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Senate Proceeding on May 24th, 2011 :: 8:07:15 to 8:13:20
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Harry Reid

8:07:13 to 8:07:38( Edit History Discussion )

Harry Reid: quorum call: the presiding officer: the majority leader. mr. reid: is the senate in a quorum call? the presiding officer: yes. mr. reid: i would ask consent that that be vitiated. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. reid: mr. president, we've been working for -- and i've been working on it for a lot longer than several days -- but several days publicly on process to move forward with the patriot act.

Harry Reid

8:07:15 to 8:13:20( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Harry Reid

Harry Reid

8:07:42 to 8:08:05( Edit History Discussion )

Harry Reid: we have worked over the last several days to work something out that is i think an excellent compromise. is this bill something that everybody in the senate likes or everybody in the house likes? the answer is no. but we all know how important it is that we continue this

Harry Reid

8:08:06 to 8:08:28( Edit History Discussion )

Harry Reid: legislation. so senator mcconnell and i and speaker boehner have agreed on a way to move forward on this. the alternative is to have a long, long-term extension of this that the house would send us and i think that wouldn't be to anyone's benefit. so we're moving forward on this.

Harry Reid

8:08:29 to 8:08:49( Edit History Discussion )

Harry Reid: i've tried to do it with the bill that we invoked cloture on yesterday. i've had many conversations with senator paul and others, but principally him, and tried to come up with a process to allow senator paul to offer amendments, and others to offer amendments -- it's not just him.

Harry Reid

8:08:50 to 8:09:10( Edit History Discussion )

Harry Reid: i've been unsuccessful. now, i understand senator paul's exasperation because this is something that is extremely important to him and there was every desire from my perspective

Harry Reid

8:09:11 to 8:09:32( Edit History Discussion )

Harry Reid: and i think this body to have a full, complete debate on the patriot act. but the senate doesn't always work that way and there have been a lot of things that have gotten in the way of this and the time is suddenly upon us. mr. president, we have to complete this legislation by midnight on thursday.

Harry Reid

8:09:33 to 8:09:56( Edit History Discussion )

Harry Reid: we cannot let this expire. we cannot let the patriot act expire. i have a responsibility to try to get this bill done as soon as possible, in spite of the fact that some of my senators and some republican senators would rather i did it some other way,

Harry Reid

8:09:57 to 8:10:19( Edit History Discussion )

Harry Reid: at some other time. but i don't have that -- i can't do that. i have to get this done. we know since bin laden was killed that there's been a lot of information discovered from

Harry Reid

8:10:20 to 8:10:40( Edit History Discussion )

Harry Reid: him that he did, and the one thing that's very clear, that he had instructed all of his lieutenants to focus all of their attention on the united states and its assets. so we can't let this expire, and i'm going to do everything i can to make sure that we -- this does not happen.

Harry Reid

8:10:41 to 8:11:03( Edit History Discussion )

Harry Reid: senator paul and i have tried to work out something. he feels strongly about at least three of his amendments. and i say, even though he and i disagree on a number of things politically, i have found in his time here in the senate as it relates to me to be one of -- he's a very pleasant man with

Harry Reid

8:11:04 to 8:11:25( Edit History Discussion )

Harry Reid: strong, strong feelings, and i have only the highest regard for him. and i'm sorry that i can't make this system we have here in the senate more in keeping with his desires to get things done. but as he will learn over the years that it's always difficult

Harry Reid

8:11:26 to 8:11:47( Edit History Discussion )

Harry Reid: to get what you want in the senate. it doesn't mean you won't get it but sometimes you have to wait and get it done at some subsequent time. so senator paul has been very upfront with me. he's never hidden a punch or he's said that i feel strongly about a number of these amendments and i'm not going to agree to threat go forward

Harry Reid

8:11:48 to 8:12:08( Edit History Discussion )

Harry Reid: unless i have these amendments. and he's brought his -- he's been very reasonable. he's brought his number down from 11 to three or four and i appreciate that. but, mr. president, the time has come for me to take some action. again, i repeat, i don't have the luxury of waiting for a better time.

Harry Reid

8:12:09 to 8:12:30( Edit History Discussion )

Harry Reid: i would -- i really like would to be able to allow the senator from kentucky to give a few of his stem winding speeches. he does a very, very good job at presenting himself. but in order to expedite what i think is so important to move the country's intelligence

Harry Reid

8:12:31 to 8:12:55( Edit History Discussion )

Harry Reid: operations -- to make them continue, i should say, i'm going to move to table the pending motion to proceed to s. 1038. following that vote, i'll ask the chair to lay before the senate a message received from the house earlier today. i will then move to concur with an amendment which will be the extension of the patriot act and i will file cloture on that

Harry Reid

8:13:01 to 8:13:21( Edit History Discussion )

Harry Reid: motion. i ask for the yeas and nays. the presiding officer: the question is on the motion to table. is there a sufficient second?

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