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Senate Proceeding on May 21st, 2009 :: 0:48:30 to 0:52:25
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Saxby Chambliss

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Saxby Chambliss: 22, and inouye amendment. the presiding officer: is there mr. durbin: madam president, reserving the right to object. this amendment by senator chambliss of georgia would preclude the united states attorney general to allow detainees from guantan tried for crimes in the united states. i think it goes too far, and i object. the presiding officer:

Saxby Chambliss

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Speech By: Saxby Chambliss

Saxby Chambliss

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Saxby Chambliss: objection is heard. mr. chambliss: madam president, the assistant majority leader is exactly right. my amendment's going to prohibit any guantanamo detainee from states. the assistant majority leader made a comment yesterday that he thought that, you know, it was somewhat foolish on the part of the minority to think that this

Saxby Chambliss

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Saxby Chambliss: president would even allow terrorists to be brought into the united states. well, the fact is this administration is already proposing that some of the terrorists who are held at guantanamo be brought int united states and be freed because a court has determined that 17 uighurs ought to be free.

Saxby Chambliss

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Saxby Chambliss: and the administration is talking about freeing those uighurs inside the united states. mr. president, the press reported this mning that president obama intends to bring a be tried in our criminal courts. i fear this is the start of a long process of transferring

Saxby Chambliss

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Saxby Chambliss: detainees to the united states where i believe legal technicalities will ultimately allow some of them to be freed into the united states. the senateotedesterday to permit any detainees fromeing brought here and has been very outspoken on this issue this week. despite this, the president has

Saxby Chambliss

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Saxby Chambliss: chosen to ignore the will of congress and bring galani the united states. instead he is acting quickly to bring him here before he signs the supplemental bill into law. i don't know how the president thinks he can try this detainee in our golani is not just any terrorist. he was a high-valued detainee in

Saxby Chambliss

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Saxby Chambliss: the c.i.a.' detention. bring him into a u.s. courtroom will open the floodgates to challenges ton his detention, his treatment and obtained from him. additionally, if he were able to obtain any evidence on golani from any other terrorist, that information w admitted in u.s. courts because it will be considered hearsay.

Saxby Chambliss

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Saxby Chambliss: if not, the prosecution would be required to bring additional terrorists to new york just testify in his trial. this alone will make a conviction much more there is too much at stake, madam president, to grant the unprecedented benefi of our legal system's complex procedural safeguards to foreign

Saxby Chambliss

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Saxby Chambliss: nationals who were captured outside the united states during a time of war. allowing these terrorists to escape conviction, or wor to be freed into the u.s. by our courts because of legal technicalities would tarnish the reputation of our legal system as one that is fair prohibiting the detainees from

Saxby Chambliss

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Saxby Chambliss: entering into the u.s., as my amendment does -- the assistant majority leader is exactly right -- is one small step in the right direction. further, i were to be brought to the united states by president obama to be tried like golani, and not convicted,

Saxby Chambliss

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Saxby Chambliss: the only mechanism available to our government to continue to detain these individuals would be via immigration law. however, the current immigration laws on our books are insufficient to ensure that these detainees would be mandatorily detained and continue to be detained until they can successfully be removed from our borders. although i'm adamantly opposed

Saxby Chambliss

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Saxby Chambliss: to bringing any of these detainees to the united states -- and i do not believe the president has independent authority to do so -- i do believe we need legislation to safeguard our citizens and our communities in the event they are brought here. to that end, my amendment makes mandatory the detention of any gitmo detainees brought to the united states.

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