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Senate Proceeding on May 20th, 2009 :: 3:23:55 to 3:29:10
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Bob Corker

3:23:52 to 3:24:12( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Corker: doors. madam president, with that, i yield the floor. the presiding officer: the senator from mr. corker: madam president, i ask unanimous consent that the pending amendment be set aside and that we call up amendment number 1173. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. corker: i further ask unanimous the pr will report the amendment. the clerk: the senator from

Bob Corker

3:23:55 to 3:29:10( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Bob Corker

Bob Corker

3:24:13 to 3:24:35( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Corker: tennessee, mr. corker, for himself and others, proposes an amendment numbered 1173. mr. corker: i ask unanimo consent to dispense. thank you. objection. mr. corker: i'd also like to ask unanimous consent to add senators lugar, isakson, collins, and bennett as the presiding officer: without objection. and that's bennett of?

Bob Corker

3:24:36 to 3:24:58( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Corker: mr. corker: that is bennett of utah. the presiding officer: thank you. mr. corker: madam president, i'm pleased to offer this amendment with my colleague, senator senator lieberman. and this amendment would basically do two things. today we have before us a

Bob Corker

3:24:59 to 3:25:21( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Corker: supplemental appropriations bill bill. a large amount of money in this bill is for our military operations and other operations in afghanistan and pakistan. this is -- amendment is being offered without criticism, but, in fact, what we have today is a major shift in our policies in afghanistan and pakistan. i doubt that there's a person in

Bob Corker

3:25:22 to 3:25:43( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Corker: this body that can clearly articulate what our mission is in these two countries to the standpoint of actually laying out objectives. i think many senators were part of a luncheon we had two weeks ago where, when the president of afghanistan was asked mission information afghanistan, he could not articulate in any

Bob Corker

3:25:44 to 3:26:05( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Corker: way that was comprehendible what our mission was in that country. now, i don't offer these comments, again, in criticism. i realize that there's a lot of changes underway. i realize that there's going to be a new general on the ground, probably it will take until august for that confirmation to take place, and i realize that this administration, in working

Bob Corker

3:26:06 to 3:26:27( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Corker: wi many agencies, is trying to develop a plan that will be effect i have in this country. if one were to listen to the stated mission, one would think that our mission is very similar in afghanistan to that of iraq minus -- minus actually having a democratically functioni government. i know that all of us have had

Bob Corker

3:26:28 to 3:26:48( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Corker: so concerns about the -- some of the issues within government in both countries and where government funding actually ends up, and so, madam president, this is a -- this is an amendment, a bipartisan amendment, that's forth asking the administration to do two things.

Bob Corker

3:26:49 to 3:27:09( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Corker: asking that we, in essence, all understand this policy so that, in fact, we have a policy that -- that really is equal to the tremendous ack nice tt our men and women in -- tremendous sacrifice that our men and women in uniform are putting forth on our behalf and do so daily. first of all, the amendment would require the president to submit to congress a clear statement of objectives for

Bob Corker

3:27:10 to 3:27:30( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Corker: afghanistan and pakistan and the benchmarks that will be used to quantify progress towards achieving those objectives. ain, this is not hands. there are no timetables that say certain things have to happen by certain times. this is, in essence, asking the administration to lay out to us so that we all know and can articulate those and that

Bob Corker

3:27:31 to 3:27:54( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Corker: hopefully even our men and women in the field can articulate those, to lay those out in a way that we understand and can benchmark. and then secondly, ask that they come before us us quarterly updates after a period of time towards those objectives and -- and how they're actually progressing. madam president,

Bob Corker

3:27:55 to 3:28:15( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Corker: that actually at some point, the managers of the bill might be able to even accept this by unanimous consent because i cannot imagine why anybody in this body would want to vote the billions and billions of dollars towards these efforts that we rightful are supporting today -- don't get me wrong -- but i can't imagine not wanting the administration to come back to

Bob Corker

3:28:16 to 3:28:36( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Corker: us with these benchmarks and these objectives so that we all can measure our progress there. we've been there eight years. our men and women in uniform have given and given and given. many have lost their lives. many have lost limbs. and it would seem to me that everybody in this body, regardless of which side of the aisle that they're on, would want to clearly understand what

Bob Corker

3:28:37 to 3:28:59( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Corker: our mission is there and our way of evaluating that. so, madam president, i thank you you, and i yield the floor. mr. cochran: madam president, i suggest th the presiding officer: the clerk

Bob Corker

3:29:00 to 3:29:05( Edit History Discussion )

Bob Corker: will call the roll.

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