggestion that the appropriate response to soaring prices of gasoline is

Roger F. Wicker

2:23:40 to 2:24:00( Edit History Discussion )

Roger F. Wicker: taxation on the countries that produce gas -- companies that produce gasoline, simply runs contrary to commonsense. in the larger picture, the administration's energy policy is not comprehensive in nature because it fails to promote the utilization of proven domestic resources and the traditional domestic production it allows

Roger F. Wicker

2:24:01 to 2:24:21( Edit History Discussion )

Roger F. Wicker: cops wrapped in bureaucratic red tape. if our goal is to increase our energy independence in the near term, the white house seems to want to lead us in the opposite direction. you do not encourage the increased production of any good by raising taxes and imposing

Roger F. Wicker

2:24:22 to 2:24:43( Edit History Discussion )

Roger F. Wicker: more regulation on it. the mcconnell alternative that we will vote on this afternoon takes a different strategy, one that would increase access to domestic oil and natural gas. it is a strategy that would create jobs and spur economic growth while increasing government revenues and improving industry safety.

Roger F. Wicker

2:24:44 to 2:25:04( Edit History Discussion )

Roger F. Wicker: oil and natural gas reserves are abundant and accessible in the united states today. tapping these domestic resources is integral to lowering energy prices and making us more energy independent. i urge my colleagues to support the offshore production and

Roger F. Wicker

2:25:05 to 2:25:23( Edit History Discussion )

Roger F. Wicker: safety act as a logical, prudent step in the right direction for u.s. energy policy. and i suggest the abse quorum. the presiding officer: the clerk will call the roll.

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