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Senate Proceeding on May 20th, 2009 :: 1:10:05 to 1:18:50
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James Webb

1:09:58 to 1:10:19( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: colleagues opposing the mcconnell mr. president, i yield the floor. a senator: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from virginia. mr. webb: i ask unanimous consent to speak to an amendment that i have filed. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. webb: thank you, mr. president. mr. president, i filed a amendment to the supplemental

James Webb

1:10:05 to 1:18:50( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: James Webb

James Webb

1:10:20 to 1:10:41( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: appropriations bill that is designed to put more transparency and more -- more measurable control factors into the way that we are expending these appropriations with respect to the situation in pakistan. i would begin by saying that i have a -- a great deal of

James Webb

1:10:42 to 1:11:02( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: concern, as do many members of this body, with respect to the achieve ability of some of the strategic object thaifsave been laid out have been laid out by the new administration. we are looking at clear and measurable imports to the strategy itself.

James Webb

1:11:03 to 1:11:23( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: at the same time i believe the new administration deserves and opportunity to attempt to bring a greater sense of stability in that region. as it big gamble. as i patraeus when he was testifying, and as i mentioned to other -- other witnesses before the armed services and the foreign relations committee, the biggest

James Webb

1:11:24 to 1:11:46( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: gamble that we f to the policies that have been announced in afghanistan and pakistan are that we are basically allowing ourselves to be measured which we have no real control. in afghanistan this is very

James Webb

1:11:47 to 1:12:09( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: clear when we put as one of our objectives the creation of an afghani national army. i ask general patraeus if he could tell me at what point in afghan's -- in the afghan history has there ever been a viable national army? and the answer really is except for a period of about 30

James Webb

1:12:10 to 1:12:31( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: years when the afghanis were sponsored by the soviets, there was no viable national army, and even there, it was not one that you would measure in the same context of what we are saying that we're going to attempt to achieve. hands of a rather speculative venture, one that i hope that we

James Webb

1:12:32 to 1:12:54( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: can achieve in and i would also point out an article in "the new yor today which points out that there was a good bit of am weaponry ammunition found in the aftermath of a battle between

James Webb

1:12:55 to 1:13:17( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: the taliban and american forces which shows that there are munition that's munitions procured by the pentagon that seems to be in the hands of the troops fighting against the americans. that is not unusual for this region. wh i was secretary of the navy one thing that we saw in the

James Webb

1:13:18 to 1:13:38( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: persian gulf with the iranian boghammers attempting to attack our vessels, some of the r.p.g.'s found on the bobhammers could be transferred back to the weapons that we had given t afghani anti-soviet fighters in afghanistan. it's a common

James Webb

1:13:39 to 1:13:59( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: the question is we can those sorts of occurrences. and with respect to pakistan, the situation is even more difficult. we have very few control factors in pakistan in terms of where our money goes when we send it in, what happens to our

James Webb

1:14:00 to 1:14:21( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: that's go through pakistan on the way to afghanistan. 80% of the logistical supplies that go into afghanistan go by ground through pakistan. we cannot defend those convoys. we've had many, many occurrences since last have been interrupted, where they have been attacked, where

James Webb

1:14:22 to 1:14:42( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: trucks have been destroyed, other vehicles have been stolen, et cetera. so with the -- with the notion in pakistan, number one, that there are a number observers who point out that some elements in the pakistani

James Webb

1:14:43 to 1:15:05( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: military, particularly in their intelligence services, actually have continued to assist the taliban, number one. the vulnerability of our supply routes, number two. the instability of the government itself, which we are attempting to assist, number three. and the focus of pakistan in

James Webb

1:15:06 to 1:15:27( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: terms of its principal objectives being india rather than pakistan itself, that leads to a situation where we must have a -- a measurable sort of control and accountability over the money that we are going appropriate to assist the situation in pakistan a relates to international

James Webb

1:15:28 to 1:15:48( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: terrorism, the future stability of pakistan, and attempting to defeat al qaeda. and with all that in mind, i asked a week in the armed services committee to admiral mull len, the chairman of the -- to admiral mullen, the chairman of the joint chiefs. and this basically was the line of questioning. first, do we have evidence that

James Webb

1:15:49 to 1:16:09( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: pakistan is increasing its nuclear program, in terms of weapons systems, warheads, et cetera. admiral mullen gave me a one-word answer. yes. i declined to pursue that answer because i didn't believe that was the appropriate place to have a further discussion. but i did say, and i believe now, that this should cause us enormous concern at a time when

James Webb

1:16:10 to 1:16:31( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: we are having so much discussion in this country about the potential that iran would obtain nuclear weapons, where pakistan, a -- an unstable regime and a very volatile -- in a very volatile part of the region is not only -- not only possesses nuclear weapons but it increasing its nuclear weapons programs.

James Webb

1:16:32 to 1:16:52( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: i then asked admiral mullen, "can you tell me what percentage of the to pakistan since 9/11 has gone toward its defense measures related to india or to other areas that are not designed to address

James Webb

1:16:53 to 1:17:15( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: threat or the activities of the taliban?" and the -- the answer was really that we don't know. no, we cannot really measure those with any degree of validity because of the opaqueness in the pakistani government. i then asked him: do we appropriate control factors in terms of where future american

James Webb

1:17:16 to 1:17:36( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: money will go? and secretary gates indicated there were improved control factors but we do not have the control factors in pakistan as now exists, even in countries like afghanistan, with all the difficulties in that country. so with all of that in mind i've drafted a simple amendment. i hope this can go to the

James Webb

1:17:37 to 1:17:57( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: management -- managers' package. it -- i believe that all of us who are going to step forward right now and attempt to assist the that what we should have is a simple statement from the united states congress, from the appropriators that none of the

James Webb

1:17:58 to 1:18:20( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: funds that we are appropriating could be used for either of these two purposes: one, to support, expand or in any way assist the development or deployment of the nuclear weapons program of the government of pakistan, or; two, to support programs for which these funds in the appropriations act have not been identified. it's a very simple amendment.

James Webb

1:18:21 to 1:18:41( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: it directly or indirectly to assist pakistan's nuclear weapons program. number two, no money will be spent in any way other than the way we have identified it in this program. and that the president must certify this and must come back every 90 days and recertify whether or not any funds have been appropriated for those

James Webb

1:18:42 to 1:18:50( Edit History Discussion )

James Webb: purposes. again, of this package can accept this amendment. and, if not, i will seek a vote on the floor.

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