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James Inhofe

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James Inhofe: make sure that my ranking member can speak to this issue whenever he'd like to. mr. inhofe: thank you, madam chairman. the e.d.a. is something that's worked very well in our state of oklahoma. let me first of all say that the

James Inhofe

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Speech By: James Inhofe

James Inhofe

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James Inhofe: senator from california is right. there are many issues in which we do not agree. in fact we have fought tooth and nail for a long, long time against the cap and trade and a lot of these environmental issues and will continue to do so. however, the thing that we agree most on is not necessarily the e.d.a. program but is the need

James Inhofe

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James Inhofe: for a reauthorization of transportation. we have a really serious problem that, in my state of oklahoma, just a short while ago, a young lady who was the mother of two small children was driving under a bridge and it crumbled and it fell and killed her. and, you know, there's things like that the crisis that are

James Inhofe

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James Inhofe: going on right now. we were very proud when we had a very robust, rethought at the time, highway reauthorization bill, transportation bill reauthorization bill in 2005. while the amount sounded like quite a bit, it was really not -- just barely enough to maintain what we had. so there's some things government is supposed to be

James Inhofe

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James Inhofe: doing. i've always said that i'm always ranked as one of the most conservative members. but i am a big spender in some areas like national defense and like infrastructure. and so that's one of the needs that wevment i woneedsthat we have. there had been a g.a.o. report

James Inhofe

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James Inhofe: that talked about duplication. i put language in in order to have them identify anything that would be duplicative so that that would come out, because that was a little bit of a surprise to a lot of us. i don't question the report. i think it was probably accurate. but we took care of that because

James Inhofe

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James Inhofe: we don't want to have any duplication of efforts. in my state of oklahoma i think the chairman said there is ads 7 to $1 ratio. we've actually done better than that in oklahoma in one eamplet it was a $2.25 million e.d.a.

James Inhofe

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James Inhofe: grant in he wil elgin, oklahoma, adjacent to a live range. it was one that was intended to actually produce a 150,000 square foot manufacturing business employing many, many people because this administration axed some of the military programs, didn't turn out to be that beneficial.

James Inhofe

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James Inhofe: but the ratio there was still well in excess of 10:1. so if you want to get the economy moving, this is a way of doing it. we have to do it in a way that is well-thought-out. i'm hoping that this bill would be -- it is my understanding that it's going to be open to amendments, and there are going to be a lot of amendments and a lot of my friends who are not

James Inhofe

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James Inhofe: supportive of this want to have this vehicle for that purpose. i certainly respect that. and we look forward to working on this bill. i yield mrs. boxer: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from california. mrs. boxer: mr. president, i want to thank my ranking member. i know he has a series of

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