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Senate Proceeding on May 19th, 2011 :: 3:19:55 to 3:28:45
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Lindsey Graham

3:19:51 to 3:20:11( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: mr. graham: thank you, madam president. i would rise in regretful opposition, quite frankly, to having to vote to deny cloture for a judicial nominee. i also was in the gang of 14 and the whole effort was to make sure that the senate follows constitutional historical norms

Lindsey Graham

3:19:55 to 3:28:45( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Lindsey Graham

Lindsey Graham

3:20:12 to 3:20:32( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: and that is giving great deference to presidential selections when it comes to judiciary. to my conservative colleagues, the best way to make sure you have conservative judges is to win elections, because if we stop -- start blocking all the judges that we don't like that have a different view of the law than us, our friends on the other side will return the favor

Lindsey Graham

3:20:33 to 3:20:54( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: and you'll wind up having a chaotic situation. there's a reason that judge ginsburg -- justice ginsburg got 90-something votes and justice scalia got 90-something votes. it used to be the way you did business around here, when the president won the election, they were able to pick qualified nominees for the court unless you had a darned good reason,

Lindsey Graham

3:20:55 to 3:21:15( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: they went forward. and i think that should be the standard. and to me, i do give a lot of deference. it's not one speech, it's not an article. justice sotomayor, who i voted for, had made a famous speech as she thought the experiences of a latino woman maybe were more valuable to the court than that of a white male and people got

Lindsey Graham

3:21:16 to 3:21:38( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: up in arms about that. it bothered me. she explained herself. i looked at the way she lived her life. and i understood, based on the way she lived her life, that she was a fair person. that did not represent bigotry on her part toward white males. and we all make statements and

Lindsey Graham

3:21:39 to 3:21:59( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: write articles and get in debates and i'm not going to use that as a reason to disqualify somebody from sitting on the judiciary. i wouldn't want that done to our inspect knees and i don't intend to do it -- done to our no, ma'am dismeez i don't intend to -- nominees, and i don't intend to do that to the other side. but here's what mr. liu did to me which was a bridge too far. when a conservative wins the

Lindsey Graham

3:22:00 to 3:22:21( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: white house, you expect people like roberts and alito and scalia. when people like justice ginsburg and elena kagan and that's the way it works. and all of them are well qualified. they just have a different but there are a lot of decisions.

Lindsey Graham

3:22:22 to 3:22:42( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: the one thing that would -- that drives my thinking here is that mr. liu chose not in a article that he wrote as a young man, not in some debate that got carried away but to appear before the judiciary

Lindsey Graham

3:22:43 to 3:23:03( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: and basically say that judge alito's philosophy would create an america where police may shoot and kill an unarmed boy to stop him from running away with a stolen purse. that line probably comes from some case that judge alito was involved in where federal agents

Lindsey Graham

3:23:04 to 3:23:24( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: may point guns at ordinary citizens during a raid even after no sign of resistance, where the f.b.i. may install a camera where you sleep on the promise that they won't turn it on unless an informant is in the room, where a black man may be sentenced to death by an all-white jury for killing a

Lindsey Graham

3:23:25 to 3:23:45( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: white man absent a multiple regression analysis showing discrimination. these statements about judge alito and the decisions he's rendered and his philosophy are designed to basically say that people who have the philosophy

Lindsey Graham

3:23:46 to 3:24:07( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: of gentleman alito are uncaring, hateful, and really should be despised. that is a bridge too far because i share judge alito's philosophy philosophy. and we may come out at a different result on a particular case but i don't think i fall in the category of being hateful,

Lindsey Graham

3:24:08 to 3:24:28( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: uncaring, and someone you should despise. these statements given to the judiciary committee were designed to inflame passion against judge alito based on his analysis of cases before him during his judicial tenure. and if that's not enough, judge

Lindsey Graham

3:24:29 to 3:24:49( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: roberts' record, according to mr. louisian lie liu, is a right-wing law against current rights we enjoy. it's another thing to debate your o opponent. i think another thing to have

Lindsey Graham

3:24:50 to 3:25:13( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: strong opinions. but this is not an accidental statement. this was calculated, delivered at a time where it would do maximum damage. and all i am saying to future nominees, i expect president obama to nominate people of a liberal judicial philosophy.

Lindsey Graham

3:25:14 to 3:25:37( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: i do expect -- do not deny you access to the court because you may have said something in an article i don't like. you may have represented a client that i disagree with. but the one thing that i will not tolerate is for a conservative or a liberal person seeking a judgeship to basically impugn the character of the

Lindsey Graham

3:25:38 to 3:25:58( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: other way these words are not that of a passionate advocate who may have went too far, according to senator lieberman, in my view. these words were designed to destroy and they ring of an ideologue. and he should be running for

Lindsey Graham

3:25:59 to 3:26:20( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: office not sitting on the court. there's a place for people who think this way about conservative judicial philosophy philosophy -- run for president, run for the senate. don't sit on the court. because the court has to be a place where you accept differences, you hash it out,

Lindsey Graham

3:26:21 to 3:26:41( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: you render verdicts, and based on the way he views justice alito and roberts and his disdain for their philosophy, i do not believe he could give someone like me a fair shake. so at the end of the day, i ask one thing of my democratic colleagues, i will try my best

Lindsey Graham

3:26:42 to 3:27:02( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: to make sure the senate stays on track and that we do not get in the road of filibustering judges haphazardly based on the fact that there's somebody we don't agree with. i have tried my best not to go down that road because i think it will destroy the judiciary and disrupt the senate. if you're a conservative in the

Lindsey Graham

3:27:03 to 3:27:24( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: future wanting to be a judge and you come before our committee when a liberal nominee? before the committee -- when a liberal nominee is before the committee, and you question their patriotism and you suggest that they're hateful people who should be despised for their

Lindsey Graham

3:27:25 to 3:27:50( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: philosophy, then i will render the same verdict against you. we want people on the court who are well-rounded, who are qualified, who understand that america is a big place not a small place. and judge -- in mr. liu's world, i think he has a very small view of the law. those on the other side who

Lindsey Graham

3:27:51 to 3:28:15( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: think differently not should be engaged intellectually or challenged through academic debate, he's tried to basically rip their character apart. and he will not get my vote. and a conservative who feels the same way about liberal philosophy would not get my vote either.

Lindsey Graham

3:28:16 to 3:28:36( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: i'm looking for the model of miguel aestrada, who was poorly treated, wrote a letter on behalf of allane akagan. saying she was my law school classmate, we don't agree on the law but she's a wonderful person, well qualified, deserves to be on the bench. that's the way liberals and conservatives should engage each other in my view when it comes to the judicial nomination process.

Lindsey Graham

3:28:37 to 3:28:46( Edit History Discussion )

Lindsey Graham: this was a bridge too far for lindsey graham i mr. grassley: mr. president?

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