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Senate Proceeding on May 26th, 2010 :: 0:36:40 to 0:43:15
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Bill Nelson

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Bill Nelson: quorum call: mr. nelson: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from florida is recognized. mr. nelson: mr. pre unanimous consent that the quorum call be lifted. the presiding officer: without objection, so ordered. mr. nelson: mr. president, i ask to speak as if in morning business. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. nelson: mr. president, yesterday the inspector general

Bill Nelson

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Speech By: Bill Nelson

Bill Nelson

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Bill Nelson: for the department of interior came out with their report, this investigative report, of which it followed general report just a month ago.

Bill Nelson

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Bill Nelson: two inspector general reports talking about what' wrong in the mineral management service, recent of which is quite disturbing and on the heels of the one a month ago where they found that a culture where the acceptance of gifts

Bill Nelson

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Bill Nelson: from oil and gas companies were ?? widespread throughout the office of the lake charles district mineral management service in louisiana. that, of course, came on the heels of what we discovered

Bill Nelson

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Bill Nelson: years ago in reports about the incestuous cozy relationship between the oil industry and the regulators that are supposed to see that the oil industry is doing its job and doing it safely and collecting all of the revenues from the oilities th

Bill Nelson

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Bill Nelson: the oil industry is supposed to pa having drilled on federal lands which is the sea bottom of the gulf of mexico. well, this latest investigative report points out -- and i will quote -- "of greatest concern is

Bill Nelson

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Bill Nelson: the envirment in which these inspectors operate, particularly in the case with which they move between the industry and the government. that's called -- and the government." that's called the revolving door. that's somebody in the industry comes in to the government as a

Bill Nelson

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Bill Nelson: regulator and then the revolving door turns a they go back into the industr now, how in the world can you have a regulator that is coming from the industry into regulation of that industry and turn in the revolving door and go right back into that industry?

Bill Nelson

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Bill Nelson: well, that's the problem. and that's what we have got to fix. and so my office is talking with senator menendez' office and it is my intention that we will file today a bill that will do a

Bill Nelson

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Bill Nelson: number of things. it will stop this revolving door by requiring the same thing that we require for ourselves here in the senate, that when you leave the senate, you can't go in to

Bill Nelson

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Bill Nelson: somebody that had lobbied you as a business that lobbied the senate for a period of two years. that's the minimumhat we should expect. and that this legislation will also insist on things that are coon sense. that the regulators can't accept

Bill Nelson

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Bill Nelson: guests from the industry that they are regulating, and that they have got to have financial disclosure that would show what the regulator owns if they are in any way compromised with the very industry that they are trying to regulate, and that if

Bill Nelson

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Bill Nelson: they have any outside interest -- for example, stock in oil companies that they are regulating, that they would have to divest from that, and furthermore that in the egregious case, that they would also be partially employed by that outside industry that they are regulating, that clearly

Bill Nelson

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Bill Nelson: that could be prohibited. no these are just commonsense things. why isn't this in the law? senator menendez and i offered this law two years ago when all of these revelations came out in that inspector general's report

Bill Nelson

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Bill Nelson: back then. but of course there was enormous pushback on the legislation. well, sadly it has come to this great tragedy of thousands and thousands of barrels of oil gushing into the gulf of mexico to bring us to this point that

Bill Nelson

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Bill Nelson: we ought to have a willing recipient in this united states senate to this legislation that we are filing that will stop this cozy incestuous relationship between the oil industry and the regulators.

Bill Nelson

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Bill Nelson: i know that trying to clean it up, and he's doing what he should do, but what we want to do is to etch it into the statutes so that there is no question about what is the

Bill Nelson

0:42:44 to 0:43:00( Edit History Discussion )

Bill Nelson: requirement, not just for today but forever. mr. president, i yield the floor and i suggest the absence of a quorum. the presiding officer: the clerk will call the roll.

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