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Senate Proceeding on Jun 5th, 2008 :: 7:37:40 to 7:42:07
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7:37:25 to 7:37:40( Edit History Discussion )

we are debating~ the reason this bill is going to fail tomorrow is not just because of the process. this bill is going to fail because it has serious flaws. and, again, the process that we went through

Saxby Chambliss

7:37:40 to 7:37:56( Edit History Discussion )

Saxby Chambliss: to get to this point is one that is so inappropriate. typically, when you have a portion of a bill, for instance, that relates to money, it goes to the finance committee. typically when you have

Saxby Chambliss

7:37:40 to 7:42:07( Edit History Discussion )
Speech By: Saxby Chambliss

Saxby Chambliss

7:37:56 to 7:38:14( Edit History Discussion )

Saxby Chambliss: a portion of a bill that relates to energy, it goes to the energy committee. that did not happen. most people on the committee itself, e.p.w., candidly -- as a matter of fact almost every member did

Saxby Chambliss

7:38:14 to 7:38:27( Edit History Discussion )

Saxby Chambliss: not see this massive bill until it came to the floor yesterday. however that is not the reason it is going to fail. that's reason enough but this bill has serious flaws. we have tried to point that

Saxby Chambliss

7:38:27 to 7:38:41( Edit History Discussion )

Saxby Chambliss: out from day one. we have been totally transparent in the process. we have met with environmental groups that have been so involved in pushing this legislation, met with their boards and pointed out

Saxby Chambliss

7:38:41 to 7:38:55( Edit History Discussion )

Saxby Chambliss: all along the way the three serious flaws that we have seen in this bill. other senators have wonderful contributions to make to this bill. senator domenici, senator inhofe, senator bingaman, others

Saxby Chambliss

7:38:55 to 7:39:17( Edit History Discussion )

Saxby Chambliss: have tremendous, tremendous contributions to make. let me just mention the three flaws that we've talked about before, and that is, number one, the proponents of this bill, who i respect tremendously, and

Saxby Chambliss

7:39:17 to 7:39:33( Edit History Discussion )

Saxby Chambliss: i really believe their heart is in the right place, and i want to thank them and their staffs for the work that they've done on this bill, because i know they spent a lot of time. but, unfortunately,

Saxby Chambliss

7:39:33 to 7:39:49( Edit History Discussion )

Saxby Chambliss: the policy of climate change itself, of just solving the environmental problem, was not good enough. instead, the proponents had to take trillions of dollars into the treasury and then preprescribe through

Saxby Chambliss

7:39:49 to 7:40:11( Edit History Discussion )

Saxby Chambliss: the year 2047 and then three years after in a different way how the money was going to be spent. we haven't passed a bill like this, i don't think, since medicare or social security. i don't think

Saxby Chambliss

7:40:11 to 7:40:27( Edit History Discussion )

Saxby Chambliss: we've done something this pervasive that affects so many people and everybody in america on a daily basis. so instead of just focusing on the policy and letting the policy of cap-and-trade work as a

Saxby Chambliss

7:40:27 to 7:40:40( Edit History Discussion )

Saxby Chambliss: potential market system, instead this bill had to be turned into a huge spending bill on the backs of the american people, driving up energy prices, driving up food prices, driving up clothing prices.

Saxby Chambliss

7:40:40 to 7:40:52( Edit History Discussion )

Saxby Chambliss: and instead of returning that money back to the american people, the proponents decided to spend every penny almost of the money that was taken in. the second thing is that marketable securities,

Saxby Chambliss

7:40:52 to 7:41:06( Edit History Discussion )

Saxby Chambliss: as everybody knows, are created the day this option process begins. those marketable securities are called carbon allowances, and they are transferred to people in this bill. it's a transference of wealth.

Saxby Chambliss

7:41:06 to 7:41:22( Edit History Discussion )

Saxby Chambliss: it would be like if i had ten shares of i.b.m. stock and my good friend, jeff sessions, was over here, and i said, "jeff, i'm going to give you these ten shares of i.b.m. stock. they are worth money.

Saxby Chambliss

7:41:22 to 7:41:36( Edit History Discussion )

Saxby Chambliss: they're marketable." he can sell them that day. this bill, believe it or not, the policy of focusing on climate wasn't enough, but this bill had to take the extra step of not just spending trillions

Saxby Chambliss

7:41:36 to 7:41:51( Edit History Discussion )

Saxby Chambliss: of dollars, but also giving trillions of dollars away to people -- by the way, this is the best part. -- the presiding officer: having accomplished nothing, having accomplished nothing as it relates

Saxby Chambliss

7:41:51 to 7:42:07( Edit History Discussion )

Saxby Chambliss: to climate, nothing as it reles to energy security and nothing to ensure that generations who come after us are going to have a better way of living. and with that, i will close by saying i hope that

7:42:07 to 7:42:22( Edit History Discussion )

in the very near future, we will put aside our differences. i hope that this cloture vote tomorrow will not lock people into places they really don't want to be to show romance, if you will, as it

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