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Richard Burr

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Richard Burr: doing that if you're jeopardize drug safety, device safety. because they can't prove the safety and efficacy of this product. as a matterqa of fact the bill that's being considered by the united states senate doesn't do anything to regulate existing products that are on the marketplace.

Richard Burr

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Speech By: Richard Burr

Richard Burr

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Richard Burr: think about that. think of all of the cigarette brands that you see behind the counter. the kennedy bill actually says their grandfather -- they're grandfathered. you can't touch you've got to allow them to continue to be sold. but to a new product one that might be a

Richard Burr

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Richard Burr: mean the pathway to try to be approved throughout f.d.a. is impossible to complete. it's estimated without anything we'll have a 2% reduction in cigarette year in this country. that's a statistic that the

Richard Burr

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Richard Burr: c.b.o. came out with. but if we enact this according to the -- the c.b.o. estimated that it's currently being reduced at 2% annually. according to the center for disease control, smoking rates declined among americans annually at 2% to 4%.

Richard Burr

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Richard Burr: now, think about this: c.b.o. says this bill will reduce cigarette consumption 2% annually. c.d.c. says we're currently reducing cigarette 2% to 4% in the united states. in essence what c.d.c. says, if you do nothing we're going to reduce it more than what this

Richard Burr

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Richard Burr: bill is going to do. why? because disease control and prevention, realizes that when you grandfather all of these products where f.d.a. has no ability to go in and say: do this, do what you're doing is you're locking in the american people.

Richard Burr

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Richard Burr: when you say to the f.d.a., have this jurisdiction, but we're not going to give you any real way to bring reduc or reduce harmed products to the marketplace, all you're doing is ensuring that people will smoke cigarettes. now the marketplace that brought smokeless tocco into the marketplace, and through that

Richard Burr

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Richard Burr: smokeless tobacco, generated a 2% reduction in smoking. we can make the claim that smokeless tobacco is not good for the american people. certainly not good for our youth. but the statistics show it's not as bad as smoking you don't have the degree of death and disease from smokeless tobacco.

Richard Burr

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Richard Burr: and we'll get into that because there there are studies around the world, many done in the country of sweden where we find exactly that, able to reduce smoking new reduced harm products to come to the marketplace. an throughout ability of the public to decide that they'd

Richard Burr

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Richard Burr: like to swih, they've drastically gotten off of cigarette products. no, that's not the course we're going to take. we're going to take ones that typical was we're going to pick/? an agency and say, let's dump this responsibility in on them no matter what the cost is. we forget the fac that the f.d.a. is the gold standard though.

Richard Burr

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Richard Burr: it's responsible for protecting the public health. how are you protecting the public health when you grandfather every cigarette product that's currently on the marketplace to exist just like it is? how do you prove safety and efficacy? how can this be effective?

Richard Burr

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Richard Burr: mr. president, we're headed in the wrong direction. as one of the authors of the 1998 act, greatly because i spent 2 1/2 years trying to figure out how not to chae the gold standard, that balance at the f.d.a. that assured every american that this ha process of review.

Richard Burr

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Richard Burr: that it had passed every test that had been set to prove the safety and efficacy. why would we jeopardize why would we risk the fact that we might change this gold standard? these are the questions that are going to be asked over the next several days. they're questions that i hope to answer for people. not with what i believe, but

Richard Burr

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Richard Burr: with the facts. with the truth about what's goin on around the world. why we're headed direction, why we can have an effective washington without jeopardizing the future of drug, device safety, food safety, cosmetics,

Richard Burr

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Richard Burr: products that emit radiation. these a take very seriously. i'll make this last request as i see my colleagues are hea the floor and want to speak as well. i only asked one and a half ago of the committee members and that was read the bill. the fact that attitudes haven't changed much.

Richard Burr

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Richard Burr: that we're on pathway, i can just about assure you, they didn't d what i asked. i didn't expect them to. i think the american people believe we rea every before it'sa considered. i think most members attempt to do that through staff or through themselves. this is one that, quite frankly, had they read it, we wouldn't be here today.

Richard Burr

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Richard Burr: we wouldn't be doing what we're attempting to do. this is not years. in 1998 when we opened the food and drug administration to do the modernization act, we opened the entire thing. every member of congress had an opportunity to amend that bill in the house and

Richard Burr

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Richard Burr: the time and to give the f.d.a. jurisdiction over tobacco. no member ability. so in 1998 there were no members that thought that it was important enough to put that responsibility in and we've seen steady reductions in smoking among adults.

Richard Burr

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Richard Burr: more importantly smoking among youth. youth are always the point at and we say we've got to make sure we do this because children shouldn't have cigarettes. you're right. they shouldn't. that's why we have change limits and advertising limitations. and can we do better? yes, we can. let me assure my colleagues, i'll offer a substitute

Richard Burr

0:42:08 to 0:42:28( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: only is effective regulation, but it will protect the gold standard of the food and drug administration. it won't put established as the most crucial regulatory body that we've got that controls or regulates 25 cents of every dollar of our economy. i don't believe that that's a responsible thing for members of the united states congress to

Richard Burr

0:42:29 to 0:42:42( Edit History Discussion )

Richard Burr: do. they've already made the in the house. i hope we don't make the mistake in the senate. we can come up with effective regulation. but n doing through the food and drug administration.

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