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Senate Proceeding 05-25-10 on May 25th, 2010 :: 0:34:00 to 0:39:45
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David Vitter

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David Vitter: without objection, so ordered. the senator from louisiana. mr. vitter: madam president, i'm overjoyed i've been let into this discussion considering that heavy oil is getting into the louisiana marsh land and it's impacting my state and senator landrieu's state more than any other state in the country and it is a real and an ongoing cris. and i'd just to spend a few

David Vitter

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Speech By: David Vitter

David Vitter

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David Vitter: minutes, madam president, to get us out of washington politics and get us back into a focus on that real and ongoing crisis. because i can tell you what, those fishermen in south louisiana that senator durbin talked about, that's what they're focused on. that's what they're dealing with, their way of life and

David Vitter

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David Vitter: their livelihood is absolutely threatened, and that's what i'd like us to focus on and deal with in a constructive way. now, madam president, i agree with senator menendez and senator lautenberg and others, that the liability cap for economic damages which was set decades ago is way outdated.

David Vitter

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David Vitter: and i've offered a permanent change to that to go into the future. in fact, my bill would set a cap for b.p. in this instanc of $20 billion because it's based on the last four quarters of the responsible party's profits. and for this instance, that's double the liability cap of

David Vitter

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David Vitter: senator menendez's original bill. but, madam president, you know, talking about you seeing a permanent -- u.c.-ing a permanent change of the law is, quite frankly, politics. thatsn't going to pass the senate bunanimous consent.

David Vitter

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David Vitter: i would like my version to pass by unanimous i think is a better approach than the senator from new jersey's version. i think it would, again, double the cap on b.p. original version would have, but that is going to get objection as well. so, madam president, in light of that, i have what i think is a constructive alternative, which

David Vitter

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David Vitter: is to propose something to address this ongoing crisis, oil still flowing in the gulf, more and more heavy o getting beyond the louisiana barrier islands infiltrating the louisiana marsh. how about trying to deal with this ongoing crisis that the people of louisiana face?

David Vitter

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David Vitter: and so with that in mind, madam president, i've introduced a liability proposal that's at the desk, that's been introduced, but i think could and should garner unanimous consent support. and let me outline what that is: madam president, several of the

David Vitter

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David Vitter: speakers, senator durbin, senator lautenberg, others, alle folks in this chamber that are shrills for b.p., representing b.p. i didn't hear that. that's not me. i represent the state of louisiana and we're dealing with this ongoing crisis and disaster

David Vitter

0:37:16 to 0:37:36( Edit History Discussion )

David Vitter: more than -- much more than any other state in the union. but let's attack this directly and try to address, and i think we could and should be able to do it by unanimous consent, this particular event. my bill, madam president, s. 3410, does that my bill mandates that the cap on

David Vitter

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David Vitter: economic damages for b.p. for this event be lifted and that there be no cap. b.p. has said publicly, not once, not twice, but on numerous occasions and have even put it in writing that they're going to disregard any cap. my bill, madam president, would say, fine, that's a contract offer and we're going to accept it.

David Vitter

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David Vitter: and that will be binding under legislation under the law. so under senate bill 3410, we would remove any cap on b.p. for this incident. in addition, madam president, the other half of this bill establishes an expedited claims process because in this ongoing

David Vitter

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David Vitter: cris in louisiana where people continue to hurt because of this ongoing spill, ongoing flow, they n only need their claim eventually paid in full, but they need it to begin to be paid immediately. and so in this bill, madam president, we establish an administrator to quickly and

David Vitter

0:38:43 to 0:39:04( Edit History Discussion )

David Vitter: fairly resolve claims for economic damages. we establish an office of dp compensation to expedite that situation. we set up offices within the gulf region to allow that claimant assistance, to advise people how to properly file

David Vitter

0:39:05 to 0:39:25( Edit History Discussion )

David Vitter: their claim and expedite getting a claim. and so the other half of the bill, besides lifting the liability cap for economic damages on b.p. for this incident, ex pe diets that claim -- expedites that claim process. so with that in mind, madam president, and in the spirit of actually trying to act with

David Vitter

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David Vitter: regard to this ongoing crisis in the gulf that certainly affects my state, i would ask unanimous consent that the senate proceed to the immediate consideration of s. 3410, my acceptance of liability and expedited claims bill. that the bill be read a third time and passeand that the

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